College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


24. Episodes

-Kyah's Pov-



“Kyah.” I heard a voice call me and felt a hand gently touch my arm stirring me from my sleep. I blinked my lids open from the light attacking my eyes and turned to find someone unexpected sitting by my bed. “Jake?” I said in my sleep voice. “Hi.” He whispered.
Without warning he leaned down and hugged me, very tightly. “Aren’t you suppose to be in class?” I asked, rubbing his back with my hand. “It’s Saturday.” He replied and I nodded. “Oh, right.” I said as I sat myself up with his help. “I’m so sorry about everything.” He said into my hair.
He pulled away and just stared at me. I was still blinking at the fact he was sitting in front of me. “It wasn’t your fault.” I finally said.



He shook his head. “It was, I was so mean to you and-” “No, Jake, it really wasn’t, our argument just did something to me that would have eventually happened anyway. I take server panic attacks a long time but I’m doing okay now.” I assured him. "I feel so terrible though. I liked you a lot and when I heard you possibly slept with Justin, I freaked. I know we’re weren’t official it just annoyed me and I took it out on you. I’m so sorry for the names I called you.” He frowned and looked down. I reached out and touched his hand. “Consider yourself forgiven. We both did wrong things and weren’t as out straight as we should have but I’m with Justin now. I still care for you a lot actually, I really did like when we went out and I don’t want to just go our separate ways now… friends?” I asked. He smiled. “I’ll take what I can get Ky.” He leaned down to hug me again. I chuckled and hugged him back tightly. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Justin's voice boom through the room. Jake actually jumped and stood up and the sound of his voice. I looked and seen Jackson and Harley literally holding Justin from charging into the room. “Get away from her.” He yelled again. “Justin, stop.” I squeaked as I stood from the bed.





I however forgot that being in a coma for sixteen days and doing nothing but lying in a bed can leave your body extremely tired and unused. I could barely hold myself up, I swayed and would have hit the floor if Jake had not of caught me mid fall. “Get a doctor.” Harley's voiced scream.
I felt dizzy but I was still awake. “Give me her.” I heard Justin say then felt myself change arms. “Kyah?” He said but I didn’t answer him because I felt to light-headed it was like I was on a high.
“Kyah.” A new voice said. I felt myself being laid back down on the bed and then light appeared in my eyes. “Focus on the light kiddo.” Doctor Chance, I thought.












He called me kiddo yesterday. “I’m okay.” I mumbled and my vision re focused and my head stopped spinning. “Just felt a bit dizzy, I’m okay.” I said again.









“You’re not ready to leave yet kiddo. Your body needs to go to physiotherapy first, to get your muscles used to moving around again.” He said still checking me over. I sighed. “Okay.” I said then looked to my right. Jake looked concerned at me. Justin looked worried like my brothers but I could see anger in there eyes directed at Jake. “As for you guys.” Doctor Chance turned around. “You’re grown men, we discussed yesterday she cannot be exposed to over loads of stress which is exactly what is happening right now. She has only started her medication, this could trigger an episode.” Doctor Chance bellowed mainly at my brothers because he didn’t know Jake. “An episode?” Jake repeated and Justin snarled at him. “I’ll explain soon.” I said to Jake and Justin’s eyes flickered to me. He looked pissed. “Can I talk to Justin alone for a minute please?” I asked. The others nodded and left the room. “He came to apologize to me, Justin.” I said softly. “I don’t give a damn.” He hissed. I could see his jaw tightening. I knew he wasn’t trying to snap at me but he was very, very angry and couldn’t help it. “Justin.” I sighed. “He knows I am with you know, we decided to be friends. He explained himself to me and I accepted his apology.” I said in a relaxed tone. Justin’s fist clinched. “I don’t trust him.” He hissed and began pacing the room. “Justin.” He sighed and looked to me, his face softening.












