College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


5. Girl Parts

-Kyah's Pov-


“Kyyaaahhhh.” I jolted awake at the sound of my name being screamed. I sat up in my bed just as my bedroom door flung open. “You freaking punched him?” Rayne bellowed. It wasn’t a question more like a pissed off statement. I sighed at lock to the clock on my wall it read 11:01 a.m. I shook my head. “Rayne, I apologized to Dante last night for hitting him, it was a moment thing. He was teasing me and I lost my temper.” I explained. She still didn’t look happy so I grunted. “Rayne, I get he is your boyfriend but he is my brother, brother’s and sister’s get into fights. So don’t treat me like I’m a random chickawho hit your boyfriend, I have more right to hit him than you do.” I pointed out. “Nobody has a right to hit me. I just want peace.” Dante shouted from the living area. I wanted to laugh but I ignored him instead and focused on Rayne who was currently staring me down. “How do you have more right?” Rayne asked with a scowl while ignoring Dante also. “He is my blood, literally.” I smirked. She rolled her eyes then came over and sat on the bed. “He told me what happened with Harley.” She said softly. “He hates me I bet.” I frowned. She shook her head. “He does not, you’re are his number one girl. He’s probably pissed but when you talk to him he will be fine, trust me.” She smiled. I cracked a smile and nodded at her. I’m sure she was right but I still felt crap about the whole situation. “So.” She smiled and stood up. “You totally made out with Justin last night, twice from what I hear.” She squealed making me laugh. “They were only good luck kisses Rayne, I told him I want to be just friends and he agreed.” I said as I stretched. She thumped my arm which actually hurt. “Ow, why the physical abuse?” I asked. “Why do you want to be in the friend zone?” She questioned. I shrugged. “He is close to Harley and Jackson and soon he will be to Dante. Imagine if we hooked up then broke it off, how awkward would that be?” She sighed. “I guess but-” “No buts, we’re friends and that’s final.” I grinned. “Whatever.” She huffed and stomped out of the room. I laughed at her as I looked out my window.




It was a cloudy day today and it looked a little chilly out so I changed into a grey, light baggy Nike three quarter length tracksuit, the bottoms - that where suddenly big on me - only came to my knees so it was cool enough to wear in case are the weather picked up. I put on white ankle socks then my white Converse. I washed my face and left off my make up. Because I went to bed with wet hair in a bun my hair was all wavy and messy curly when I let it down. I whipped my hair back and forth a few times to loosen it up the braided my bangs to the side and let it hang down. I dragged my feet into the living area, Dante was on the sofa watching Sponge bob. I jumped onto his stomach and legs making him groan. “Damn it, Kyah.” He whaled making me laughed. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” I yawned which made him yawn. I seen his lip was still a little swollen and I frowned. “I’m sorry.” I said looking at his face. He grinned at me. “Yes, you said that repeatedly last night. I told you it was cool so shut up apologizing.” He shoved me making me laugh. I kissed his forehead then hopped up off him and awkwardly shuffled into the kitchen area. “Are you shuffling?” Rayne asked with a laugh. “Its my lazy shuffle.” I shrugged. “Breakfast?” She asked gestured to the bacon and eggs that she was making. I shook my head. “I have to go see Harley, I feel sick about what I said to him.” I said while taking out my phone. “Are you texting him?” Dante asked walking by me while scratching his balls threw his boxers. Ew! “That bloody disgusting.” I hissed making him laugh. “And yes I am texting Harley, I don’t want to show up at his apartment in case he won’t see me.” I shrugged and thumbed Harley a message.



To: Harley
Can I come see you please? I need to talk to you. *



I put my phone on the counter and looked up to Dante who sighed at me. “Stop feeling so bad, you know I get the full whack of your emotions. You’re making me feel glum.” He pointed out. I laughed. “You don’t like being my twin, that hurts Dante.” I teased. He smirked but didn’t answer me because my phone vibrated on the counter. I picked it up and seen I had one new text message from Harley. I hesitated a moment before I opened it.



From: Harley
Yeah, sounds good. C u soon.



