True Voice

This story is about a girl who realizes her true voice


4. Chapter 4

Morning came and I was still asleep, Kiyoshi came by and saw me. He slowly walked by and touched my forehead. I felt his warm, soft hand brush against my smooth forehead. I then woke up. I stared into his gorgeous green eyes. He said in a low, sweet voice, “Did I wake you up?” I kept staring at him. I nodded my head, yes. He sat next to me and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” I told him it was ok.

A while later we headed to school. In class I noticed that Mayako and Ayako had attended the same school I did. I didn’t think that was a good idea for them to attend here; it might cause trouble. As I walked out of class I noticed that Kiyoshi was waiting for me by my classroom door. I walked out, he took me by the hand and we left. We caught up with Daichi and Mizuki and told them about the news.

Mizuki had some research on Mai and Ai. Mai and Ai are known as the Yoshikawa twins, the strongest twins on Earth. The two just alone are very strong and can destroy a whole planet. A kid found them in an old abandon house and decided to take them and do research on them. After that they listen to any command he wanted. This shocked me. How could he make them into completely different people? Daichi also did some research and found some information about that kid. The kid’s name was Makoto, and he made Mai and Ai to do all of his doings for him. Anything or anyone he wanted out of his life, he would just summon the two and they would do as he pleases. I was amazed on how a kid like him can create such people like them, plus make them really strong.

I thought I should do some research to, but I knew that it would be impossible. Mizuki may be popular but when she wants answers, she gets them no matter what. We all walk to Kiyoshi‘s house. When we got there we sat and thought, how could stop him? Daichi brought out his mini laptop and started to look for information about Mai and Ai.

He dug up some information when they were little. They were the smallest, yet strongest one from their clan. When their parents died, they got angry and wanted revenge on everyone. As they destroyed their own clan, Mai fell in love with a guy. She was so madly in love with him that she didn’t feel like destroying anything. But when he broke her heart, she claimed to never love again and would always hate anyone with love. The only way she would allow love is if her sister and she have them to themselves.

I thought it sounded pretty selfish, but in a way I understood why she wanted to do it. But the part that didn’t make sense would be why Ayako would be the one trying to steal Kiyoshi away from me instead of Mayako doing it herself. This confused me big time. I tried to put the missing information together. Kiyoshi looked at me. He knew something was troubling me. He then asked me if we can talk in his room.

He asked me what the matter was. I told him about what I was thinking about. He told me I was finally making sense unlike the other times. I made a frown towards him. Kiyoshi didn’t have to be that mean. He talked to me for a while. As he got closer to the door, I grabbed Kiyoshi and pulled towards me. I said in a soft and sweet voice, “Can I wear your lucky collar?” He turned around and looked at me. He couldn’t say no to me so he took it off and let me wear it. I felt happy and forgot all about Mai and Ai.

When I opened the door I saw Mizuki smiling. I looked at her in a bad way. I thought she had spied on us. All of a sudden it went dark. Daichi had been covering my eyes. When he finally stopped I saw my journal on the table. I almost fainted. I wondered how they ended up having it. They told me they had found out where Makoto’s hideout was. So they went in and took it.

I was thrilled that was the sweetest thing they could ever do. I ran and gave both of them a big hug. I wondered why they needed my journal anyways. But then it hit me. Since I used my song for good they might have wanted to make a remix and make it into their own. That way they can defeat us by using my song. I thought to myself and said I’m getting good at solving things like this.

We all stared in silence. No one had said a word. It stayed like this for about ten minutes. I finally broke the silence, “We should do something about them. I think we should go after them and stop them for good this time.” The three stared at me. Kiyoshi put his hand on my shoulders and said, “How are we going to take down someone who we barely haven’t experience their powers?” I looked down in depression. I still felt that we could defeat them just by facing them only once.

I looked around. Daichi questioned me about what I was doing. I responding with the answer that most people say, looking for something. I looked at Mizuki and said, “Mizuki, do you know where we can find that angel?” Mizuki looked up, “Well she’s an angel isn’t she. She would be somewhere in the sky. Plus she came down from the celling last time we spoke.”

Kiyoshi saw two girls. One had red hair and had beautiful white wings. The other had purple hair and dark black wings. As he stared at the two girls, he noticed that he has seen them in a dream. So he walked towards them. I noticed him walking and grabbed him by the hand. “Where are you going?” Kiyoshi looked at me, and then back at the girls. But when he looked back the second time, they were gone.

I looked at Kiyoshi worried. Kiyoshi noticed me being worried and looked at me. He said to me, “Kasumi, are you okay? Did I do something to you to upset you?” Since I didn’t answer him, he gave me a kiss. I jumped a little from that kiss. “Are you okay now?” Kiyoshi asked while giving me a smile. I nodded yes.

It was getting late and we all needed to go home. Daichi offered to walk Mizuki home and Kiyoshi offered to walk me home.  As we reached my house, I asked Kiyoshi what he was staring at earlier. He told me what he saw. At first I thought he was a little crazy, but I couldn’t say anything about that because I have done that so many times.

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