College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


41. Deal's Off

-Kyah's Pov-





“Where are you headed to Miss?” The cab driver asked me politely.


I smiled widely. “Um, Jed’s?” I murmured a tad bit unsure if a cab driver would know about a private under ground brawl club.


He apparently did because he nodded and took of driving.


“I’ve dropped a couple of people off there tonight,” He paused to yawn. “Some big tournament going down one of the guys mentioned.” The cab driver said as we drove.


I nodded. “Yeah, its something like that.”


“You don’t seem like the type of girl who would be into brawling.” He randomly said.


I chuckled. “I’m not but my brother and boyfriend are fighting in the tournament, so it’s more for support that I’m going,” I explained.


“Oh, right,” The cab driver nodded. “That’s understandable.”


We arrived to the club parking lot ten minutes later and there was actually a queue outside Jed’s. I could see the bouncers going to through as quick as they could before it drew attention. I paid the cab driver, grabbed my crutches and got out of the cab.


“No more entries ladies and gents, we’re at full capacity,” Roman - the main bouncer - announced to all the people who where outside.


Justin told me his name awhile back and thankfully I never forgot it.


The people outside all argued but most of them muttered about going to a different club and ventured off. “Hey,” I smiled when I got to the door.


I was a little breathless from hopping from the cab to the main door but I did my best to breath lightly.


“You can’t come in on crutches and dressed so casually miss,” A young bouncer said to me and looked me up and down. “Beside we’re at full capacity.”


He didn’t know me. I’m guessing he was knew.


“Kyah?” Roman said when he seen me.


I smiled. “Hi,” I paused. “I know it’s dangerous because I’m on crutches Roman but I have to be in there to watch Justin and Harley fight,” I said and chewed on my lip hoping he would take pity on me.


He rubbed his temples while the younger bouncer raised his brow. “Edwards and Bieber you mean?“ He asked me and I nodded. “Harley is my brother and Justin is my boyfriend.” I said then turned back to Roman.


“I just want to hang back and watch the fights that’s it. I’m not here to dance,” I gestured to my leg and clothes. “Clearly.”


Roman snorted. “That had better be all. I’m not dealing with your brothers or Justin if you get hurt,” He said and I nodded frantically.


He gestured me in and I smiled. “Thanks Roman,” I said and I hopped past him.


The only upside of being practically broken is the pity people give you and the things they do for you. It’s a lazy person heaven.


As I hopped into the entrance way I heard the people who weren’t allowed inside the club argue with Roman and the younger bouncer but I ignored the shouting and continued hopping inside.




Stage two of my mission - Get into Jed’s undetected (Complete)








Stage three of my mission - Hang back and watch the fights undetected (In progress)




I came to the door that led to the underground club and I sighed. My damn screwed up leg was already making things hard for me. I opened the door and dropped my crutches to the ground below. I turned myself around and slowly very slowly made my way down the ladder on one leg. If this ladder was a person, I’m sure as hell I would have being choking them to death that is how strong my hands gripped onto the steel.


I honestly think it took me five minutes to get down the ladder but I did eventually get down it.


“Wow,” I said very breathless and kind of sore.


Lord getting down that ladder was tough, I’m so dreading going to do my physiotherapy with Jamie. I know for a fact he will make me exercise constantly.. I’m getting tired just thinking of it.


I shook my head clear of my thoughts and opened the door to Jed’s. I groaned when I seen how full it was. The new bouncer wasn’t kidding about the place being full, it was damn packed.


I looked around and noticed no one was at my brothers usual table and majority of the other people in the club where over towards the cage and I felt the sick feeling in my stomach knowing the tournament was starting soon.


“Ladies, gents, hoes and tools welcome to the first brawl cage tournament in Jed’s.” Mark’s voice boomed through out the club causing everyone to cheer very loudly.


I swear to God one of these days I’m going to be next to him when he offendsfemales by calling them hoes and I’m going to smack him so damn hard his grandchildren will feel it.


I grinned at my thought then moved closer to the crowd as they cheered but I made sure to stay close to the walls of the club. I felt like my mission suddenly turned into full on stealth and I had to do everything to avoid been spotted, I was doing a good job so far.


