College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


37. Bad Timing

-Kyah's Pov-



“Want to play Just Dance before you go off to class?” Jazzy asked me as we sat on the couch in my living room.

I shrugged, “Sure.” I said and stood up.

Jazzy grabbed the controllers and gave me one and kept one for herself. “Now you better not vomit when we start moving.” I warned.

She smiled, “I just have the remaining headache from my God awful hangover not nausea, I promise.”

I grinned, “Good the Lord knows I can’t handle you throwing up any more.” I teased.

“Ha ha ha,” she said and rolled her eyes making me laugh.

Jazzy flipped through the songs and clicked on a song by Alexandra Burke called Start Without You.

“I’ve never heard this song,” I mused.

Jazzy nodded, “She’s a British artist, I found her on YouTube one day, she won the UK X-Factor. I like her, this song is good to.” She beamed.

The song started playing and It sounded like one of them hip shaking songs and it turns out I was right. “These are the dance moves for this song?” I gasped when the chorus came on and we had drop low and rotated our hips and butt as we did.

Jazzy laughed, “It's sexy right? Imagine doing this in Jed’s. I can picture Justin’s face as he caters us out of the place.” She cackled maing me laugh.

“Or my brothers-”

“What about your brothers?” Harley and Dante's voice said from behind us in unison.

Speak of the devils.

“Just that you wouldn’t like us dancing like this to this song in Jed’s,” I snickered as we had go low again.

“Jesus Christ. I don’t need to see that, Kyah!” Harley spat.

I laughed and shook my ass just to annoy him further.

“Kyah, cut that out!” Dante demanded.

I rolled my eyes with my back still to them. “I can’t. We’re playing a game, you know?” I said and pointed to the T.V where Jazzy and I where following the on screen dance.

“Yeah, well, Jazzy needs to cut it out as well.” Justin's cut butted in.

I smiled.

Of course he would be with them.

“Sorry, can’t.” Jazzy said.

“Dude, I had you on that drop,” I shouted as Jazzy hesitated on the next move.

She scoffed, “Yeah, well, you missed two hip trusts.” She pointed out and there was curse words and snarls from behind us.

“Who chose this song?” Harley asked, curiously.

“Jazzy,” Justin answered sounding annoyed. “She likes this singer.” 

Jazzy nodded while still dancing. “I play her music a lot, it pisses him and Jaxon off,” She whispered to me and I chuckled as the song ended.

“Dude, yes!” I said as the song changed and went into Party Rock Anthem. “Can you shuffle?” I asked Jazzy.

She nodded, I laughed and slapped her hand.

I heard my brothers and Justin chuckle from behind us but I ignored them. I can shuffle damn well and so can Jazzy. I think they where laughing because I was rapping the song as I danced.

“Kyah,” Rayne yelled from her bedroom, “we have class in like twenty minutes.”

I sighed and put my controller thing down, “I’m ready.” I shouted back and my brother winced.

“Do you need to yell all the time?” Harley asked me.

I turned to him, “Yes.” I shouted and Jazzy laughed as she continued to play Just Dance.

Harley shook his head, “I swear you act like your twelve rather than nineteen.” He said.

I grinned, “If I act more like my age I might Just lead Justin into my bedroom and-” “Finish that sentence and I’m punching Justin.” Harley warned.

Justin raised his eyebrows. “I didn’t even do anything though. I’m just sitting here.”

I snorted at him but kept my attention on Harley, “Don’t worry bro he’s cut off. That’s why he is so quiet.”

Harley smiled, “Your not having sex? This makes me happy.” He beamed said and guy hugged Dante who added, “Very fucking happy.”

“Well, I’m not happy, far from it,” Justin frowned and Harley laughed at him.

His face hardened then, “It's not funny man, my balls are the size of coconuts, I literally define the term blue balls.” He grumbled and the boys burst out laughing.

Jazzy stopped dancing and turned to face us. “That was the most disgusting thing I have ever heard you say. I can’t even look at you right now,” She said and stormed off down to my room.

Justin laughed, “Jazzy-” “Don’t talk to me, I’m serious I can’t speak or look at you for at least six hours that was too gross for any sister to hear.” She shouted then closed my bedroom room with a slam.

“I agree with her, if it was Harley, Dante or Jackson that said that I would probably make it twenty four hours.” I pointed out and all the guys rolled there eyes.

“So even though it sickens and pains me to know you have sex with my sister, but why did she cut you off?” I heard Harley ask as I walked into Rayne room.

