Battle Of The Packs

Luna Williams. A young sixteen year old girl who just moved to town with her younger sister Jenny. Both werewolves and are now part of the Mitchell Pack. Lillian Grimmhollow. A young seventeen year old girl who has just returned to her home town after hearing the news of her brother, Tyler Grimmhollow and cousin, Nora Grimmhollow not being killed in the fire of their home, soon joins the Grimmhollow Pack. Both these girls are sworn enemies along with the rest of their packs but will five new werewolves coming in will these girls just learn that they don't have to be enemies and possibly create a stronger better pack with the five nobody's at school. Harry Style, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik? Read Battle Of The Packs to find out...


2. the new girl, Luna williams

Luna's POV Hey guys im Luna also known as the first girl on the cover anyway. Today im starting a new school with my little sister jenny...shes all i have. Anyway im at my locker and im talking to my little sister "Youll be just fine jenny " "But i-im scared what if not one person likes me" "Why does it matter what others think your gorgeous talented and dont let anyone tell you other wise or ill rip their heads off of their bpdies you know i will ok ?", i told her hugging her by my locker "Ok bye " she said walking away I shut my locker and i headed to first period.. history I get to class abd i walk in a little late... im wearing black ripped shorts with a white loose shirt that. Has a music note and it says ' music is everything' with knee high hightops. That are white "Hi sorry i got a little lost" i smile at the teacher who was looking at me "Its fine do you mind telling the class a little about yourself ?" "Hey im Luna williams i suggest you dont mess with my sister im a lot tougher than you think thats all " i smile and i sit in the back texting my boyfriend To: babe <3 Hey babe whats up ? From:babe <3 Nt much just worried for you and jenny To: babe <3 Ok i gtg ill txt u later babe Xx From: babe <3 Ok babe see you later --------/------------ I notice a guy looking at me i could sense him hes from my rival pack. I just rolled my eyes and i heard jenny scream. I ran out of the class leaving everyone surprised even the teacher. "Jenny!" I yelled and i saw her hurt on the floor "Jenny are you ok?" I kept asking her and i was just about to walk home with jenny when a giuy showed up "What do you want tyler" i asked him with a lot of attitude "Who are you may i ask ?" He askd me "You can ask doesnt mean i have to answer" i replied and i went home with jenny
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