James Bond, eat your heart out.


“The rules of the tournament are that there are no rules,” Mark said and got another cheer. “Unless it involves beating your opponent until he has no breath left in his body. That would be murder and we don’t do police here in Jed’s so as long as you leave the cage breathing, I’ll be happy,” He added.


“Omigod,” I muttered.


Did Mark really have to mention the word murder? The thought of Justin or Harley getting seriously hurt actually makes me sick.


However in a way it’s good Mark mentioned the no murder rule, Harley and Justin probably would have killed Jeff if that rule wasn’t mentioned and honestly I don’t want to visit them in jail for the next twenty five or so years.


I doubt either of them would survive jail, sure they are badass guys and can take care of themselves but they are also good looking guys.


The gays inside will for sure try and make them their bitches.


I randomly burst out laughing at my thought but stopped when I reviewed odd looks from the few people near me.


“First up Harding and Turner,” Mark yelled. “Bets closed until the fight is over then will reopen for fight number two,” He added.


I froze in my spot when Jeff’s second name was mentioned. That motherfucker.


Loud music was played a Jeff and his opponent entered the cage. Mark was swamped with people making last minute bets. I took everyone’s distractions and hoisted myself up onto a counter - which was very hard to do - of the bar near the end of the club which wasn’t being used considering the lights where off.


The darkness would provide me with extra cover in case anyone looked my way but that wasn’t going to happen, everyone was too pumped for the fights.


I glanced around the crowd now that I had a better view and instantly spotted Justin, my brothers and the girls right in front of the cage.


They would have a perfect view of each fight from where they stood.


I rolled my eyes and shook my head slightly grinning. They really did look like badasses and everyone else thought so to by the wary looks they where giving them.


I knew Mark was speaking through his microphone but for once I didn’t pay attention to him or the cage. That is until the buzzer sounded and the loud smack noise of a fist connecting to skin got my full on attention. I turned my head back to the cage and seen Jeff was already on top of Turner - the dude he was fighting.


“C’mon Turner,” I yelled.


I wasn’t worried about anybody hearing me considering the entire club was yelling in unison drowning my voice out.


I turned from the crowd and focused back on the cage where Turner was back on his feet and socked Jeff and nice right hook into the jaw. I cheered and clapped my hands together.


I suddenly stopped and looked at my hands. I shook my head. Two months ago I would have for sure cried and freaked out watching a fight but now that I’m on my meds and watch it first hand with Justin and Harley, I’m finding this type of fighting kind of… okay now. Only because each of the guys in the fight are willing and for some reason enjoy beating the shit out of each other.


I still think a random bar fight or something would make me feel sick though.


“Ohhh, eye gouge,” Mark’s voice boomed interrupting my thoughts.


I looked back to the cage where Jeff was gouging at Turner’s eyes.


That dirty bastard.


Eye gouging is usually a big ass no no - foul - but since there are basically no rules tonight it’s fair game. I felt sick, Justin and Harley could have anything done to them tonight and it will being seen as a fair fight.


“Ugh,” I said and rubbed my now churning stomach.


I focused back on the fight and watched as Turner quickly tapped out. Jeff kicked him once more then released him from his hold and stood up with his arms raised arms in victory.


“Harding takes round one. Turner, you’re out bro,” Mark said as he handed out some winnings to people while others who lost began betting on the next fight.


“Two minute interval, guys. Edwards and Johnston, you’re up next,” Mark informed the crowd and fighters.


My sick feeling got worst but I pushed it aside. I watched as Harley rolled his neck in circles and shook out his arms and legs. Jackson, Dante and Justin where like smacking his arms getting him pumped.


I sort of chuckled. If I was preparing for a fight and people smacked me to get pumped I would probably tell them to stop hurting me and back off. Apparently guys are different, they liked pain in this case.


I looked away as Nurse Anna and Harley went very PDA.


I know everyone thinks my brothers are hot and that I shouldn’t be grossed out by them but seriously imagine your own brother tonguing his girlfriend. It makes you sick right? That’s exactly how I feel right now, it’s pretty nasty.


