Two is better than one

Two girls, four guys, one problem


3. Do they like me?

*jenna's POV*

i didn't think it was a big deal that she saw my friends at nandos but I guess she thought that. I walked up to Ella "so are you going to introduce me I zayn and Wesley?" I said smiling "yeah come on" she said as she dragged me to them and I froze "hey Ella, who is this beautiful lady?" Wesley said as I began to blush "this is Jenna" she said with a smile and I waved at him and zayn "hey zayn and Wesley" I said as nervous as I could be I was shaking "you ok love?" Wesley said when he looked into my eyes, I saw zayn glare at him what was up with him did he like me or something "I'm fine" I say my voice still shaking.


*zayns POV*

i was glaring at Wesley he knows I like her allot but I never new her name, it was Jenna what a lovely name I couldn't help but stare at her as she stood there in front of me "ok but we have to go by guys" Ella said and dragged Jenna away I waved bye to her and smiled then looked back at Wesley "what were you doing man? You know I like her" I say still glaring at him "I just might like her" he said and my mouth dropped how could he like her too.. 

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