Hell House

The Clark family have just moving into this gorgeous old fashioned house. There is an amazing front lawn with wild flowers growing up and blooming in small bunches. But everything is not all as it seems. The appearance cheats your mind. Making you, Forcing you to live here. The house chooses its owner, its next victim. Its not the house though. Its the occupants that decide whether or not the new owners are worthy of owning such a 'grand' home.


2. Downstairs

You slowly follow your boyfriend Ryan into the old house. The floorboards creak, doors slam behind you. You can only just see, you drag your hand along the wall searching for a light switch but Ryan has already turned the lights on for you. You take a step back and gasp in horror as you see blood stains splattered up the wall and a gun on the floor facing the blood. You hear floorboards above you creaking and footsteps slowly, Ryan rushes towards you to cover your mouth to mute the scream that is quickly edging its way up your throat.

Ryan leads you out of the house slowly, he turns you away from the house but the staircase never leaves his sight, just in case. When you exit the house you begin to sob, you fall on your knees on the dirt road, you cover your face, pale from fright, with your shaking hands. Ryan sits beside you and pulls you close to him and gently caresses you to try to calm you down. But you are shaking, and you don't know how your feeling. You have shivers slivering up your spine every minute that your sat on the floor. You feel scared, terrified even! Ryan's acting tough but inside he's in a state of shock, but he can cover that up for you, he has to act confident so that you aren't as scared.

He eventually lets go of you and pulls your hands away from your face so he can wipe away the tears from your eyes. Ryan helps you get up and turns you toward the house. That's when your memory comes flooding back to you, you've been here before, as a kid maybe. Then there is a ear piercing scream from the house. It sounds like a woman's scream, then you remember about the house guide who entered the house first. Beginning to panic, you decide you must face anything life throws at you, even death. You turn around only for you to see the house guide stood behind you looking extremely worried.

Ryan looks at you, confused on why you were so panicked, why you were so terrified, most of all why the love of his life was crying. He slowly takes you back towards the house, step by step. You are still shaking.

The light is still on and you look back to where you saw the gun and its gone. The blood stains have gone now there's a nice, clean, cream wall, slightly cracked but repairable. There are no floorboards creaking anymore, no doors slamming. You look to the left into the living room and you can only see furniture covered in a dusty white bed sheet. Gorgeous lilac walls surround the old furniture. Laminate wooden flooring which has been carefully looked after by the previous owners. You look to your right into the dining room to again see laminate wooden flooring and furniture covered in the dusty white bed sheets. But instead of lilac walls you see glamorous lime green walls surrounding this well kept room.

You then catch something moving in the corner of your eye, you move your head sharply to see a pale, almost see through woman figure. But she looks so real, she's sat on the sofa even though the sheets on it. You eagerly watch her, you pay attention to her every move. She stands up with her back to you so you take a step forward and lean forward slightly. Without making a sound you take one more small step forward and squint you eyes trying to focus on her better. 

Swiftly she gets up and turns to face to wall then turns her head sharply toward you, which makes you jump slightly. You stop leaning and stop squinting. Her face looks extremely pale. You don't let her leave your sight even though you feel kinda rude for staring. She is still looking at you and she gives you an evil grin and tilts her head down ever so slightly. Not letting you out of her sight. She moves er pointing finger in a slow curling motion as if to summon you towards her. She begins to walk straight with her head still turned toward you. She still makes a motion as if to summon you with her finger and she simply walks through the doorway on another wall in the living room into a corridor which you have yet to explore.

You run into the room and look through the doorway nothing there. You then charge toward the doorway and look both ways and again, nothing there you take a step back and gasp. Suddenly you remember she was sat on the sofa so you quickly turn your head to the sofa a do a speed walk toward it. There is no signs of anyone being there. That's when more memories flood back to you from your childhood.

You remember going to see a woman who discussed something to you about having a third eye. It wasn't literally a third eye on the top of your head but one that was invisible to everybody, including you!  Then you remember her saying ' I'm sorry, it's for your own health as well as others! We must close your third eye!' She was some kind of psychic medium. And she closed it. But now its open again. You can see things that others can't. You see memories of the dead. You see the dead...


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