I turned back in time to see Harley kiss his phone screen and I grinned. Who may you ask is his screen saver? Your’s truly of course.


Anna is his wallpaper on his phone but each of my brothers have a picture of me as there screen saver for when there phone is in lock mode. I know some brothers aren’t like my brothers but we literally have a tight bond that not many people understand.




“Johnson, get your ass in the cage,” Mark voice shouting dragging me from my thoughts yet again.


I looked to the cage and seen Harley was already in the cage jumping up and down on the spot, preparing himself. The dude he was fighting - Johnson - got into the cage and they bro hugged which settled my churning stomach a little.


Hopefully in their heads normal rules would still apply.


As soon as the buzzer sounded Harley was in there like swim wear.


He landed a noise cracking punch into Johnson’s jaw then swung his leg out catching the dude behind the knees bringing him to the ground. Seconds later Harley was on top of Johnson punching him in the face and chest.


I looked away for a minute hating how brutal this damn fighting was but I looked back up when Mark laughed through the microphone. “Forty seven seconds into it and it’s a tap out. New record my man.” He said to Harley who stood up off Johnson.


I gaped at the caged.


Forty seven seconds.


Forty fucking seven seconds.


Are you shitting me? Okay, Harley was a pretty good brawler.


Anna and the girls where cheering as well as my brothers and Justin. They all hugged and clapped hands on his back when he exited the cage.


I badly wanted to hop my ass over and cuddle him to but that would compromise my mission and I just couldn’t do that.


“Fancy seeing you here, little one,” A husky voice said from my right.


I snapped my head around and swallowed feeling like I’ve just being totally busted. When I realised who it was of course fear took over. “What are you doing here?” I snapped.


The three men smirked at me and I raised my crutch in a threatening motion but it only made them laugh. “I’m here to collect my money, sweet pea.” Tony - boss man - informed me.


The three men intimidated me beyond belief but I couldn’t let them know that.


“Yeah, well, you’re going to get it,” I said in a mater of fact tone.


He smiled at me and winked. “I have no doubt about that my dear."


I shook my head and blew out a puff of air. “What happened to your leg?” He asked nudging towards my boot cast and crutches.


“Nothing,” I said quickly and turned a little trying to hind my injured limb.


He rubbed his chin as if he was in thought. “Sure you didn’t trip on a bench in campus and shatter you ankle?” He asked with a grin.


I glared at him. “You’ve being spying on me?” I asked feeling somewhat violated.


He shrugged. “Yes, I had you tailed to make sure you didn’t skip town on our deal. Your boyfriend is getting me my money but your sweet pea, you’re my insurance,” He said and leaned his elbow on the counter I was sitting on. “I didn’t even have to go get you when your brothers showed up here without you, you came right to me.” He said and tugged a loose piece of hair behind my ear.


He was going to come get me?


I resisted the urge to cringe because I didn’t want to anger him. Lord only knows what he would do.


I licked my lips nervously. “Well, I’m here so cut the hard man bullshit,” I stated sounding more annoyed than scared.


He raised his brow looking momentarily surprised but then he smiled. “I like you, sweet pea. If this deal falls through tonight I can think of a job you would be perfect for,” He then turned to his men. “I’m in need of a new sexcretary right?”


Oh, that is just outright gross.


I stared at him with a look that I‘m sure resembled a deer in headlights. “Dude, I’m nineteen,” I said making my age clear.


He shrugged. “I’m thirty six,” He paused then grinned at me. “What to know my sign as well?” He teased.


I set my jaw and ignored the bait and shook my head making him snort.


“You’re like seventeen years older than me man. Get a sexcretary that is in the same age bracket,” I spat and moved away from him a little.


He placed his hand on my lower back and pulled me to his side and stuck his face right in my neck. I felt teeth on my sick and I whimpered a little.


Yeah, I whimpered, so what. I’m damn scared right now plus it damn well hurt.


“I’ve banged plenty of eighteen year olds in this last month, you my sweet pea will be a stepping stone. You better hope your boy doesn’t fall through because I must say,” He took in a deep breath. “I would sure be happy to have you under me… or on top of me. I’m not fussy,” he snickered as did his men who were now on both sides of us as if they where protecting us.