“She was pissed that I asked Mark and the guys to watch the girls and her while they where out at Jed’s the other night. My dick is still hurting from when she kicked me yesterday but fucking hell, I need to bang her as soon as possible.” He said and I heard a loud smack.

“Fuck Dante!" Justin groaned, "I was expecting the punch from Harley not you!” 

I laughed.

“What happening out there?” Rayne asked as she tied her converse.

I shrugged, "Justin saying he wants to bang me and Dante punching him.”

Rayne chuckled, “The usual then?”

“Yep,” I said and we laughed.

She grabbed her bag and we headed back into the living room. Harley was on my Xbox playing COD. He did have class until later so I didn’t disturb him.

I looked to the Kitchen and seen Dante making a sandwich, Rayne wiggled under him and turned in his arms, he smiled down at her and kissed her while still making his sandwich which I found impressive.

Justin was on a kitchen stool so I climbed up onto his lap, straddled him and kissed his red jaw, “You okay?” I whispered.

He nodded, “Yup, barely hurts.”

I kissed him and very gently bit on his bottom lip.

“Don’t,” He growled against my mouth. “Don’t tease me.”

I discreetly rotated my hips, “I would never.” I smiled as his hands gripped onto my hips stopping my movements.

“Please have sex with me.”

I chuckled, “You know you begging is actually quite sexy.”

“Sexy enough for you to have sex with me?” He asked, his voice hopeful.

I rubbed my chin, “Hmm, I recall me saying you're cut off for a month.” I reminded him.

He growled, “Don’t do this to me, I will hurt someone Kyah. Sexual frustration isn’t good for a man.”

I rotated my hips again, “ But I like you when your dangerous.” I said seductively into his ear.

I was about to speak more when Harley walked past us. “I’m going to meet up with Anna for some breakfast,” He said and purposively glared at me for sitting the way I was on Justin.

I smiled at him and he shook his head as he left, Jazzy emerged next and covered her eyes so she didn’t look at Justin and he laughed at her.

“I’m meeting mom and Dad in town with Jaxon, he is downstairs waiting for me. Fifty bucks for scarring me with your vile words, don‘t speak to me just give me the money.” She order and held her hand out towards Justin with her eyes still covered.

Justin growled in annoyance and shook his head while he got out his wallet. I laughed at how whipped he was. He hand her sixty bucks instead of fifty which I smiled at.

“Thank you,” She said then turned and left the apartment.

“I love her, she is so funny and has you wrapped around her little finger,” I snickered to Justin.

He shrugged. “I usually don’t give in to her demands but I haven’t seen her in so long,” He paused, “wait a fucking minute, I gave her like over two hundred bucks for her birthday on Thursday!”

I grinned, “Which is why you’re so wrapped, she just got another sixty bucks out of you.”

“That little bitch,” He muttered.

I laughed, “Would you have her act differently?” I asked.

He didn’t even need to think and he shook his head. “Nope, I love her the way she is, sneakiness and all.”

“Dude, how are we getting to campus?” Rayne's voice asked me randomly.

I looked over Justin’s shoulder to her, “My car, duh.” I said like it should have being obvious.

She raised a brow, “Did you clean it yet?” She asked.

“Huh?” I mumbled, confused.

“Remember Jazzy puked in it on Friday.” She reminded me.

The images of Jazzy and my puked filled car hit me like a train.

I groaned and face palmed myself. I fucking knew I forgot to do something.

“Shit, I haven’t driven anywhere since Friday so I haven’t been down to my car. Damn it, I bet it smells so freaking bad.” I groaned and shook my head.

I paused and looked up to Justin and smiled.

He laughed, “No way, don’t even ask me Kitten.”

I frowned, “Please?” I pouted to add to my pleading face.

He smirked down at me and rubbed his chin. “I suppose I could clean it out.... if you have sex with me?”

I gasped and slapped his chest, “That’s blackmail!!”

Rayne burst out laughing and even Dante chuckled a little.

Justin shrugged and casually said, “Fine, enjoy cleaning out your puke filled car.”

I groaned. I really didn’t want to give in this early but I knew for a fact I would get sick if I got a smell of my car.

“Fine, we’ll have sex,” I bit out as Justin squeezed my butt.

“C’mon then,” He said.

I gaped at him. ”I have class in a few minutes.” I said.

He shrugged, “So you’ll miss this class and possibly your next one, you will get there... eventually.” He said while the corners of his lips quirked upwards.

