College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


4. I'm Your Friend

-Kyah's Pov-



I glanced over my shoulder as I walked away and seen Justin smile at me and walk toward me but heat flushed my body again and I turned back around ignoring my brothers and Rayne’s calls and quickly walked to the exit. I opened the door and quickly climbed up the ladder until I was back in the empty room above Jed's. I was surprised at how quiet things where after leaving such a loud area it was literally like I had suddenly gone deaf but I knew I hadn’t because there was a slight ringing in my ear from Jed's music. The sound proof room did it's job, that's for sure. I left the room and passed the two bouncers smiling at them as I walked by. “Kyah.” I heard Harley call me as I reached my car. I stopped and turned to him, Jackson and Dante where with him. Justin and Rayne hung back at the door while my brothers came over to me. “Are you okay?” Jackson asked. “I’m fine, I just need air. It was very warm down there.” I shrugged. “I knew it was a bad idea letting you come here.” Harley muttered. “I’m fine, honestly. I didn’t freak out seeing the fight and I don’t feel like freaking out. It’s a good sign, I just want to be on my own to um process, I guess.” I shrugged. “You don’t need to explain little sister.” Jackson said and he wrapped his arms around me. “Dante can you drop Rayne back to the apartment when she’s ready. I want to leave now.” I said.



He nodded and then smiled. “Sure sis.” He leaned into me. “Want me to help you visualize?” He asked and I shook my head. He means meditate, he always does it with me with I’m in panic mode. “You want your winnings? You won big.” Harley asked me with a wide grin. I waved him off. “Some brainless girls you two will ‘woo’ will enjoy a drink out of it, I’m sure.” I smirked. “Oh, so caring you are, little sister.” Jackson sang making me laugh. The boys smiled when I laughed, they always did its kind of weird. I mean I know brothers can be close and protective but mine take it to a whole new level but I know they are this way because of what happened to me when I was little. They feel the need to always protect me. They can’t help it, I secretly love it though except when it comes to guys, then I hate it with a passion. Dante kissed my cheek and turned going back over to Rayne, she waved and blew a kiss at me then went back down to Jed’s she know I want to be on my own. Jackson kissed and hugged me and returned back inside. Justin still stood there though. “I think he wants to see if you’re okay.” Harley grinned. “Oh, so he is allowed talk to me then?” I teased. “Yep, he’s my bro again, he has permission.” He smirked I swatted his arms making him chuckle. “Funny how only a few hours ago you wanted to kill him.” I laughed. Harley chuckled. “We talked it out, you know like big boys do.“ He shrugged. “Love you.” I mumbled as I hugged him. “Love you little sister, more than you know.” He kissed my head then walked back inside and knuckle touched Justin on the way. Justin made his way over to me still shirtless might I add. “Hey.” He smiled. “Hi.” I smiled back. “Are you okay?” He asked. I nodded. “Yeah, it was very warm down there, needed air.” I shrugged not wanting to go into detail. “Oh, okay, good.” He smiled. “So apparently I got my moneys worth. I put two hundred on you.” I grinned making him laugh. “Two hundred?” He nodded in approval. “I’m glad kitten.” He paused. "I think it was the good luck kiss that sealed the win.” He added, smirking. I blushed and looked at me feet.




