College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


3. Good Luck Kiss

Harley clearly must have mentioned me to Justin before for him to say “So she's your sister.” Too bad Harley never mentioned Justin to me. I smiled as I made my way back to my brothers table. I told Rayne, Jackson and Dante what happened with Jeff. Jackson actually stood up looking for Jeff as did Dante but they relaxed when I told them about what Justin did and about the conversation between him and Harley. “Finally.” Jackson muttered. “About time Harley realized he didn’t kiss that hoe.” He added. “Wait, wait, wait! You like Justin?” I asked shock filling my voice. Jackson shrugged. “Yeah, he is a good guy. A bit fucked up like Dante, Harley and myself but a good guy non the less.“ He nodded. “You acted like you hated him earlier on campus.“ I stated. He shook his head. “No Harley acted like that. I merely went with him to confront Justin for yelling at you - which he said was a misunderstanding. This feud with him and Harley only started about four months ago over that Lisa bitch.” Jackson explained. “I never liked her, you know she told me it’s wrong the you three care for me more than your girlfriends or girls you sleep with.” I scowled at the memory. Dante frowned. “She’s a bitch, in family life you’re mine and the guys my number one girl and in relationship life Rayne is my number one girl. She was just jealous that you’re Harley number one as well I guess.” Dante shrugged. I grinned. “Oh, I think brother of the week is on Dante now.” He laughed and fist pumped like it was some sort of achievement. “Awe papi, queue era tan lindo.” Rayne beamed at Dante who laughed and kissed her lips. “Huh?” Jackson asked me looking confused. I laughed. “She either she said he was cute or what he said was cute.” I shrugged. “Oh right, I’m know her years and I still only know the simply words in Spanish.” He murmured making me laugh. “Dante is practically fluent now, isn't that right bro.” I teased at Dante but he ignored me and mumbled sweet things to Rayne which actually was very cute. While Jackson and I talked, Justin and Harley appeared at the table joking and nudging each other. Definite bromance has just being rekindled, the way they where shoving each other playfully was really cute. Jackson grinned when he seen Justin and stood up giving him a guy hug. The three of them shared words then laughed looking my way. “What?” I snapped feeling uncomfortable that they where looking at me and laughing. “Told you, temper like Harley.” Jackson grinned. I rolled my eyes and moved over making room for the guys. Dante nodded to Justin and they talked until Rayne began kissing his neck. I laughed then sat back as Harley, Justin and Jackson talked liked they where never not talking. A cute blonde guy at the bar caught my attention by winking at me and gestured for me to come over to him. I smiled. “Let me out.” I said to Harley who eyed me up but stayed unmoving. “Harley move or I will climb over the table.” I warned. He rolled his eyes and asked Justin to moved out so he could let me out. “Where are you going?” He asked when I stood and adjusted my dress. “I… um… Jesus.” I said frustrated making up excuses. “I’m going to talk to that guy okay?” I said and turned walking over to the bar. “Hey.” I smiled. “Hey beautiful.” He smirked then suddenly frowned as he looked over my shoulder and quickly moved away from me. “Hey, wait.“ I frowned. I turned and see Justin and Harley standing making death gestures my way to that guy I was talking with. They quickly stopped when they seen but it was too late I already caught them doing it. I stormed back to them. “Are you freaking kidding me?” I hissed. “He is a douche bag Kyah, and I’m pretty sure he has and STD.” Harley explained with a shrug of his shoulder. The guys chuckled. “After fucking with Jenna Lee he definitely has.” Justin joked making the guys laugh harder. I almost growled at them but kept my composure after taken a deep breath. “You want to play protective the sibling role, bro? You got it.” I said and sat back in my seat. The boys looked at me confused but didn’t say anything because I was back where they could see me. I waited patiently for fifteen minutes until two blondes came over to the table and sat on my brothers laps, a girl with Rihanna red hair sat on Justin’s lap. It was like something out of film, my brothers and Justin didn’t even have to try and pull them. The girls willing came over giving off the I’m ‘down to fuck’ vibe. I actually felt embarrassed for them. I shook my head clear of my thoughts and grinned. “Can we help you?” I asked the girls with a smile plastered on my face. The girls looked at each other. “Um… we-” “Are planning to hook up with three strangers you just met? Yes I see that, real classy ladies.” I cut the girl on Harley’s lap off but still kept the fake smile on my face. Neither of them said anything they just stared at me in shock so I took advantage of the silence. “This is the part who you save what dignity you have left and,” I waved my hand at them, “walk away.” I smiled big. They scoffed at me but did get up and walk off towards the bar, no doubt cussing me out. “What the hell, Kyah?” Jackson barked not liking that his lay for the night walked off. Dante and Justin however erupted into laughter as did Rayne. “It’s embarrassing right? You all do that to every guy I talk to. I just met Justin today and you have him roped in already. It’s bad enough I deal with three freaking over protective brothers but adding your friend to the mix will make me suicidal”. I exclaimed. Harley grunted. “Okay, we hear you loud and clear Kyah.” Jackson sighed. “I wasn’t expecting you to be out straight like that though.” He chuckled and shook his head. “Well played little sister, well played.” Harley smirked and hooked his arm around my neck. “I will do that to every to girl