I knew it was obviously more for Tony than myself.


I moved my head away from him. “He won’t fall through,” I gave him a wary look. “And if he or my brothers spots you this close to me, whether the goons,” I point to his men. “Are here or not they will kill you. That much I can promise you.” I said and looked him up and down in disgust.


He clamped his hand on my ass and squeezed. Hard.


“Definitely want this ass,” he looked at his men. “This mother fucker better lose, I want this one.” He said nodding towards me and his men chuckled.


I got the sudden urge to cry but willed myself not to give these bastards the satisfaction.


I looked over to my brothers and Justin who where oblivious that I was even there. I have faith in Justin’s fighting but I believe Tony when he says he will take me if Justin looses. For once I want Justin to win a fight more than I ever have in these past few months.


“Bieber and Jones. You’re up guys.” Mark’s voice sounded through the club.


I clasped my hands together. “Come on baby.” I whispered to myself, silently encouraging Justin along.


I seen the look on Justin face when he entered the cage. He had a look of determination on his face and it assured me he was going to win this fight.


When the buzzer sounded Justin didn’t wait a second longer he charged and speared Jones to the ground. Jones wrapped his legs around Justin and yanked him away and onto the ground. I gasped when Justin hit the ground hard but sighed when he jumped right back up.


Justin kicked and punched at the same time catching Jones of guard resulting in Justin landing a solid punch and kick which made Jones knee buckle. He fell backwards with the help of Justin who cat like jumped onto him.


I watched Justin punch this guy bloody until the dude lazily tapped out. “Bieber advances. Jones, you’re out man.” Adam voice said through out the club.


There where more cheers than boo’s and my voice was amongst the cheers. “Yes, baby,” I shouted.


Tony snorted beside me. “He has more fights to fight in, Kitten,” He said.


I turned and glared at him. “If you call me Kitten again I won’t answer you so stop it,” I said as calmly as I could.


Tony grinned. “I get it,” He looked over towards the cage. “Lover boy calls you Kitten.” He said and snorted to himself.


“I like how Sweet Pea sounds, that seems to suit you. That’s what I’ll call you,” He winked at me. “Sweet Pea.” He said again seeming happy with himself.


I scoffed. “You won’t be calling me anything because when Justin wins he will give you the money and you will be getting your stupid ass back to Vegas, where you belong.” I hissed out.


Tony caught my face in-between his hand and pulled my face down to his. He clinched my chin and I hissed in pain.


“I’ve let that smart mouth of your’s rant on since I’ve got here but my patience is wearing thin so cut the rudeness out or I’ll cut your tongue out. Got that sweet Pea?” He asked wickedly smiling then released my face with a shove.


I rubbed my chin and watched as Tony raised his brow at me expecting an answer to his question. I kept my mouth shut and simply nodded.


Tony smiled smugly, glad of his power. “Good girl,” He said and patted my thigh.


How the fuck did I get stuck in this situation?


Oh right, Jeff and his mother fucking sister. I’m going to beat the shit out of that girl if I ever see her again.


“This will have to go.,Tony said and twirled my pony tail around his finger.


I focused on what he was saying rather my thoughts.


I lifted my hands to my hair. “My hair?” I asked, fear laced in my voice.


He shook his head. “Just the colour,” He murmured still playing with my pony tail. “I think blonde will suit you more.” he said more to himself.


I just stared at him. He really thought I was going to going to Vegas with him, I have to set him straight.


“Tony, I’m not going to Vegas with you. I have a boyfriend and a life here,” I said firmly.


He grinned. “Not if Justin doesn’t get me my twenty grand by winning this tournament,” He said. “In that case I’m taken you instead. Your family won’t contact the police, they know you’re as good as dead if they do that. You will be with my until they come up with a good enough offer to get you back,” He smirked. “It will have to be really good for me to give you up.”


Dirty bastard.


I actually felt the vomit rise up my throat but I forced it back down. “I’m bi polar,” I blurted out.


I kind of hoped he wouldn’t want anything to do with me once he found out I have a mental illness but he instead smirked.