"Can you just hold me please? What happened just now felt weird.” I frowned. I didn’t need to repeat myself, he had me wrapped in his arms within a second. “I’m sorry. I’m not mad at you he just.. I,” he took a breathe. “I don’t like him.” He finally said. I chuckled. “I gathered that much.” I said and squeezed him. My brothers came in and I explained the situation to them, they clearly weren’t happy but nodded. Jake came in to say goodbye to me and he would see me soon. Justin watched his every move. When he hugged and kissed my cheek Justin stood up and Jake got the hint mumbled a goodbye and left the room. “You can’t do that every time I see or hug him, Justin.” I said a little annoyed. “Watch me.” He replied and I sighed and leaned back against my bed cuddling into my pillows. My brothers watched me as I yawned. “I’m tired.” I mumbled and closed my eyes wanting to get out of the tension.














Before I knew it I feel asleep the dizziness took a lot out of me. That’s how things went for two days, I was faint and slept a lot. Doctor Chance said it was normal and I’ve not to worry so I didn’t instead I was annoyed because I wanted to go home but being hooked up to a ton of machines kept me from that. However, I was glad of the machine I was hook up one because once over the weekend I stopped breathing during the night. It was because I accidentally took two of the same tablets on my meds. Whoopsy daisy. The nurses actually had to make that dreaded call to my family. You the one where they say you have to come down to the hospital your relative has took a turn for the worse. When they got to the hospital they sadly caught sight of my naked upper body with Doctor Chance and nurses around me trying to get a pulse. Thankfully they did. When I groggily woke up the next morning they all cried again. Justin clung onto me for what seemed like hours. I however had know clue what happened I couldn’t remember because I was asleep when it happened but apparently I was resuscitated by Doctor Chance which left me with a bruised chest from compressions. But I technically owe the hottie my life so a few bruises where nothing really. My brothers, Justin, the girls and my parents came to see me a lot as it was but after I nearly died, I was never without one of them in the room so I always had company. Justin somehow even convinced the ward staff to let him sleep on the floor at night time. The nurses had a sweet spot for him and agreed to it, they even got him a blow up mattress all it took was him to smile and chat with the. Monday morning came along and right on time Doctor Chance strolled in with my morning medication which I took with all theirs eyes watching me - Justin Harley and Jackson where currently with me.















Doctor Chance also had a wheelchair which confused me. “Psychotherapy starts now.” He then said. I nodded knowing I had to do it to strengthen up my muscles. Doctor Chance took the heart monitors and other wires off me while Harley came to my left side and Justin was on my right as they helped me out of my bed. “This feels weird.” I mumbled as I took a few steps until I got into the wheel chair. “Psycho will fix that. Are you three coming as well?” he asked Jackson, Harley and Justin. They all nodded. “I figured as much.” Doctor Chance chuckled. Doctor Chance wheeled me out of my room and into the hallway. I was never outside of my room so it was a refreshing sight. “I love that.” I said and pointed to a collection of photo’s on the hallway walls. They where pictures of patients and the staff. I was in the ICU and I hated it, beside my coma and near death experience - caused by my own fault - I was fine and didn’t know why I needed to be on this ward. “ICU? Seriously Doc… I’m fine now.” I said looking to Doctor Chance. “You where in a coma for sixteen kiddo, stopped breathing and almost died over the weekend. I did as you asked yesterday with the life support machine I turned off when you woke up. You may feel fine then suddenly take a turn. You will be here for one more night then tomorrow put down to a lower ward and Wednesday you might be able to go home.” He said and I nodded looking at all the different pictures. “The nurses love their picture collection they will want one of you, you know.” Doctor Chance said just as a Nurse Anna bounced beside us.














She has a crush on Harley, I can tell. I liked her though, she’s the closest to my age out of the nurses she twenty two and so bubbly its sometimes annoying.












