This is rated yellow because it might be creepy to some people. There is nothing in here that is inappropriate though.

"Red." The word falls from my lips into the darkness surrounding me. "Blue." I utter the words as if they are gold, as if they carry out a command to end the world. But they are meaningless words. They are simple syllables that don't exist. At least that's what my mind keeps telling me. The messages I get say otherwise.


Emily lives in a world where nearly all of the world is chipped. That means that a computer chip is implanted in their brain. It provides them easy access to social media and it tracks them, ‘for safety.’ But Emily begins to get messages from someone outside of the government. The messages contain words and syllables that don’t exist. But Emily is intrigued by them. She finds out about Activation and soldiers. She also begins to fall in love.

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2. Two

Chapter 2

Even though I hate the ocean I can’t help but wonder about it. My thoughts often drift to the tales of pirates and explorers spending weeks out on the ocean. With no land in sight, they get sick and encounter storms where many die. More than 100,000 lives have been lost at sea. Those people went out to sea looking for something: new land, new people, and money. They all hoped for something, something that could bring them happiness. I can’t believe they had to use ships though. They used ships that could fail at any moment. We have better technology.

"Emily!" I blink open my eyes and think about the dream I just had. I remember that there were many pirates, pirates with one eye and a hook for an arm. They were helping us pick up trash. They were kind, not ruthless and cruel. I expected different. "Emily!" My mom’s impatient voice drifts up to my room.

"I’m up." I push off my covers and lay in bed for two seconds longer. Staring at the ceiling, I coax myself to sit and then finally stand. My bare feet brush the carpet as I walk to my dresser and grab a t-shirt and shorts. Dressing quickly, I turn on my chip network. With a quick thought, it turns on and begins to play the history of the chip.

"Humans have grown, from animals, to civilized people. With our growth, we’ve become inventors and we have brought technology to a new era. In 2043, every human from Asia to the the Americas was chipped. Apple-Tre, the company that invented the chip, is working to get Australia chipped too. When a subject is ‘chipped,’ they have a computer chip implanted in their brain to give them easy access to the chip network, a place where you can message friends with a single thought, and they can be tracked so that no child is ever lost or hurt without help. The chip tracks your health. The chip is for the better of the economy. Now, no one stands out by the color of their hair or skin. We are represented as one."

I pull up my writing notebook and scrawl a quick thought.

I can't forget it. Without it I feel like I'm searching for something. My hand grasps out for it. My legs race to find it. It's just beyond the edge of my vision. I know it's there but I can't find it. Color.

It seems right to end my paragraph with a meaningless word. It basically sums up the feeling I have. I blink twice at the progected screen in my mind's eye and the writing piece is saved. I can feel it at the edge of my chip. Quickly, I put a passcode on it. No one can infiltrate our chips becaue they are in our brains, but just in case of a glitch, I want to be safe.

With five blinks I pull up my chip network and look at my recent messages. Zaria, my best friend, has sent me and 10 other people a pic of her. A short note is sent along with it.

This is me.

Of course I already know what she looks like. I know Zaria outside of the Chip Network. I stare at Zaria's pic. Her dark brown hair is straight and long. She is wearing a purple-her favorite color-shirt and jeans. Always a bit girly-girl, she is also wearing make up. I quickly send her a message.


Her reply is quick and simple.

Post one of you.

I feel a bit nervous but I arrange my hair and snap a picture with my chip's camera. It doesn't actually take a picture. But since the chip is inside of you. IT knows how you look at the moment. Sneding the message to the same people Zaria did, I bit my lip. I wonder what they with think of me. With blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm not really a stand out in the crowd. My hair is curly and a bit longer than my shoulders. I like to wear sporty clothes. Today is one of the rare days that I am not wearing a ponytail.

I get a few responses. All are possitive. Smiling, I private message Zaria.


What’s up, girl?

Nothing. Just being my athletic self.

UGH. I can imagine her wrinkling her nose and sighing. I am always competitive at school, trying to win Virtual Ball and beat the everyone. Zaria, my curly haired, major girly-girl best friend would rather stand off to the side and cheer me on than play.

Okay fine, we better get to school. See ya in five minutes by your house? I wait for her response before I bolt downstairs.

Sounds good. But I think you are only doing this to get to the early game of VB. I think about replying but decide to just hurry to her place. I run downstairs and grab a muffin. Since all of our school resources are already programmed into our chip, I don’t need anything. I grab my MagBoard and hurry down towards Zaria’s house. The MagBoard hovers a few inches from the ground, responding to it’s track located under the road. I jump on and smile as the wind accelerates past me. I love this.

My neighborhood doesn't have many kids in it, so there is no one around until I reach Zaria's house. She is waiting out on her front porch, staring into space.

"Boo!" I shout. I don't even have to sneak up on her because I know that she is playing a game on her chip. She isn't paying attention to her surroundings.

"Really Emily?!" She jumps out of her seat and pushes me. I fall off my magboard but I am laughing.

"What were you playing?" I ask.

"I wasn't playing a game." She brushes her hair behind her ears and suddenly looks very shy. Zaria, SHY?

"Okay." I say stretching the word out. "So what were you doing?"

"Homework." She is lying. I can't believe she won't tell me.

"You're keeping a secret from me?" She glances at me. I can't tell from her face if she is upset or anything.

"Ok, fine, I was chatting with Chase."  Chase is a boy online who Zaria found through friend sync. I never thought they would be very good friends. Zaria suddenly looks uncomfortable. She runs forward calling over her shoulder, "Race you!"

I jump on my magboard and lean forward accelerating towards the school while mixed feelings tumble inside of me. Zaria has never kept a secret from me before

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