The creep actually smirked. “I’ll get you your meds and you will be fine, Sweet Pea," He assured me.


I started to feel a little panicked. No way in hell this guy was taken me to Vegas to be his sexcretary or whatever he wanted me to be.


No. fucking. Way.


Tony kept me by his side for the next couple of fights. At one stage he actually sent one of his men to discreetly place a couple of bets and he won himself a couple of hundred bucks easily on those fights.


He wouldn’t let me leave to even use the toilet so I came to terms that my mission was a complete and utter disaster.




Stage three of my mission - Hang back and watch the fights undetected (Failed)




I sighed and contemplated on whether I should call out to Justin or not but I didn’t have to because out of all people to spot me in the darkened corner it was the person with a huge mouth.




He gave me a why-are-you-over-there look and I nodded towards Tony who was talking in hushed whispers to his men. Mark didn’t look at the men though he was now busy again with taken bets so he winked me a wink and smile and went back to his table.


I sighed out loud. Any other time he would rat on me hiding out to Justin and my brothers but when I actually need him to do it he flakes on me.


Typical, fucking typical.


Eventually the fights reached the semi final.


“The next fight will be interesting. Edwards and Bieber, bro’s, you’re up." Mark said and the club erupted in cheers.


I closed my eyes tightly.


What the fuck did they have to get each other in the fight?


“Well, this will be a good one,” Tony said and rubbed his hands together.


I shook my head wanting to say something rude but to be honest I was to afraid. I also knew if I bad mouthed him he would grabbed me in some way and I wanted to stop physical contact altogether.


I turned back to the cage and watched Justin and Harley hug and bump fists. I wanted to cry because I knew in order for Tony to get the money from Justin Harley had to loose this fight.


I hoped they discussed this but I know it will be hard for Harley to bow out because he wants his shot at Jeff.


When the buzzer sounded and squeezed my eyes shut then I snapped them opened when there where plenty of boo’s.


“He tapped out?” Tony laughed. “Clever,” He said looking smug.


He knew Harley bowed out Justin so Justin could advance to the next round. Harley was so tense when he left the cage not even Anna could relax him. She left him be which was best, he would either need a drink to calm him down or a punching bag.


“Bro, what the fuck?” Mark‘s voice was heard even as he held the microphone away from his mouth.


Jackson leaned up and said something to Adam that caused him to nod his head.


“Bieber advances to the Final. Harding and Lipsy you’re up next.” Mark shouted and the crowd cheered.


They seem to get over the fact Harley and Justin didn’t fight pretty quickly. They didn’t care as long as they seem some brawls, jerks.


They cheering of the crowd interrupted my thoughts. I watched and Jeff got into the cage with the dude named Lipsy. I really wanted Justin to get Jeff in the fall so he could kick his ass but I honestly couldn’t call it because Lipsy looked mean as hell and in his fights tonight he kicked ass.


Jeff however look just as determined and he proved it as the buzzer sounded he attacked Lipsy and slammed him head first into the cage.


“Oh,” Tony said while other people cringed and cheered.


Lipsy forehead was cut and oozed blood. It was disgusting and looked very painful but it didn’t seem to bother him because he wipe his head with the back of his hand and smiled at Jeff.


It was the creepiest thing I have ever seen.


He attacked Jeff and took him off his feet with a swipe of his leg. I heard Jeff screamed as I watched Lipsy pull at his arm until it was slightly twisted.


I covered my eyes when I realised he broke Jeff’s arm. I wanted him to get his ass kicked for the situation he got me stuck in but this was just too much.


“Yes,” Tony laughed and clapped his hands. “Saves you having to do that for him bailing on our deal.” He said to his men who grinned.


“I’m not complaining though,” he moved closer to me. “It led to our little arrangement,” he turned to look at me, “didn’t it, Sweet Pea?” He asked me.


I scowled at me. ”Sure.,” I muttered and he laughed.


Things in the cage turned even more dangerous. Jeff went crazy and even with a broken arm he bet the shit out of Lipsy which led to him eventually tapping out.


The crowd erupted into cheers and started chanting Bieber and Harding because Justin would be fighting Jeff in the final. Justin had the upper had because Jeff was injured and Justin was not. I guess people thought that as well because they all charged Mark to bet on Justin.