I sighed in relief then put my phone in my pocket, I ran to my bathroom and brushed my teeth then returned to the living area grabbing my keys. “I’m going to see Harley. I won’t be long.” I shouted to Rayne who shouted okay after me as I left the apartment. When I got into my car I drove the ten minutes journey to Harley’s apartment complex. Jackson lives two blocks away from Harley while Dante lives closer to the school like me but we’re all within ten minutes of each other which is cool. When I reached Harley’s building I parked my car and walked up to the door and I buzz his apartment number. He didn’t answer the call he simply buzzed me in. I opened the door and jogged up the stairs until came to his floor, his door was opened slightly so I walked in and found him chilling on the sofa. I walked over and sat beside him. “I’m so sorry for what I said to you, I didn’t mean it. I promise you.” I apologized. Harley nodded but didn’t look at me. “You hate me don’t you?” I asked and looked down to my hands. I heard him sigh as he sat himself up straight, I felt him pulling me into a hug and I couldn’t help but smile. “No I don’t hate you. Far from it, I was upset by what you said but I know you didn’t mean it. I accept your apology, consider yourself forgiven little sister.” Harley grinned.




I let out a big gulp of air. “Thank god.” He laughed at my reaction, I heard some light noises that sounded like moans. “Harley.” I said sitting up right again. “Please, please tell me that’s not what it sounds like.” I pleaded, he listened for a second then cringed. “Sorry, that’s Justin and uh... I forget her name. “ Harley shrugged. “Ew. He is doing that while you’re out here. Sick son of a-” “Hey no name calling, it’s his apartment to so its not like I can stop him.” Harley said when he cut me off. I stood up. “Excuse me, it’s his what?” I asked. Harley laughed. “You looked like you’re going to yell at me the way you’re standing.” Harley pointed out so I shifted my stance. “Daddy bought this apartment for you.“ I said in confusion. “Yes he did, but Justin used to live here with me but after all the shit that went down with Lisa he moved out and now he is back. We split the bills so every bodies happy.“ He shrugged. “My God, you just got back talking last night and he’s moved in already?” I shook my head. “How did he get his stuff here?” I asked. “He got everything this morning and bumped into the girl from last night in some café.” He shrugged. I glared at him not happy about the idea for some reason. “Did he get you into brawling?“ I asked randomly. Harley waited a moment then nodded. “He didn’t ask me to do it but I was introduced to it when I seen his first fight two years back.“ Harley explained. “How come you never told me you had such a good friend? I mean you never mentioned a Justin, not once” I asked feeling a little bummed. Harley shrugged.





“He’s more like me, Jackson and Dante you don’t need another influence around you but too late now you‘ve met him.” He joked. I rolled my eyes, great four bad boys. I love my brothers really I do they’re awesome because they treat me great but the are kind of sluts when it comes to girls - well not Dante since he is dating Rayne - they bed a lot of girls then never see them again which I hate but can‘t change. I scoffed and crossed my arms. “Don’t tell me you don’t like him, after those good luck kisses I thought-“ “Don’t finish that sentence, I told him I just wanted to be friends and he is fine with that.“ I gestured to his bedroom door where the noise's of his currently having sex where coming from. “Clearly.“ I scoffed. “Want me to kill him?” Harley asked making me laugh. “No, I don’t care what he does. Its no business of mine.” I shrugged then turned away and turned on Harley’ Xbox 360. I popped his car racing game in it, its my favorite one of his games mainly because I can easily play it.






The girls moans where heard again through out the apartment. “She’s faking it, Justin.” I yelled. Harley erupted into laughter which made me grin. I put in my ear phones hit shuffle on my iPod and sat directly in front of the plasma as the game started up. Mom and dad hate when I sit so close but I can’t help it, it’s a bad habit. I raced a few rounds when I felt someone looking at me, I looked over my shoulder and seen a girl buttoning up her shirt. “Oh hey, it’s the blondy.” I grinned. She stuck her finger up at me and I laughed. “Real classy.” I laughed again and turned away from her. “Don’t be rude to her, you may leave now.” I heard Justin’s voice say to the girl. “I’ll leave my number here for you then.” She replied to him as he appeared behind her. “Um.. yeah, don’t bother.” Justin yawned and patted her bum. “Excuse me?” The girls hissed. I left out a laugh then turned to look at the girl. “C’mon on now, do not be surprised. You’re just as big a slut as him. You can‘t be that surprised he doesn‘t want your number.” She snarled at me then grabbed her bag and left the apartment slamming the door after her. "Nice girl." I said sarcastically with a shake of my head Justin was only in a pair of boxers showing off a lot of skin… yummy skin.






