He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


33. disease (17 chapters left+ Important authors note, please read!)


 My stomach still churned but the feeling of love accompanied it.

   His reputation had me fooled, but behind the mask of toughness he held a heart of gold. I felt like no matter what, I'm protected.

   Why had I dreamt about Mia and him? It bothered me, the thought constantly nagging at me. Mia, Mia, Mia.

   "What about her?" Marcel asked concerned, as my head snapped up.

   "Did I say that out loud?" I spoke, my cheeks reddening as he nodded.

   "I had a dream, it's nothing!" I spoke, quickly shutting my eyes as I began to grow tired.

   "If you would just let me in, I'd show you how special you are.'' Marcel spoke before sleep consumed me.


Had I just imagined this? Had he really said that? His voice replayed in my head, the tiniest form of a smile pulling at my pink lips.

'If you would just let me in, I'd show you how special you are.'

His words were like a whisper carried in the wind, sending a soothing feeling throughout my body. I felt his thigh shift beneath my head as he tried to get comfortable. I tilted my head up as Marcel looked down, worried.

"Did I awake you?" He asked, scrunching his eyebrows together in a concerned manor. I shook my head, truly taking my time to admire every imperfection on his face. Every freckle that dotted his jawline, every spot that wasn't covered by flawless skin. Yet somehow in spite of it all, all those imperfections turned him into someone beyond perfect.

"It's hard to you know..." I whispered as he looked at me, confusion printed onto his face, his emerald irises sparkling.

"It's hard to let somebody in when you've been hurt. It's hard not to think 'oh no what if he turns out like the last...it's just difficult." I sighed as I twirled a loose thread on his shirt around my index finger.

"I promise you I am nothing like that douche Dylan..." He spoke softly, moving a small piece of hair from my forehead. My stomach continued churning but I ignored the unpleasant feeling.

"I know you're not!" I smiled, sitting upright as I put my hand on his shoulder, leaning in until our lips met.

"How do you manage to become more perfect every time you talk?" Marcel mumbled against my lips, a warm feeling coursing through my veins. I smiled. shrugging my shoulders as his hand set itself on my back, gently rubbing circles.

"I love you..." I spoke, my eyes closed as I savored this sweet moment.

"I love you more..." He smiled against my lips, leaving a few more small pecks as we then pulled away. I opened my eyes, staring into his as my reflection appeared on his glossy eyes. My eyes scanned over his beautiful lips, moving to his curls that fell onto his face. I observed every part of him and loved every part I observed.

A simple gesture was given as our arms wrapped around each other, holding one another close. For a split second, any pain I was currently enduring vanished only to return soon after.

I cant believe how I used to think love was some sort of disease, stirring away from its path.

All I know is right now love is the only feeling I want to have.




Guys I've been making short chapters lately but the bad luck just continues. Anywho, what should my first youtube video be??? (B-T-Dubs sorry If I break your screen, im not that pretty...)

Anywho yeah :D Leave ideas down below :DD

Also, There are seventeen chapters left. Ive decided to go to fifty and you decide whether there should be a sequel or not. Leave your choice below.

Okay, im done.

Luff yhu <3

~Gabriella Xx

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