However Jeff called Mark aside and Adam shrugged. “Jeff is pretty busted up so he has chosen someone to take his place in the final.” Mark announced.


“What?” I heard Justin yell from across the club.


Mark shrugged. “No rules man,” he said.


“Who has he picked?” Justin asked furious.


Jeff smirked as Mark rubbed his neck. “His sister,” Mark said and everyone either gasped or laughed.


“What?” I shouted but no one heard me.


Justin punched the cage. “I hate that bitch but I can’t fucking fight her man. She’s a girl,” Justin said and it was heard through Mark’s microphone.


I watched as Lana entered the cage getting hollers and many whistles. I raised my brow, the bitch was dressed ready to fight.


She and Jeff had to of planned this for her to take his place in the final so the would win through forfeit if Justin wouldn’t fight.


Jeff breaking his arm worked in there favour.


“I need to talk to that bitch,” I said and got down from the counter and grabbed my crutches.


Tony and his men didn’t even try to stop me they looked to interested in the events near the cage. I got through the crowd without falling and came to the cage door way. “Lana,” I shouted. “What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted.


She smiled at me. ”Come in here. I can’t hear you,” She said.


I shook my head but got into the cage and heard the door slam behind me. I looked over and seen Jeff walking away from the doorway towards Adam smirking.


“Who volunteered to take Justin’s place?” I heard Mark say as Jeff shouted something to him. “Kyah?” He said shocked.


Oh, fuck.


“No, I just want to talk to her?” I shouted but no one could hear me.


“Kyah?” Justin and my brothers screamed and ran to the cage door but it was locked until the final ended.


I was royally fucked.


I looked to my family and for once I was honestly at loss for words. “What the fuck are you doing here? In fucking there?” Harley screamed at me.


“I just wanted to talk to her,” I said and nodded towards Lana who was now walking towards me.


I hopped back a little. “I would gladly fight you Lana but I’m not able to stand without my crutches let alone run at you,” I said.


She shrugged. “Maybe this will teach you about calling guys perverts,” She said referring to the last time I saw her I cursed Jeff out.


“He is a pervert.” I said and she clinched her fists together.


I mentally scowled myself, the last thing I want to do while she is stuck in here with me is make her angry.


“What is all this?” I gestured to the cage. “You wanted Justin to forfeit so you and Jeff could win the prize money and screw us over with Tony. Who by the way you got us stuck with in the first place,” I snapped.


She laughed. “Things did work out quite well didn’t they? Except for the forfeit but I get I could just kick your ass and win that way since you’re taken Justin place.” She said smugly.


“Don’t fucking touch her, Lana,” Justin shouted through the cage.


I shook my head. “Are you being serious? I’m on crutches!” I said to Lana whilst getting my balance again.


“I can see that,” She said as she quickly lifted her hand and punched me in the stomach.


I bent over wheezing, she widened me and it hurt so damn much. The crowd around us where cheering at a female brawl but my family on the other hands where going insane.


“Don’t stop it,” I coughed out to Harley who was nearest.


If they stopped this then we would lose and I would have to go with Tony.


Harley ran his hand through his hair. “Take out her legs,” He said to me.


I knew he was trying to help but I was just trying to concentrate on breathing. I straightened myself up just as Lana punched me directly in the face. I put weight on my injured leg - which hurt a lot - and screamed as I fell and hit the ground hard.


She didn’t hit like a regular girl. This bitch had a man’s punch.


I sat up a little and wiped my nose, I felt all the hot liquid leave my nose and I grimaced. I didn’t have to look at my hand and see the blood to know my nose was bleeding. It took a second for the pain to set in and when it did I covered my nose and whimpered a little.


“Fucking bitch,” I said mostly to myself.


“Culo. Fucking culo,” Rayne was screaming then saying how she was going to kick Lana’s ass when she got her hands on her.


Lana pulled me up from the ground by my arm. I didn’t have time to gave my crutches so of course I fell by over and screamed again from the pain in my leg. Lana laughed and full blown kicked me into the stomach. I bit my tongue my accident when she kicked me. I felt my mouth fell with blood so I spat it on the floor of the cage and it got a huge cheer from the crowd.