tonight and forever if you don’t ease up. I promise you will never have wives or long terms girlfriends. This goes for you to Dante, I could tell Rayne things that would make her spit on you.” I glared at all my brothers. They looked stunned for a few moments but nodded. I grinned in my victory even though I knew it would be short lived. “Good, now to find a guy.” I smirked and scanned the room. “I’m being understanding about what your saying but I’m not happy about it, don’t push me Kyah.” Harley warned. I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if you three where un-protective.” I said out loud making Jackson laugh. “No point in wondering, it will never happen little sister. Just accept the fact the no guy will ever be good enough for you.” He smirked. “Oh joy.” I rolled my eyes. “So when does the whole brawling thing start?” I randomly asked moment later wanting to change the subject. Harley studied my face. “Twenty minutes, why?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “Just curious, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I looked away when you three fought a home when we where little for heavens sake.” I muttered. Harley laughed loudly. “That I remember or how you cried when he made you watch UFC one night.” That made the table laugh. I scoffed and thumped Harley. “Oh yeah because a guy losing conscious because another guy is strangling him is a barrel of laughs.” I said sarcastically and roll my eyes. “It’s not like that here Kitten, it never usually last that long.” Justin grinned. “That doesn’t make me feel any better but I do need to see who is fighting.” I said with a shrug. “And why is that?” Justin asked. I eyed him up. “Well if I’m betting on someone I need to size them up, duh.” I said like it was the most obvious thing ever. “Your putting in?” Dante gasped. I rolled my eyes at his reaction but nodded. “Don’t act so shocked, I want the full brawling idiotic experience.” I grinned. Okay, that was a lie but I did want something to take the edge off being nervous about seeing a fight. “Who are you and what have you done with our little sister?” Jackson asked in a serious tone. “So funny Jackson.” I rolled my eyes again. Justin grinned at me. “Well, you know I’m fighting Jeff in one of my fights, who’s your money on?” He smirked. I grinned. “My money’s on you, and you better be good for it.” I warned. “I assure you Kitten, I'm good for it.” He replied, smugly. “Stop it.” Dante groaned. “Stop what?” I asked in confusion. He pointed to me and Justin. “The flirting, I don’t like it.” He answered. “Me either.” Jackson and Harley said in unison. I shrugged my shoulders. “Shocker.” I said making Justin laugh. “Would you rather I flirt with Justin or a random guy?” I joked. All my brothers stared at Justin who smiled awkwardly and shifted in his seat under their heavy glares. “Hurt her and we murder you.” Harley said firmly while nudging Justin. I laughed but Justin nodded with a stern face. “Guys, we can be friends you know that is possible.” I teased them. "I’m serious man. Hurt her and you‘re dead.“ Harley said to Justin ignoring me completely. “I am serious too, I won’t hurt her.” Justin said still looking at Harley then and Jackson and Dante. They nodded. It was like I wasn’t even there and they where speaking some kind of guy language. “What just happened?” I asked Rayne who shrugged seeming as clueless as me. “Gents and hoes, welcome to Jed's, fight one will start in ten minutes. I’m Mark, this is my place so I make the rules and call the fights. You have a problem with that? You can fuck off! Betting is good until the buzzer sounds, no bet switching, no assisting your fighter in any way. Break the rules and you end up in the cage with the shit kicked out of you and your wallet missing. That goes for you as well ladies to so gents don’t use your hoes to cheat my system. Bieber and Harding, you’re up first.” A man’s voice exploded through the speakers making everyone cheer. Jesus Christ, that was an awful way to explain the rules of a fight, I thought. Justin smirked and stood up. Harley and Jackson where pep talking him and patting his back. I watched as Justin began taking his shirt off. I found myself staring as he did so until I felt a pinch in my arm. “Ow.” I said and turned to Dante who was smiling. “Pervert.” He mouthed to me. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I said making him and Rayne chuckle. I nodded for Rayne to look a Justin’s shirtless body, her eyes widened when she did and Dante caught her. “Are you fucking kidding me?” He hissed at her, she replied back to him in Spanish. I tuned them out and looked back to Justin who was putting some type of fingerless black gloves on his hands. “Who’s your good luck kiss tonight.” Jackson teased Justin. Justin smirked the looked me dead in the eye. “Your sister.” he grinned. I froze to my seat. He means me, he has to… I’m there only freaking sister. “And so it begins.” Harley groaned. What the heck is that suppose to mean? Justin reached out his hand to me, I hesitantly took it and he helped me up and led me towards the cage area where everyone was heading. “So, Kitten.” Justin smirked and he turned to face me when we reached the cage. “Did Harley really agree to you kissing me because if he did, I think he is ill.” I randomly said making him laugh. “I told him wouldn’t hurt you, he knows I’m a man of my word. Well after over earlier conversation he does.” He smiled and stepped towards me. He is taller than me so I had to look up at him. “What does that mean exactly?” I asked. “It means,” He paused and bent his head down to mine, “you can give me a good luck kiss for my fight and your brothers are cool with it. It‘s just a good luck kiss. That‘s all.” He whispered against my lips and slid his tongue along my bottom lip. “I know you want to kiss me, Kitten." I usually have good self control but feeling