Oh and believe me I know the nurse love their pictures they told me. They tell me everything all the gossip of the hospital, my room became sort of a hang out for the nurses young and old. I’m still convinced it was because of my brothers and Justin but they seemed to like me as well. They fawned over me like I was a princess, it’s kind of cool in a spoiled brat kind of way. “Morning Kyah.” She beamed. I groaned she came in to check on me twelve times last night. TWELVE freaking times. “How are you still chirpy? I seen you more times last night than I went the bathroom. Seriously, Nurse Anna.” I groaned again and she laughed and gave me a hug. Yep, she was the huggy kind of nurse. “Did you change out your tam-” “Whoa, whoa, male alert, Nurse Anna.” I shouted and she laughed. She liked when I called her Nurse Anna for some reason she said it made her feel like an older sister that I needed minding from. Great just what I need, an older protective sister figure. “Come on you say it you hav-“ “Nurse Anna, so help me God I will mess up your morning chart if you finish that sentence.“ I threatened with my finger pointed at her.

















Doctor Chance crossed his arms, his face clearly amused by the conversation. He totally knew I was on my period but was enjoying my embarrassment. i got my period last night even though I know had it three weeks before I went into the coma. “Okay fine, but since you’re out of the room its picture time.“ Anna beamed ran and got her camera and some of the other nurses. “No way, back of ladies.” I said when they all walked toward me grinning. “I’m not even remotely cute. My hair is in a bun and I’m in pajamas for crying out loud.” I protested. 















“You looked beautiful, Kitten.” Justin said and the nurses awed and made googly eyes at him.

I, however, shot him a warning glare. He smirked and winked at me which made me glare harder which caused him to laugh. “C’mon Kyaahhhhhh.” Anna whined and I gave in. “My God, I want to die. Right now, throw me in a hole and bury me.” I said as they chuckled, I let them help me up. The supported me as I stood in the middle of them. Doctor Chance got into the picture as well he put his arm over my shoulder like he was a good friend and that changed my mood to a good one.
Anna gave Justin her camera and he smiled holding it in front of us. “Say… Kitten.” he grinned. I laughed but said Kitten with everyone else and smiled as he took the picture. Anna took the camera and beamed. “Definitely going on the wall.” She smiled. She then passed the camera to me as I sat back in my wheel chair.

















Doctor Chance leaned on the handles of my wheelchair behind me chuckling. I was stunned as the nurses grabbed my brothers and Justin. They actually wanted their picture with them. These ladies are sick, sick people. How can the find my brothers attractive? Yuck. “My God.” I murmured. “They love them. They‘re all they talk about at the nurse stations.” Doctor Chance chuckled. I groaned at that. “Okay, smile and say… I’m so perving on these young boys.” I smiled. I thought they would make a comment but they did something unexpected, they all repeated it and the boys smirked liked they where proud. Typical guys. Doctor Chance laughed from behind me as I took the picture. “There you go.” I said and gave Anna her camera. “I want a copy of that one.” Myra, a nurse in her fifties shouted. “Hey, what about my picture?” I frowned. She shrugged and grinned. “You know I’m thinking of not letting them come here any more, poor Dante gets hell of Rayne for your flirting and Baila actually threatened Jackson with a frying pan yesterday you know.” I pointed out. Jackson laughed at the memory and shook his head. Baila and he apparently did the sex deed and he can’t get enough of her so he over looks her girl tantrums aka trying to hit him with a frying pan for playfully flirting back with the older nurses.



















“Pish posh, it’s harmless.” They waved me off. I smirked, some of these ladies where married and just enjoy a bit of flirty fun. “Well, make copies for me two, I started a scrap book when I was bored the other day.” I said and they nodded. My dad randomly bought me a new camera over the weekend, so I’ve been snapping pictures of everyone and everything. It’s very annoying Justin said because he will be watching TV in my hospital room, reading or trying to sleep whilst leaning in the bed with me and I’ll just take a picture and disturb him with the flash. “Okay ladies, back to work.” Doctor Chance waved them off. They grumbled but grabbed there charts and made there morning rounds. “Bye Harley.” Anna waved flirtatiously at him. He smirked and winked at her. “Oh Jesus.“ I murmured as we began walking down the hallway. “What?“ Doctor Chance asked. “I hate all that flirting they do with my brothers, I mean, look at them. I don’t see why they get so swooned by them.” I said and my brothers laughed. “You’re hardly going to think we’re hot little sister.” Jackson pointed out.
