His tattoo‘s looked delicious on his toned body, he smiled at me. I didn’t returned it instead I simply turned back to my game. “What’s up, Kitten?” Justin asked. I heard him fall onto the couch across from where Harley was now napping well I think he was napping. I ignored Justin and put my earphones back in. Before my next race started my ear phones where taking from my ears. “Hey.” I snapped. “It’s rude to listen music in your earphones when you’re in someone’s company.” Justin pointed out. I sighed and knocked off Harley Xbox. I bent over setting the controller down when I heard a low whistle. “Nice tat Kitten.” I squeaked and jumped up and turned around to Justin. I didn’t even realize my pants fell down showing off part of my behind. I looked to Harley who’s eyes where open, he wasn’t napping after all. “Tat? What tat?” He asked sitting up. “I’m sorry what?” I asked Harley. ”You dreaming bro?” I nervously laughed. “You have a tattoo?” Harley asked standing up. I sighed. “Don’t yell at me, you are covered in them!” I countered. “That’s different, I’m older than you. You’re only eighteen plus you’re a girl.” He stated. “I'm old enough I’m and adult and so what if I’m a girl, does that mean I can't have tattoo’s?” I asked. He shook his head in annoyance “Tattoo's, as in plural? You have more than one?” He asked and I bit my lip. Busted. I thought.






I sighed then nodded. “I’ve two.” I mumbled. “When did you get them? Show me them.” He demeaned. “I got them last year when Rayne and I went to New York for the weekend and um I can’t show you them.” I muttered. “New York, it better have been sterilized and why can’t you show me them?” He asked. “It was sterilized and um well they are in places brothers wouldn’t look on there sister‘s body.” I shrugged. “Oh my god.” Harley groaned and sat back down, Justin laughed. “Where is the one you saw?” He asked Justin. “Her butt.” Justin answered. “Why where you even looking at my ass you pervert.” I snarled. “It was on display Kitten.” Justin shrugged. I rolled my eyes. “It a lip kiss tattoo on my right ass cheek and before you ask it was a woman who put it there.” I said to Harley and he groaned again. “Thank God for that at least.” He sighed. “Does being this over protective and over reacting to everything I do not bother you?” I asked Harley and he shook his head making Justin laugh. “It’s not funny Bieber.” I hissed. Justin’s eyes widened. “Bro, she sounded just like you when she said that.” Justin said to Harley. “I know right.” Harley laughed. “Jackson says she’s very like me.” He grinned proudly. “I’m not a slut like you though.” I pointed out. Both guys just laughed. “You know you could both have STD’s right now and not know it.” I made a disgusted face. Harley waved me off and I grinned knowing I struck a nerve.





I know there are clean all the guys on campus get tests done every few months for STD's provided my the university. My phone rang, it was Rayne. “Hello.” I answered as I hopped up onto the kitchen counter. “Jake Parker from downstairs, just knocked up looking for you.” She squealed. “What? He did? Why?” I screamed. Justin and Harley turned there attention to me but I ignored them. Jake Parker is a absolute hottie from my apartment building, I think he is junior in the University. “I don’t know he said he seen you at Jed’s last night and wanted to hang out.” She explained. “He wants to hang out with me, oh my god. Are you serious? Don’t play with me Rayne.” I warned and she laughed. “I’m not playing around I promise, Dante tried to tell him to leave you alone but I stopped him. I gave him your number and he said he would text you later.” She beamed. I girl screamed and did a little happy dance on the counter making my brother and Justin laugh. “I’ll be home soon.” I said into the phone and she hung up after we said goodbye. “Who’s ass am I kicking?” Harley asked with a grin. “No one’s.” I smiled. “Who wants to hang out with you?” He then asked. “Jake Parker.” I beamed. Both the boys faces dropped. Harley looked to Justin who’s face was hardened. “Before you go big brother on me, do not attempt to scare him off. I’m warning you Harley.” I warned then walking towards the door.






