Hell House

The Clark family have just moving into this gorgeous old fashioned house. There is an amazing front lawn with wild flowers growing up and blooming in small bunches. But everything is not all as it seems. The appearance cheats your mind. Making you, Forcing you to live here. The house chooses its owner, its next victim. Its not the house though. Its the occupants that decide whether or not the new owners are worthy of owning such a 'grand' home.


1. The Garden

There it is. The house. A perfectly mowed lawn which indicates there are some very caring neighbors around considering no-body has lived here for the past 15 years. The hedges are trimmed all at an even length, gorgeous,  wild, flowers all in bloom. The Roses are at the entrance of the garden, one rosebush on either side, both in a fancy white vase in pristine condition. Not even a chip or a dent on it, all of it is perfectly how it should be, nothings out of place, all the detailed patterns are all in the same place, equal to eachother. 

As you step past the old rusted gate into the garden you feel the need to take a deep breath. So you do, and smell all of the flowers personal scents. You feel refreshed, you feel young. You look around, slowly, letting your eyes absorb every little detail from young ladybugs to the large oak trees at the bottom of the garden. A bird glides gently past you and lands carefully on the old oak trees thin branch, next to a nest full of young chicks waiting to be fed. The bird gives the chicks a large worm, enough for them all to have a fair amount. You tread carefully through the trees dead autumn leaves toward the tree with the chicks and notice a small caterpillar slowly making its way up the tree toward the nest. And you know its fate will be death so you gently pick it up and put it in the ivy which is climbing up your, hopefully, new home.

That's when you notice it, a glamorous, sparkling pond at the end of the garden. There are frogs diving into the pond with so much elegance and confidence you would think they were trained. And sheepishly coming out of the long green weeds you see a family of ducks all in a row, ready to take the ducklings for their first swimming lesson. You stay silent, eagerly watching them, not wanting to spook them or disturb their silence. You look up to see the young chicks that were previously in their cosy nest being taught how to fly, which for you is one of the sweetest things you could ever witness with your own eyes. Then you hear a faint quack as you notice one of the ducklings have tried coming towards you and are beginning to drown because their small legs aren't quite strong enough to swim the far, so obviously you quickly dip your warm, clean hand into the cold pond and support the duckling back to its family. You then spot the clever little frogs jumping into the pond to hop out and dive back in again still. You now decide its time to go and explore the house and resort back to the garden later.

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