“Whatever.” I said. “Well, according to the nurses they think your family gene pool is amazing.” Doctor Chance pointed out. “And that means?” I trailed off. Justin laughed. “You’re a good looking family.” He answered. “Guys think you are hot and girls think they’re hot.” He shrugged. “I wouldn’t know if guys think I’m hot, they never get that far into telling me that.” I glared at me brothers and they laughed. “Well, except me of course. “Justin smirked. “Yeah, except you.“ I smiled. As the guys walked and I was wheel down a huge hallway we came into a room that looked like a gym. “A gym? Seriously I’m tired just looking at it.” I whined. Doctor Chance helped me from the wheelchair. “You have to build your stamina and muscle mass back up kiddo. It‘s all about your rehabilitation.” He said and I nodded. An older man was in the gym like room, he had a white uniform on and a name tag. Clearly he worked here. “I’m Darren, your physical therapist.” He extended his hand and I shook it. “I’m Kyah, your rag doll for the next few days.” I beamed. He laughed. "Sorry, her meds kind of have her being extra sarcastic lately.” Jackson butted in. “Me sarcastic? Highly doubtful dear brother.” I smiled. I turned back to Darren who held his hands out to me. My brothers and Justin said across the gym watching me.

















Doctor Chance observed me. It was a little awkward with them staring. “How long has she be bed rested?” Darren asked Doctor Chance. “Coma for sixteen days, no movement what so ever during that time period only a few limb excersise from the nurses. She had a hiccup over the weekend, actually died for a about three minutes and had to be resuscitated.” Doctor Chance explained. “I see, easing you in it is then.” Darren smiled. “Good, I don’t want to be so tired I die. Been there, done that, it’s not that much fun.” I grinned. Darren smiled at my humor but my brothers didn’t. "Stop talking like that.” Harley said and I sighed but nodded. Hearing I actually died is hard for them even if it was for less than three minutes. It’s kind of weird though I actually died and was brought back to life. I didn’t see any light or anything nothing I can’t even remember it. Everything was just black. “Okay, Kyah.” Darren said as he help me to two rails with a path in the middle of them. “Grip onto them and walk down the leant of the way and back.” He said and I nodded. It was a little hard because I had to put weight on my legs but I held myself up with my hands on the rail and completed what I was asked to do. “How do you feel?” He asked. “Honestly, I feel fine. Not sore or anything just a little weird.” I said and he nodded. Through out the hour a lifted little weights, did stretches by God I did so many stretches. Darren even had me doing sit ups.
“Come on five more.” He encouraged me. “I can’t my body is burning… literally. Dude, lay off me.” I whined as I lay on the mat.


