Justin lifted my chin with his finger though. “Don’t hide, it’s cute when you blush.” He cooed and I blushed again. “Not helping here.” I muttered. He smiled and stepped closer to me. “I can help though.” He whispered. “How exactly?” I asked smiling because I know he was going to kiss me. “I’ll show you.” He whispered again and covered his mouth with mine. “Bieber, your second fight is now- Get your fucking mouth off my sisters, you got your good luck kiss already. Move. It.” Harley yelled from the doorway where the bouncers where laughing. I heard Justin groan but he didn’t stop kissing me if anything he pulled me closer to him, gripping me tighter. I felt awkward knowing my brother was watching us so I pulled away. “There that’s another good luck kiss for your next fight.” I smiled. He smirked. “A good luck kiss? So it’s like that, Kitten?” He grinned. “It’s like that, Bieber.” I grinned back. He chuckled then turned and jogged back towards my brother. “Love you, text me so I know you got home okay.” Harley called out. “I will, love you too.” I called back then got in my car and drove back down the alley way. I checked the time and seen it was only going on eleven thirty p.m. I thought it was much later than that but was happy it wasn‘t it meant I would sleep in late tomorrow but not to late, the traffic was light and I made it home with ten minutes. When I parked my car, I locked it then headed into my building and up the stairs to mine and Rayne’s apartment. I entered the alarm code when I entered the hallway then reset it so Rayne could knock it off when she and Dante came in later. I kicked off my heels in the hall not bothering to pick them up and trotted into the kitchen area.




I made a big turkey sandwich and ate it all then washed it down with some soda. I entered my room leaving the lights off and stripped from the dress and everything else I had on. I took the sticky bra off along with my panties and headed into the bathroom. I took a long shower a very long shower over forty minutes. I was happy with myself that I didn’t freak out watching the fight, the fact that I didn’t jump and run to stop it is a huge deal for me. I stepped out from my shower and dried off my hair with a small towel while I wrapped the bigger one around myself. I yawned, it was very late now. I opened the bathroom door slowly and seen the hall lights where on. I heard voices from the kitchen and living area of the apartment so I slowly crept out into the hall grabbed Rayne’s baseball bat from her opened door. I heard male laughs as I rounded the corner in the living area. I seen my brothers, Justin, Rayne, four girls and two other guys drinking beers and chilling on the couches. “You fucking bastards.” I yelled dropping the bat and covering my heart with my hand. Everyone looked at me in confusion. “You don’t just creep in here without telling me, I didn’t know who it was. I could have hit one of you, I think I’m actually having heart attack.” I hissed and turned stomping into my room. I heard chuckles. If they knew how mad I could get they wouldn’t be laughing right now! “Is that a baseball bat?” Justin asked, sounding very amused. More laughs filled the apartment. “We thought her well.” Jackson replied then they laughed again. “Bastards.” I shouted out again then slammed my door. Rayne entered my room moments later clearly drunk from her stumbling. “Why are they here Rayne?” I asked her she shrugged and fell on my bed already half fallen asleep.





“Dante.” I yelled anger filling my voice. He jogged in moments later looked at Rayne on my bed and sighed loudly looking to tired to deal with her. “Can I just leave her here with you? Justin and his girl can take Rayne’s room.” Dante yawned. Okay, not that I owned Justin now or anything but you don’t kiss a girl twice then take another girl back to her apartment to bag her, that‘s just plain wrong. Proving my point that he is like my brothers when it comes to screwing girls. “Absolutely not.” I yelled. “This is not a brothel so Harley, Jackson, Justin and them other guys can take them bitches and get out before I put them out.” I heard my brothers laugh then the shocked gasped from the girls. “Wow, who ruffled your feathers, Kitten.” He joked using the name Justin called me, my eyes flamed. I leaned in and punched him right in the face. I didn’t even feel bad about it, he is always teasing me. If anything I had to forced myself not to hit him again and again. Relax. I thought to myself. “Out.” I pointed to the door. He looked at me in horror then left the room. I heard a gasp. “She hit you?” I heard Harley say in shock a few minutes later. “Bro your lip is bleeding. Are you okay man?” Jackson then said. Now the anger suddenly left and I felt bad, I pouted a little and willed myself to apologize to him once everyone left. “Harley take your fuck buddies and get out of my apartment right now.” I yelled again showing them I wasn’t kidding. I removed my towel and slipped on some panties, shorts and one of Jackson shirts I robbed over a year ago and put it on. It swallowed me so it looked like I had no shorts on even though I did.