"I hate that kid, cocky little asshole." Justin muttered. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. “Tell us where your other tattoo is at least.” Justin then called out after me. I turned around when I opened the door. I lifted up my hoodie showing them my belly. “It starts here.” I pointed to the top of my star trail which was just above my pantie line. “And travels downwards and ends in places Harley will have nightmares about other guys seeing.” I smiled and turned. “Kyah.” Harley screamed. I laughed and ran down the stairs and outside to my car. I quickly drove back to my apartment and jogged up the stairs. “Why didn’t you tell me she got tattoo’s. You said you just got them.” Dante yelled as I stepped into my apartment. I sighed and closed the door lightly. Harley obviously rang Dante, he is such a rat. “Ay dios mio, Dante. She is eighteen years old, she’s your sister she doesn’t need permission from you, Harley or Jackson to do these things. You all need to lay off her.” Rayne yelled back. “Exactly Rayne she is my sister. Don’t preach to me that me and the guys are over protective, we love her. It’s impossible to be any other way since it happened, I was only seven but I knew when she came home all bandaged up and bruised that I had to step up and protect her. If I played with her that day may be them guys wouldn’t have taken her but I didn’t, I left her on her own. Never again, I’ll die before I let anything happen to her. If you don’t like that break up with me.” Dante screamed. I put my hand over my mouth to control my gasps.






Dante blames himself? That’s stupid it wasn’t his fault what happened. I strained myself to hear what Rayne was going to say but I heard sniffling. She was crying. “I’m not breaking up with you. How can you say something like that to me.” She cried. “I know how you care for Kyah believe me I know and I love that you do. I love your bond with her I’m just saying you need to let her breath a little that’s all.” She sniffled again. I heard a sigh. “I’m sorry mami.” Dante said quietly not liking that he upset her. “I didn’t mean to say that I just hate when people question why I care so much for Kyah. I know you understand and that’s one of the reason’s I love you.” He said then started saying sweet things to her in Spanish that actually made me blush. I heard them kissing then Rayne moaned, I cringed. They retreated into Rayne’s bedroom and I almost threw up in my mouth knowing what they where about to do. I went in the kitchen area and got some juice from the fridge and poured myself a glass. “Ay papi.” Rayne moaned. I hate when she says that, I literally cringe know she saying oh daddy to my brother. Yuck. I think its cute when Dante calls her mamior mamacita but ay papi while there having sex is too much for any sister to listen to. “Ay dios mio papi” She screamed again. I then repeated what Rayne just scream in English to myself. “Oh my god” I shook my head praying they would stop soon otherwise I will shout at them to stop. I scurried by Rayne’s room and went into mine and lay on my bed. “Siga adelante, no se detenga“ Rayne screamed out minutes later. Did she just say to my brother keep going and don‘t stop? Ew! “Oh my god you guys, that is beyond disgusting.” I yelled then put my iPod on my iPod dock and turned my music all the way up so I couldn’t hear Rayne any more. Chris Brown - YeahX3 came on and I relaxed until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and seen I had a missed call from Harley and Jackson and a text from both of them including two texts from numbers I didn’t have saved in my phone. I opened my brothers first.



From: Jackson
You have tattoo’s on your girl parts! Seriously Kyah? Does mom and dad know you have them? I’m about to break something, call me back!




I giggled when I read the girl parts bit of the text, he can’t bring him to say my bum or vagina. I can just imagine how horrified my brothers are.