Doctor Chance laughed. “Five more then you can go to bed.” He negotiated. I caught his gaze. “Two more?” I suggested. I heard Justin and my brothers laugh at my attempts to get out of doing five more sit ups. “Shut up.” I hissed at them. “Four more.” Doctor Chance grinned. “Three?” I pressed my luck and shook his head and I sighed. “Fine, four.” I frowned and painfully did the four of them. I received claps for my efforts but I simply groaned while lying on the mat. “That was horrible. You said you here easing me in. You lied.” I pointed at Darren. He cracked up. “That was easing you in. Your able for more than that, you will see what I mean tomorrow.” He grinned. I must have looked like a dear in the head lights because they all laughed at me. “I don’t find that amusing at all.” I grumbled. “You did great today, a real trooper.” Darren help me up from the floor. “I actually feel like singing the eye of the tiger like in the film Rocky when he ran up to the top of the stairs.” I randomly said and Darren burst out laughing.“I like you kiddo, great sense of humor.” Tony beamed. “Try being around her during an episode. She gets a bit murderous.” Harley randomly said and I shrugged while Jackson and Justin glared at him. I think he is referring to the time I threatened to slit Justin’s throat. It wasn’t my fault blame the bipolar. “That’s why I take my meds so I have no more episodes, but they don’t stop my normal reactions to when you annoy me Harley. I may be bipolar but I’m still a teenage girl with devil hormones when pissed off, no medication can stop those bad boys.” I stated. Harley laughed. “You can still freak out, point made.” He grinned. We said bye to Darren and I was wheeled back to my room. “How was Physiotherapy?” Anna asked.
















She came to my room when I got back and took over getting me settled into bed while the boys sat down. I caught Harley starring at her behind when she was leaned over me fixing my blankets. i began mumbled to myself. “Are you praying?” Jackson asked when Anna left. “Yeah.” I said. “About what?” He asked. “I’m asking God why do I have perverts for brothers.” I stated they laughed. I swear all they freaking do is laugh at me. “I’m serious.” I grunted. “Who is a pervert? Which one of us did something you disapproved of?” Jackson asked.
“Well, not you because Baila would freak if you did. As usual it falls on the dog in heat.” I looked to Harley. Justin and Jackson cracked up and I rolled my eyes.


















“What did I do this time?” He asked. “I seen you check Anna out, you know she has a crush on you as well. I like her so if you hook up with her and never call her again I am going to be so pissed, I’ll take your bracelet off and never talk to you again.” I warned. His face changed a little. “Are you saying she off limits to me little sister?” He smirked.



















“Jesus, if you tell him that he will only want her more.” Jackson grumbled. I made a disgusted face and shook my head. “I’m saying she’s to good to be bagged and tossed aside. She’s my assigned nurse and has being taking care of since I’ve being in here, even when I was in the coma. She did everything for me, literally. She’s a nice person, Harley.” I said and he sighed. “Okay fine, I hear what you’re saying she not a banger. I get it.” he shrugged. “She is hot though.” He said and Justin and Jackson nodded in agreement.


















My face flared up and I clinched my fists together. I gaped at them. “You did not just agree with him saying she is hot.” I snapped at Justin. “I’m sitting right here you douche bag.” I pushed him away from my side. “What? I uh..” He mumbled. My brothers looked a little awkward but didn’t say anything. “You uh..” I mocked him then shook my head, “asshole.” I muttered. “Don’t be harsh Kyah.” Jackson said. “You mind your own business you dickhead, Baila will like to know you agree with Harley as well.” I said through gritted teeth. I grabbed my pillow and flung it at him as hard as I could.
















God they pissed me off so much, fucking douche bags. “Get Doctor Chance.” Justin murmured. Harley leaned to the bed side and pressed a button that alerts the nurses station. Anna appeared at the doorway within a few seconds. “Kyah sweetie, look at me. Nice big breathe.” She said coming to my side. I glared at her, it was her fault I shouted at my brothers. Her fault they thought she was hot.

















Her fault. “Fuck you.” I said and swung my arm hitting her dead on in the face. She yelped and stumbled back but Harley caught he before she fell. Damn. Justin held me on the bed by my shoulders when I tried to get up. “I hate you, I don’t want to be with you any more. Get off me.” I screamed and trashed in the bed. I heard Jackson’s voice say something to me but I ignored it.
More nurses entered my room when Jackson shouted, Doctor Chance was among them. He didn’t say anything instead he grabbed my right arm when I had a tube sitting out for my drip bags. He stuck a needle into the tube and put down on the needle sending liquid from the syringe into my veins. I tensed for a moments not because it hurt but because I felt dizzy. I remembered myself going limp then everything went black.

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