I brushed my hair up then tied it in a messy bun. I applied my face cream then went out to the kitchen for a drink. Everyone however was still there in the living area chilling like they where allowed to actually hang out here. “Are you all deaf?” I asked annoyance filling my voice. The guys looked amused and the girls just looked pissed. “Look there is a hotel across the street do your deeds there.” I sighed and rubbed my temples. They all still didn’t freaking move. “Okay that’s it, lets go blondy.” I said and yanked a girl up my her arm and marched her down my hallway to the door. She was drunk I could tell by her slurred insults. When I closed the door in her face I went back in to her friends. “Who’s next?” I asked the girls, the looked at each other then stood up and walked by me. “Don’t frown you will get wrinkles.” I said to a brown haired girl and smiled. I turned then to my brothers. “Get. The. Fuck. Out. Now.” I hissed. “My God, she’s like a different person.” Dante shook his head. I ignored him. “Where’s that baseball bat gone?” I asked looking around for it. “Okay, okay.” Harley said standing up. “We’re leaving.” He raised his hands in defense. “Good, you shouldn’t have come here in the first place you have your own apartments and as for you.” I pointed to Justin. “I just met you today and now you’ve pissed me off, don’t come here again. And you two.” I pointed to the new dudes.” Get out before I find that bat and put it to good use.” I hissed. The two new dudes grinned at me but stood up and left. Dante retreated into my room and carried Rayne into her room then he shut her after himself with a loud bang clearly not saying goodnight but whatever. “What’s the matter with you Kiki, you’re being mean and you’re never mean.” Jackson pointed out. “You scared me to death, I didn’t know who was in my apartment so forgive me when I find out its my brothers and there douche bag friends trying to pull… whatever they where.” I gestured to the door.





“Females.” Justin answered. I scowled at him. “Sure if you say so.” I paused. “Why are you still here by the way. Leave.” I snapped. “Kyah, stop being a brat.” Harley shouted making me jump a little. An unknown feeling rushed to me it was a mixture of anger, hurt and well fury. “A brat? Just leave before I become a real brat and call mom and tell her all about your little brawler fetish, I‘m sure that will add to her reason‘s to dislike Harley list.” I hissed. Hurt flashed across his eyes then anger, he shook his head at me then left the room without saying anything. I realized what I said and I closed my eyes. “Shit, Harley-” The door slammed cutting me off. “Ugh” I groaned and placed my head on the marble counter in the kitchen and sighed. “You should apologize to him-” “Don’t start Jackson I know I have to apologize, I can’t believe said that to him. I don’t know why I’m being like this.” I groaned with my head still on the counter. Truth is I did know why I being this way, it’s just that no one else knew and it has to stay that way! “I think you’re reacting this way instead of panicking towards the violence.” I snapped my head up and looked at Jackson then Justin. “He knows Kyah, Harley told him ages ago when he was telling Justin about you. We trust him.” Jackson explained. “You trust him? What about me trusting him with that information? It’s me that it happened to! Its not Harley’s place to tell anybody about what happened.” I paused feeling my hands shake. “It happened to me! Not to Harley, not you and not Dante. Me!” I screamed. Dante suddenly came out of Rayne’s room and came over to hug me. I knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep. Even though my screaming would have kept him awake, he can sense when I’m not settled or feeling a certain emotion usually anger or sadness. It’s a twin thing.