To: Jackson
Jeez they are only little tattoo’s, relax. It’s not like I’m using drugs or off having sex with strangers. You have them all over your body so don’t be hypocrite. Mom knows but dad doesn’t and I would like it to stay that way please. I’ll call you later, I’m about to take a nap. Love you. *




See this little symbol that I put at the end of my text à * … I don’t know why but since I learned how to text I send that as a kiss instead of x. All my family and Rayne know what I mean when I text them it to them. I sent the text I typed out to Jackson then opened Harley’s text.




From: Harley
I cannot believe you left like that! Seriously tattoo’s on your… girl parts. Are you purposely trying put me in cardiac arrest? Call me when you get this!




I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing reading Harley’s text. It was actually a struggle for him to write girl parts as well. God my brother’s can be very funny when the chose to be.



To: Harley
No I am not purposely trying to give you a heart attack big brother. This is exactly why I didn’t tell you, Jackson or Dante because I knew you would all react like this. Whoa, déjà vu! I recall you saying the exact same thing to me yesterday about what was it you kept from me for over a year?… A secret about what? Oh yeah brawling! If you continue being mad then you’re being a hypocrite and nobody likes a hypocrite. So take a deep breathe, play your Xbox or go out for a beer and relax! I’m staying in tonight so no need to worry about me. Call you later, I’m about to nap. Love you. *




I clicked send and I smiled. He won’t reply to that text because he knows I’m right. I then flicked to the number I didn’t know and read the first message.




From: Unknown
Hey Kyah. This is Jake Parker, from downstairs. Um Rayne gave me your number so I could text you. I actually dropped by to see if you wanted to hang out later or something. I seen you at Jed’s last night, you looked gorgeous. I would have said hello but your brothers politely told me to fuck off away from you lol. So yeah, text me back and let me know if you want to hang out.




I squealed as I read the text, okay no way I can take a nap now I’m a bit to happy to nap. I instantly texted him back.




To: Jake
Hey Jake. Sorry I missed you earlier when you dropped by. I’m so sorry about my brothers, they can be so rude sometimes! Ignore them in the future lol, I would love to hang out with you. Give me a day and time and I’m good to go :)




I clicked send and inwardly screamed again. I checked my last text while I wait on a reply from Jake.




From: Unknown
Hola my new friend who is of the female species. I robbed your number out of Harley’s phone so I could send you random texts to bug you. I hope its working so far *cheesy smile*. In regards to today’s earlier events (me seeing your booty) I’m going to have to rate you and give it a 6 out of 10! Your opinion on my rate is welcome…




“Justin” I muttered under my breathe but laughed as I read his text message. I clicked reply and grinned.




To: Justin
Bieber! You stole my number from my brother’s phone? How charming of you! Your text message did not and does not bug me, I like texting my friends and since you are my friend this will become a regular thing.
(Important moment coming up)….. Welcome to my circle of trust Justin *virtual hug* Members of the circle of trust include myself, Jackson, Harley, Dante, Rayne and now you. Break the circle of trust and I will toss you out on your ass, understood? You actually rated me, kind of jerkish don’t you think? A 6 out of 10? That’s okay I suppose but wait are you rating my tattoo or my - as you call it - booty?




I click send and chuckled. I heard laughter coming from Rayne’s room and wasn’t sure her and Dante finished so I didn’t chance leaving the safety of my room and loud music just in case. I changed the song on my iPod and lowered the volume a little because it was piercing my ear drums. My phone vibrate, Justin texted me back.




From: Justin
I’m now a member of the circle of trust? *Bits lip and fans face with hand*. I won’t break the circle, this is pretty big for me Kitten *wills tears to stay in tear ducts*!

I burst out laughing at half way through reading the text. It’s safe to say he has a sense of humor, thank god.

'Your tattoo is a 6 lol I should have made that clear, your booty is a solid 10! Are friends allowed say those type of things to each other?'




I chuckled and clicked reply.




To: Justin
I’m glad we understand each other, the circle is kind of a huge deal. Let your emotions out, I won’t judge you (I’m lying I probably will judge you). My booty is a solid 10? Yeah, friends can make those comments every so often but wow how Harley would enjoy seeing you texting me such absurd things. I will keep it a secret though because I‘m amazing like that!.. Eehemm excuse me Bieber are you some sort of tattoo expert? You didn’t even see my tattoo’s fully therefore you cannot rate them probably!