Rayne tugged on Dante who went to hit Justin again. “We’ll go ahead, catch you later,” She chirped and coaxed Dante out of the apartment with the promise of giving him a blow-job later which I found disgusting because it worked and he left.

Justin smiled at me and rested his forehead to mine, “Now you can grind on me all you want.” He purred.

I rolled my eyes making him smirk. “You can’t want to have sex that badly it’s only being five days since we last did the deed.” I said.

“Felt like five years,” He replied.

“Oh c’mon Justin, don’t be so dramatic,” I laughed.

He stood up which startled me so I re-flexed and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

He smiled and walked into the living area, “Why not the bedroom?” I asked.

“Jazzy is sleeping there,” He replied.

I nodded in understanding it would be gross to have sex in the bed his sister is sleeping in and she would probably disown him as her brother if we did.

“I missed you so much those two nights I was away,” Justin whispered as he placed me lying on the chair.

He climbed on me and kissed up my neck, I tilted my head to the side giving me better access and I felt him smile as I did this.

“The fucking Lakers winning couldn’t even get you off my mind,” He growled onto my skin.

I shuddered and he smiled again, “Wow, you where thinking of me whilst watching sports. Huh, you must really love me.” I chuckled.

Justin pressed his forehead to mine. “I love you so much it that scares me,” he said softly.

I stopped laughing and looked into his eyes. Suddenly it wasn’t funny any more in fact I found it terribly romantic that he said that.

“Show me how much you love me, baby.” I whispered.

Justin groaned as he brought his lips to mine. He brought his hands up my arms and slowly pulled my cardigan from my body. He unbutton my jeans and slide them off. I sat up and tugged my tank top of leaving me in my bra and panties.

“You’re so beautiful,” He said whilst looking at me.

I smiled and tugged on his tee. He got the hint and pulled it over his head and threw it on the floor. My mouth watered at the sight of his stomach.

“You’re so damn sexy,” I murmured and he laughed.

He rid himself of the rest of his clothes and dove back onto me. “Condom?” I said before we went any further.

Justin held up his left hand show a condom packet. I smirked, he is always prepared I’ll give him that.

“It’s strawberry flavoured.” He whispered.

I groaned, I adored strawberries so this was the perfect favour for me.

“You like that?” He asked me.

I nodded and licked my lips, “I want to taste it.”

His eyes turned dark with desire and I smiled and I turned us over and sat on his thighs. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock and his hips jerked. His hands went to my hair and I swatted them away.

“Ah, ah, ah! Hands above your head, don’t move them while I do this.” I said devilishly.

Justin smirked. “Feeling a little kinky today, Kitten?”

I shrugged, grinning devilshly. “I can get a bit sadist if you want me to?”

He lick his lips and shook his head making me smile, he then nodded once for me to proceed. I leaned back over him and ran my tongue along his shaft causing it to harden more. The slit of his cock leaked pre cum so I lightly lick it off.

Justin groaned out and I seen the muscles in his arms contract. He was stiffening himself so he didn’t move his hands down to my head. I smiled at him and he growled, “Tease.”

I winked at him then took out the condom and unrolled it onto him with my mouth making him say my name in a grunt. “Christ,” He shouted then bit down on his lip.

I took him full in my mouth and his hips jerked again. I used my hand to work up and down while my mouth also worked him. I used my tongue to give much attention to the tip of his cock and to the sides, teasing him while I was blowing him. From the sounds of his moans he loved it.

“Fuck, damn it!” He shouted just as I felt his hands bury into my hair and he guided me at the speed he wanted.

I let it slide that he moved his hands from above his head mainly because the sound of his moans where starting to drive me crazy with need.

I one last suck I let his cock slip from my mouth and he let out a little whimper of protest that made me smile.

“Jesus, Kyah, when did you get so good with your mouth?” He asked, breathlessly.

I smiled and shrugged, “I learn something knew every time I use it on you.” I said and crawled up his body until my face was inches from his.

“Well, keep it up baby because that was fucking awesome but right now I need to be inside you.” He growled and flipped us over so he was on top.

I squealed and he silenced me with a hard kiss. He wiggled his way between my thighs. I gasped when I felt his fingers brushed off my inner thighs. He rubbed over me through my panties and I bit my lip. He teased me for a few moments before slipping his hands inside my panties finding my clit swollen and ready. He used his thumb to press on it and rotate it around in a circular motion.

“Ah,“ I moan and put my hips down on his hand.

He got my bottom lip in between his teeth. He bit me softly then released me from his mouth. “Do you want me to go slowly?” he asked lightly.

