He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


16. Clubbbbing *unedited*

I eventually pulled my lips from his, opening my eyes as his remained closed. I admired the way his eyelashes fluttered open, his eyes looking up at me through the thickness. Whilst biting my lip, my right hand caressed his cheek, looking at him closely. Every little flaw of his made me even more attracted to him.


Every imperfection on his skin, every messed up word, every wrong action. I just, I don’t know.


‘’Want to go to the club babe?” Marcel asked as I vigorously nodded my head. He chuckled, carrying me out of the room as I sat on his hip, just like a little girl. I giggled as he set me on the kitchen counter, standing between my legs.


“Promise me something.” He spoke in a soft tone. I looked at him suspiciously, nodding my head slowly.


“That no matter what you think now, you won’t let it affect our relationship!” He spoke, a dead serious tone engraved into his soft beautiful features. I nodded, smiling as I placed a kiss on his soft cheek. Without a word, I jumped down from the island, landing on the tile floor with a thud.


I stood straight, poking Harrys dimples as he chuckled, poking my cheek.


Knowing his hatred for any over the top nicknames, I decided to let my evil side take control for a while.


“Catch me snuggle bear!” I laughed as I dashed up the stairs. He chuckled, smiling at the ground before he ran up after me.


“Anything but that nick name sweetie pie!” He smirked as I grimaced. I hated that nick name SO much. Sweetie pie. Okay. Think of something better! Babe, sweetheart, sweetie, baby, love, honey, dear, lovely, beautiful, darling and the list goes on. Wouldn’t those be so much better than…the name? I thought with another grimace. Before I could focus back in on reality, two strong arms wrapped around my waist throwing me onto my bed as hands violently began attacking.


I begged for him to stop, tears squeezing from my eyes as I tried to stop his hands but nothing could. You may think why is he hurting you? I don’t know, you have somebody tickle you until you pee your pants and we’ll see!


My face turned red with laughter, his fingers finding my most ticklish spot as I laughed, clapping like a retarded seal. He chuckled, leaning down next to my ear as he tickled.


“Marcel is cute! Anything but snuggle bear!” He smiled as goose bumps formed.


“Marcel is pretty!” I laughed as he let out a similar grimace to my previous one.


“Cute!” He laughed, tickling me even harder until I couldn’t hold in my bathroom needs any longer.


“CUTE! HOT! SEXY! FUNNY! HANDSOME! BEAUTIFUL! IRRESISTIBLE! PERFET! AMAZING! NOW LET ME USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE I PISS MYSELF!” I shouted, laughing as his hands removed themselves from me. I dashed quickly into the bathroom, and well…you know what goes on in a bathroom.


  Once I finished washing my hands, I walked out into my room, entering my closet as I firmly shut the door behind me. I carefully looked through my dresses, finally deciding on a white lace skin tight dress. It reached mid-thigh and had a low cut back. I smiled, pulling it from the hanger as I stripped from my clothes.


I pulled the dress over my head, wiggling my body around until it properly fit me. I must have looked like a fish without water. No comments necessary. I walked out in some black heels only to see Harry already dresses. I bit my lip, observing him. White button down that showed off her tattooed chest. Black skinny jeans. Nice combo. I walked over to him, taking his collar as I pulled him closer. He smiled, placing his hand behind my back as he observed me.


I took my hands, unbuttoning a few more buttons just so his beautifully defined chest was shown. I smiled at my work, going to finish my hair and makeup. I stuck with the classic waterfall braid. I began braiding my wavy brunette hair, eventually completing the waterfall braid as it wrapped around my head. For makeup I stuck with only mascara and lip balm, nothing else really needed.


“Come on!” I smiled, taking his arm in my small hand as I pushed him out of my room, running down the stairs as my door slammed shut. He looked at me astonished as we rushed out of the front door, marcel making sure it was locked.


“How do you run in heels?” He asked, staring at my feet as I laughed.


“Years and years of practice!” I smirked, slightly elevating my left foot as we continued down the sidewalk.


Everybody in this town walked to where they wanted to go. People obviously drove cars but this town was full of teeming life. Marcel continued staring at my feet marveled by the fact I could even walk in them let alone run. I silently giggled, feeling the bag of skittle inside my dress. Pressed between my upper thigh and dress laid some unopened skittles. What? A girl gets hungry and if needed, it could be a weapon.


Just a couple blocks from my house the loud thunderous music began vibrating the ground. I smiled, knowing this is where he meant. Night crawlers. I walked in, Marcel taking the lead as he pushed through people, arriving at the bar. We sat on the comfy black chair as the bartender walked over to us.


“Marcel, how swell to see you!” She smiled; crossing her arms across her chest as her over the top cleavage practically fell out of her shirt. He chuckled, talking for a few minutes before ordering us two shots. She nodded, puffing her chest out as she filled up two shot glasses.


She slid them over to Marcel as he thanked her, sliding one over to me. I took it in my hands, observing it as my nose sniffed the strong liquid.


“Just take it all at once!” He said, counting with his fingers. Once they reached three I chugged the liquid down, my throat burning as a slight blurriness appeared in my vision. It burn like hell but it felt oddly…good?


Marcel went to talk to a visiting friend as I turned towards the worker.


“Five more!” I exclaimed, eagerness taking over my body. She looked at me suspiciously before filling another five shot glasses. Once she handed them to me it didn’t take long for me to chug them down. It eventually reached ten, eleven, fifteen, and eighteen.


“One more please!” I spoke, my words slurred as I’m sure I looked VERY attractive. Note the sarcasm.


“Marcel, your friend over here has had almost twenty shots!” She said, tapping Marcel on the shoulder.


What? They’re addicting and awesome possum. Is it healthy? Can that many kill you? Probably, oh well, YOLO!