I clicked sent chuckling to myself still. I pulled myself from my bed and turned off my iPod then strolled out to the living area with my phone in hand. Dante and Rayne where chilling on the couch. “You disgust me the pair of you, I come home and hear that. Scared for life I am.” I said dramatically then turned and marched over to the fridge with their laughter in my ears. I pretended to play the stupid card. “Dante, did Harley ring yet by any chance?” I asked with a smile. “No, why?” He lied. I’m going to pretend I didn’t heard the conversation he had with Rayne so I have to act like I‘m lying. “Oh, no reason.” I shrugged. “Something you want to tell me little sister?” Dante asked amusement in his voice clearly knowing that I‘m lying. “Pssh no, nope, nothing… nada.” I grinned. I lie badly, even when I’m pretending. I’m sort of a failure. Rayne pointed to my hip and the my ass and I widened my eyes as if I only realised what she meant. “You won’t be mad though right? Remember we’re the same age, give or take nine minutes. Oh and remember how much you love me.” I said with an innocent smile. “Talk.” He grinned. “Ihavetwotattoo’s.” I mumbled. “Repeat that slowly.” Dante laughed. I sighed. “I have two tattoo’s.” I said, he stared at me for a moment so I broke the tension with a smile. “Show them to me.” He said, I knew he was actually interested to see them but he wouldn’t we he finds out where they are. “Um I’d advise against that.” I said and Rayne chuckled then covered it up with a cough. “Why?” he asked confused. I sighed. “The are on my covered parts” I said with a shrug. His eyes flared. “Tramp stamps?” He hissed. I shook my head. “They’re not tramp stamps, you know what the look like. Rayne and I got similar ones except the kiss on my ass is coloured red instead of pink like Rayne‘s.” I shrugged. “Oh my god.” Dante said. “I don’t mind them on Rayne because they’re damn hot on her but on you-” “What’s that suppose to mean?” I said feeling offended. “I just mean because you’re my sister, another guy would think with his dick when he sees them like I do when I see Rayne’s.” He clinched his fists. I groaned.





“I never ever protest that you can’t have sex with Rayne, why must you constantly get annoyed over something that’s not happening with me? I don’t have a boyfriend ergo not having sex so you, Harley and Jackson can give it a rest.” I said and rested my head against the counter feeling annoyed at repeating myself to my brothers.
My phone vibrated and I smiled.





From: Justin
Harley won’t mind me thinking you have a hot ass…. Okay he actually might have a problem with that. I trust you not to say anything though, us being in the circle of trust in all that.




I chuckled then stopped when Dante looked at me. “Who are you texting?” He asked curiously. “Justin.” I shrugged. “Bieber?” He asked and I nodded. I seen him grin, which was shocking. I was expecting a rant or another talk at least. He took out his phone and put it to his ear so I turned back to my phone reading the rest of Justin‘s text.




'Did you seriously ask if I’m an expert on tat’s? The answer is kind of obvious considering I have over fifteen of them but just to put it out there. Yes I am an expert and that was my point exactly, I didn’t get to see them fully so until I do I won’t have a definite rating the 6 stands as pending.'



I suppressed a smirk.



To: Justin
*Sigh* fine I won’t tell, even though you being cornered by my brothers would have being pretty damn hilarious, I shall reframe from telling on you. Oh fifteen tattoo’s, brag much? I’m only thirteen behind you buddy I could catch up on you yet *Currently laughing the muhahaha laugh*.
Why Justin Bieber if I didn’t know any better I would think you where trying to either into my panties or get a peek into them. That’s a no go zone buddy, friends remember? My tat rates should stay at a 6, I’m happy with that :)




I clicked send then looked up to find Rayne grinning at me. “We’re friends.” I said knowing what she was thinking. She raised her hands. “I didn’t say anything.” She giggled. “No, but you’re thinking something.” I grinned. She snicker to herself then shrugged at me. Can’t a girl have guy as a friend now a days?

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