Dante was screaming murder and punched a guy who was shouting for Lana to kick my ass. People who where near my brothers and Justin made sure not o cheer for Lana which was a smart move unless you wanted them to beat you up.


“I told you I would get you back,” Jeff voices shouted from somewhere outside the cage.


I could hear the laughter in his voice and it made sick.


“You,” Justin screamed. “You did this!” He shouted.


There where screams outside the cage and it distracted Lana. I reached and grabbed my crutches and got to my feet. She was screaming stop to someone.


I looked beyond her and seen Justin was beating the shit out of Jeff with the help of Jackson and Harley. Dante was currently holding Rayne back from get a piece of him too.


I knew Lana was fuming and she was going to take it out on me. She was already kicking my ass so I had to think of something. That’s when it hit me that there weren’t any rules.


I looked a my crutches and grinned slightly.


“You’re dead,” She screamed and turned to me.


I quickly raised my crutch and smacked her right across the face with it. She tripped over her feet and stumbled into the cage door and hit her head. She fell to the ground and didn’t move.


I got a huge fright, I wanted her to back off but when she didn’t move I was afraid the hit in her head killed her. I hopped over and checked her pulse, I sighed in relieved when I felt a strong one.


She was just knocked out. “Deserves you right, you bitch,” I said then fell onto my butt.


There where cheers and boo’s from around the club and I honestly snorted. I forgot all about them being here. It’s like a different world inside this damn cage.


“Er, it’s look like Kyah will win by K.O,” Mark said through the microphone. “This is some fucked up shit,” He then muttered and I snorted in laughter again.


When the cage door got pretty much pried by my brothers and Justin, I pretty much sat on the ground until then carefully picked me up.


“She messed up your face good the fucking bitch,” Dante said and ripped of some of his shirt and dabbed my bloody nose.


I winced in pain. “How do you two do this?" I asked Harley and Justin on the verge of tears.


I was in so much pain right now it was unbelievable. “I got my ass kicked in here, did was not fun or enjoyable in anyway.!


Harley snorted, “You knocked her out little sister, give yourself some credit.”


I rolled my eyes. “She tripped over her own two feet and hit her head, I’m lucky if anything,” I exclaimed and nobody said anything further, which was a smart move because I wasn’t going to put up with it.


When we eventually got out of the cage everyone was either at the bars now or on the dance floor. Back to normal.


“Get the money for Tony,” I said and groaned at my sore tongue.


Justin raised a brow. “Tony is here?” He asked getting very defensive all of a sudden.


I nodded. I decided not to mention the crude things Tony said to me simply because I didn’t want any more fights. There had being enough of that for one night.


Harley face was a little battered from his fights as was Justin’s. I knew I had to of looked worse than both of them because in all honesty Lana did kick my ass. Jeff had to of thought her some moves because she moved like a fighter and not just and girl in a bitch fight.


I shook my head. I was just glad to be done with them, they both had caused us nothing but trouble since we met them.


Good riddance is all I’m saying.


“I’m going to the bathroom. Rayne got grab a first aid kit from the bar will you?” I asked and she nodded.


Harley and Justin helped me into the bathroom then to get the money for Tony and there things because they said we where going back home after they gave him the money and I had no argument.


I sighed as I looked in the mirror at myself. I looked down at the taps and turned on the water when suddenly something was put over my head cutting my vision to darkness. I screamed but felt a sharp pain in my head and made me woozy.


I heard music and felt myself being half dragged and half lifted somewhere. When I finally came too and focused my vision I shook my head and cried out in pain.


“Damn Lex, I think you hit the kid too hard,” A voice said.


My vision went from darkness to light in a second and I winced and squeezed my eyes shut. When my eyes adjusted I looked around and noticed I was in a car and not Jed’s.


“Where am I?” I asked groggily.


There was a snicker. “The deal was for Justin to win the fight Sweet Pea, not you. I’m closing in on our deal.” Tony’s wicked voice paused. “You’re coming with me.”






To be continued....








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