Marcel adverted my eyes from the drinks into his green irises.


“No more drinks!” He said sternly as I pouted. Even his words were slurred so it didn’t take rocket science to figure out he was more drunk than he anticipated to be.


“Find. Want to dance?” I whispered seductively in his ear as I pulled on his collar.


“I’m talking to John right now, later!” He said, turning back towards his friend. This time a true pout formed on my lips as I crossed my arms.


“Fine…” I muttered to myself, finding a random good looking guy as I pulled him to the center of the floor.


“What’s cooking good looking?” I winked, my words jumbled together. He smiled, biting his lip as we started grinding. I made sure to get right in Marcels line of vision as this guy pressed me against his firm chest. Marcels eyes darkened as he came, pushing the guy away from me, replacing his spot.


“What was that?” He asked, grinding against me as we danced to the music.


“You didn’t want to dance!” I said sadly as Marcel rolled his eyes.


“That doesn’t mean you go off and grind another man!” He growled as I took my turn to roll my eyes. Harry pressed me against him, the bulge in his pants obvious through my lacy material. His hands rubbed circles on my exposed back as shivers formed.


“BODY SHOTS!” I shouted as everybody cheered. I giggled, stepping up onto the counter, kicking it clear. I laid down flat, pulling the top of my dress down to my underwear hemline. Vodka was placed in my belly button, a line of salt running between my cleavage. Last, a lemon slice was placed inside my mouth, the sour liquid spilling down my throat.


“I’ll go first!” A guy shouted, walking up before Marcel could push him away. The lady nodded, telling him to go as he slurped the vodka from my belly button making me giggle. Next his tongue slipped between my boobs, eating up the salt. Last his lips were placed to mine as the lemon slice was removed from my grasp. Everybody cheered as more vodka, salt and lemon slices were placed on me.


“I go!” Marcel demanded, pushing any takers to the side He gave me a smirk before the woman ushered him to go. His tongue gently swirled around in my belly button, taking all the vodka and before he traveled up a small kiss was left. Next, he teasingly ran his tongue between my cleavage making sure to go extra slow as I bit my lip. Last, his buttery lips pressed against mine as the lemon slice was taken from my lips, thrown onto the ground.


“That is how you do a body shot!” He whispered in my ear as I giggled. He helped me up, pulling my dress back up as people got back to their natural atmosphere of dancing and drinking.


“I’m going to go to the bathroom than I’ll give you the best night of your life!” he winked as he stalked off to the bathroom. I patiently sat on stool, awaiting his return before another guy, was it Marcel? Well, before another guy came up to me.


“If I told you there was a unicorn outside would you come with me to see it?” he asked, cocking his eyebrows. I looked at him suspiciously before vigorously nodding my head. He gave a slight nod, tugging on my arm as he led me through the back entrance. I walked out into the middle of an…alley?


“There’s no unicorn out here!” I pouted, punching him in the arm.


“You know what unicorns represent? Virginity and honey I’m about to ride your unicorn!” He smirked, biting his lip as my eyes widened.


‘’YOU WILL NOT! NOBODY IS MAJESTIC ENOUGH TO RIDE ME!” I yelled trying to run back through the door but before I knew it I was slammed down to the ground, a pounding sensation pulsing through my head. I reached my hand up and looked at it. It was coated in red. Whats re-, OH MY GOODNESS BLOOD!


“Heres the deal. I’ll fuck you, than kill you!” He smirked, pulling the top of my dress down as my bra hook was unclasped. It was thrown beside me as he stood up, removing his shirt.


I took this as the time for my weapon. I pulled the skittles from between my thigh and dress, ripping open the package as I threw them all at his face.


“TASTE THE DAMN RAINBOW!” I yelled, using this as my opportunity to run. I had thought I had gotten away but a strong pair of arms wrapped around me, preventing me from escaping.


‘’MARCEL! COME HERE PLEASE! THIS GUY WANTS TO RIDE MY UNICORN BUT I WONT LET HIM BECAUSE HE’S NOT MAJESTIC ENOUGH TO RIDE ME! ONLY YOU ARE! MARCEL HELP!” I yelled as a hand was placed over my mouth. Before I knew it the spot behind me was vacant, an angry looking Marcel pounding his fist at the guy.

“Marcel! Stop!” I yelled, blood seeping from the poor guys head. He didn’t listen to my demand as only one way to stop him traveled into my mind. As his fist flew into the air, I stepped in front, preventing any further damage to the guy. I felt a fist smash into my jaw as my face made contact with the brick wall beside me. I groaned in pain, falling onto the floor as I held my bloody cheek.


Marcel gasped, looking wide eyed at me.


“Help me!” I croaked, my head viciously pounding. I lifted my arms up as he helped me to my feet.


“You wouldn’t stop…” I spoke, my voice weak from impact. He lifted me up bridal style, turning to look at the guy.


“Go back, act like nothing happened. Do not tell anyone!” Marcel growled as the guy nodded, scurrying back inside. Marcel began walking home as I tried to talk to him. Nothing. The silent treatment. Thanks I was protecting a guy from death and I get the silent treatment.


The rest of the walk was awkward and once we arrived home I dashed into my bathroom, removing my makeup and stripping from my dress into my pajamas. I threw my hair into a messy bun, turning around as marcel cuddled beneath the blankets.


He opened his arms wide, looking at me as a smile tugged at my lips. Maybe he wasn’t so mad.


“Im cold, keep me warm!” he spoke, no expression on his face what so ever. The smile fell as I rolled my eyes. I got into bed, as his arms loosely hung around my waist.


A source of warmth, was that what I was downgraded to? I wish Emma were here.


Tears dripped down my face onto his hand as I thought about tonight.


I-I’m so sorry Marcel.

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