his breathe and tongue on my lips I momentarily lost any control I once had over my body and I kissed him first. I felt his arms go around my waist, his hands landed on my bare back and I shuddered under his touch. I was expecting him to pull back but it didn’t he instead ran his tongue along my bottom lip again asking for entrance. I opened my mouth to let his tongue caress mine. Even then he deepened the kiss making me forget where we where and that there where people around us looking at us and cheering still. I ran my hands up along his bare - muscular - back until I was passed his neck and then tangled in his hair. I heard him make a growling noise in the back of his throat when I tugged on his hair. It was hot, very hot. “Bieber, you have a fight bro… like right now actually. Release the girl and get in the fucking cage.” The man’s voice from earlier - Mark I think his name is - boomed through the speakers again. I felt Justin smile into the kiss then he pulled away giving my ass a tap. I opened my eyes and stared at him. He smiled and removed his hands from me then stepped into the cage with Jeff - who looked fierce - was already waiting on him. I turned and seen Harley. “Put two hundred on Justin.” I said and handed him my money. He nodded and went over to the betting table. I’d rather him do it because I would problem screw the bet up or annoy someone since I‘m new to the whole brawling betting world. I turned back to the cage and seen Jeff and Justin exchange words. Justin clinched his hands at whatever Jeff said to him. I felt a hand over my shoulder and when I looked and seen Jackson. I moved closer to him and he hugged me tight. “That was some fucking good luck kiss.” He said half annoyed and half amused. “Sorry.” I mumbled staring at the cage. “You don’t have to watch Kyah.” He said into my ear, I shrugged. “Its constructed, like you guys said. It‘s not like… you know.. what happened to me” I said to him. He kissed my cheek knowing I’m trying to be brave. I heard a loud buzzing noise and snapped my head to the cage. Justin didn’t wait a second longer than the buzzer sound, he lunged forward throwing a right hook that connected with Jeff’s job. I jumped slightly. “Get him bro.” Jackson yelled from behind me. I tensed a little but relaxed when Dante appeared beside me, he nudged me so I knew he was there. “Go Jeff. Kill em‘, baby.” Some girls screamed and clapped there hands as Jeff landed a kick to Justin’s stomach. Justin bent over a little giving Jeff time to punch him in the face. Justin turned and ran him into the cage wall head butting him along the way. Jeff elbowed Justin in the face and I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment then reopened them. It didn’t phase Justin though because he didn’t flinch, he moved to the right swung his left fist into Jeff’s eye and it instantly busted opened. Blood trickled down Jeff’s face and fell onto his chest, he swayed a little clearly dazed from Justin‘s blow. Justin took this opportunity and punched he three more times then kneed him until Jeff feel to the ground with a thud. I was taken deep breathes when I focused on the blood. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… Bieber takes it.” The announcers voice boomed earning loud cheers from the crowd and some boo’s from Jeff’s fans. “That’s my boy.” I heard Harley voice yell. I flinched startled by his voice Jackson tightened his hold on me. “You okay?” He whispered. Dante and Harley stepped closer looking at me also. “I’m fine, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At least I didn’t freak out this time.” I cracked a smile. They smiled back at me but I could see it was forced. Okay, as you can tell I have a problem with violence. I tend to freak out when my brothers are involved with it which is why I reacted the way I did when Harley hit that guy back on campus earlier today and when I found out Harley was a brawler. It’s normal to freak out when people you love get into a fight but I legit get panicky over it and take panic attacks. My dad - Andrew Edwards - is a very wealthy man and is well respected as the dean of the university however when I was seven two men kidnapped me from my school playground holding me for ransom for my dad’s money. They told me my dad was a stuck up prick who kicked there son’s out of the university after taken away there scholarships because he was jealous of there potential. In reality there son’s had illegal drugs on campus and cheated in there final exams. The men didn’t believe this though and believed my dad kicked them out of the school from his own benefit and they took it out on my seven year old body. The men were very sloppy and didn’t do a good job in covering there tracks when they kidnapped me, I was found the next day in a ware house owned by one of the men. However, it was enough time for the men to break my left arm, crack four of my ribs and bloody my body up pretty good. They of course went to prison, and are still there to this day however since that day I have nightmares often and problems with violence and very bad panic attacks and uh… other problems. However being here tonight made me feel a little in control mainly because I didn’t freak out like I usually would. It’s also one of the main reason’s my brothers are so protective of me, ever since that day even though we where still technically kids they stepped up there game to protect me. I watched Justin say something to Jeff - who was slowly coming back around- in angry tone then he left the cage. Harley was the first to guy hug him and pat his back while cheering. I started to feel very warm all of a sudden, the heat of the crowds was getting to me or that was I was hoping it was. “I need to go” I mumbled before turning and pushing my way through the crowd ignoring everyone and everything around me.

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