“Sorry I hit you, I will never do it again I promise.” I muttered to him hugging him tightly. “It’s cool, I was teasing you I deserved it. I just wasn’t expecting it.” He chuckled. I frowned when I seen his lip, it was cut and a little swollen. “I’ll get an ice pack or bag of peas for your lip.” I said and turned going into the kitchen. “Just let her fuss over you, you know how she is it will make her feel better.” I heard Jackson mutter quietly, I brushed off his mumble and opened the fridge. “Dante do you want a sandwich?” I called out even thought they where behind me, the kitchen is like almost beside the living area its spaced by a fancy half cut wall so you can see everything. “No.” He said. “A drink?” I asked . “No thanks, Kyah.“ He yawned. “I can totally make you a pizza if you want one or fajitas.” I asked grabbing some frozen peas and wrapping them in a cloth. Dante was chuckling at me. “What?” I asked handing him the peas. “You always get like this when you’re feeling guilty.” He grinned. “Like what?” I asked confused. “Very helpful… overly helpful even.” He answered. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I answered him fixing the way he held the peas on his mouth. “So pizza or fajitas?” I asked and the three of them burst out laughing. I frowned. “What’s so funny?” I asked getting annoyed again. “I’m not hungry Kyah I promise, I’m going to bed I’ll see you in the morning.” He assured me then kissed my cheek as he took his peas back into Rayne’s room. I turned back to Jackson and Justin. “You know them girls are probably down stairs waiting for you.” I said while tidying around the room with them watching me.






“You have shorts on under that right?” Jackson asked ignoring what I said. “Nope, totally commando.” I answered. “Kyah.” Jackson groaned. “You don’t believe me? Fine shut yours eyes and I will show Justin and he can tell you I’m not lying.” I challenged. Jackson’s eyes went wide. “Are you kidding me?” He yelled and stood up from the chair. “Yes, I am kidding but since you’re on your feet, be on your way.” I smiled. He muttered under his breath but kissed my forehead as he walked on out. “Two minutes bro, then I‘ll come back and get you myself.” He called back to Justin who laughed. I turned back to Justin who stood up from the sofa. “Good you’re up, there’s the door.” I pointed to the hallway. “Don’t let it hit you in the ass on your way out.” I answered then went into the kitchen. I filled a glass with water but set in down when I felt his breath on my neck. “Can I help you?” I asked in a harsh voice even though I was really nervous and aware of him standing right behind me. He didn’t answer, now that I think of it, it didn’t say much since I started yelling. He cut my thoughts off by pressing his lips to my neck, I gasped at the sensation the groaned. It felt nice. I felt his arms slide around my front and they grazed my breasts ever so slightly.






“No bra, Kitten?” He whispered in an incredibly sexy voice. “Justin.” I said trying not to groan but failed. “Mmmm.” He murmured against my neck. He pressed his pelvis into my backside and I could felt how much he wanted to me through his pants. “Your girl is waiting for you downstairs.” I said my voice back to it’s firmness. He stopped kissing my neck then turned me around to face him. “Is that why you’re annoyed?” he asked. I narrowed my eyes at him. “No of course not, I only met you today why would I be annoyed? Who you screw is your own business.” I answered. He smiled at me and folded his arms over his chest. “You’re jealous.” He grinned and grazed his nose with mine. “No, I’m not, I’m annoyed you came back to my apartment to screw a girl when you have your own place for that… that… ugh, yuck.” I spat. “Yuck? Are you saying my sex is gross or displeasing in some way, Kitten?” He chuckled. I shook my head. “You better leave.” I said firmly. “You are something Kitten, something indeed.” He smiled and stepped away from me. “I’m your new friend that’s what I am.” I stated. He smirked. “Friend?“ He said and I nodded. “Okay friends we are, see you soon, Kitten.” He smiled then left the apartment. What in the hell was that? I think I just became friends with Harley’s best friend who earlier tonight was his enemy. I sighed at how things turned out tonight but shrugged it off, I locked up the apartment again and turned off all the lights then went into my room jumping into my bed. When I was laying in bed I was happy with the decision about Justin being my friend, heaven knows he is hot and is a very good kisser but it’s obvious he is a ladies man. I don’t need someone like that unless its for friendship. I was satisfied at that decision then frowned when I thought of Harley. I can’t believe I threw our mom in his face. He and my mom don’t see eye to eye and never really have so what I said was a low blow. I definitely need to apologize to him tomorrow, I thought as I turned over and buried my face into my pillow drifting off into a deep slumber.

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