He was still rubbing my clit picking up the pace and I shook my head. “No,” I moaned.

He grunted in approval. “Good, because I don’t think I could go slow if I wanted to,“ He paused and licked my lips. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t sit right for a week!” He growled and I cried out as he words and rubbing of his fingers brought on an unexpected orgasm.

“That’s my girl, my Kitten,” he whispered in my ear and he took hold of my panties and slid them down my legs.

Justin then used his cock to dip in and out of my opening, teasing me beyond believe. I grabbed a fist full of his hair in my hand and pull his face down to mine. “Stop teasing me and fuck me.” I snarled.

He didn’t need further telling myself with one quick thrust he was inside me, balls deep.

“Justin!” I moaned and he grunted again and began moving.

He kissed my neck. “God, I missed fucking you so much.” He said onto my skin.

It really has only being five days since we last had sex, I would hate to see him going longer without sex if this is how hard he fucks after five days.

Justin grabbed my hips and slammed into me pulling me from my thoughts and making me scream. “Stop thinking and feel me,” he said and kissed me.

I did just that and wrapped my arms around his back. “Ah,” I continued to scream with each powerful thrust.

I cannot describe the feeling of how good he was making me feel, when I say he was literally drilling into me, I mean he really was and it felt amazing. I was beginning to believe I wouldn’t sit correctly without being sore after this because the power he was using on me was amazing and it at the moment I didn’t give a fuck because I was in ecstasy.

“Yes, yes don’t stop.” I cried and a fire began to stir in my stomach.

Justin pressed his forehead to mine. “Say my name.” He growled as he slowed his pace.

“Justin,” I cried out in protest of his slowing down.

He answered me with a growl and I hard thrust and he got right back up to the pace he was going at before.

“Yes,” I screamed my orgasm washed over me.

I felt my inner muscles clamp around Justin and he moaned out in delight at the sensation my orgasm was giving him.

“You look so sexy when you come.” He said and kissed me.

I honestly felt a little light-headed but that quickly left with another hard thrust from Justin. I looked up at him and found his eyes. “I love you, I love you so much.”

I covered his mouth with mine and I wrapped my arms around him. ”I love you too, baby.” He said against my lips. “So” Thrust “Fucking” Thrust “Much”.

“You're mine.” He growled.

He racked his hands through mine. “Only mine,” he grunted, “say it.”

“I’m yours,” I cried out. “Only yours, forever!” I said and he left out a little whimper that sounded like a cry.

I looked to him and seen his eyes where glazed slightly. Before I could say anything he moaned and his body twitched as he came. When he emptied into the condom he fell forward on me, I didn’t realise my nails had being dug into his back but they where and he winced as I withdrew them from his skin.

“I’m sorry.” I said and kissed his forward.

I felt terrible that my nails actually hurt him and had him on the verge of tears.

He shook his head, “I barely felt it.” He said.

I scrunched my face up in confusing. “Why are you upset then, babe?” I asked getting upset because he was upset.

He chuckled a little and wiped the sweat from his face and rubbed his eyes getting rid of the brim of tears. “I’m not upset.” He said and pushed himself up so he was looking at me.

“When you said you where mine forever it was like a jolt shooting through my heart. I’m not kidding when I say I love you so much it hurts, but a good kind of hurt.” He explained.

I let out a little snort like sound and covered my face. That was the noise I made when I was trying not to cry and Justin knew this. “Baby, I’m sorry, I.. shit, please don’t cry.” He frowned.

I leaned up and kissed him. “I’m just so happy with you, you’re so sweet and just perfect,” I sniffled.

He narrowed his eyes at me then, “I’m not sweet.”

I laughed and shook my head at him. “Yes, you are. You’re a big bear and I love you for it. I love when you’re extra sweet when we make love. I see a side of you that no one will ever seen because like I said I’m yours forever and you’re mine.” I smiled.

He matched my smile and covered my mouth with his, we literally lay like that for over thirty minutes just being comfortable with each other.

It’s moment like this that make me forget about being bipolar, taken stupid meds, my classes, Harley brawling/ Justin brawling. It’s moment’s like this that make me feel like we're are the only two people in the world.

This is a good moment.

“Kyah, check out the new shoes I got.” Jazzy yelled from the hallway followed by Jeremy and Jaxon talking to Pattie.

“Fuck.” Justin said jumped up off me, naked as the day he was born

I looked at us both, beyond mortified that we were butt naked except for me having my bra on which Justin's family was about to completely see.


Fuck, good moment over!




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