I love my bad boy Harry styles story not famous

Caroline jones just moved to england with her mom starting a new school a new life. What happens when she finds out that her roomate is the school bad boy would she fall I'm love wiht him or will he fall for her. Their many ups and down in carolines life read and find out WARNING DIRTY CONTENT HERE.


1. new school.

Waaaaw I yawn. I got up and opened my curtains it was shiny kinda cloudy. Today it my first day of college I was going to spend 4 years in there boi sure I was going to miss my room. I walked towards my bathroom and saw a note on my door. " hey honey wish you the best in your school I went to work early I'm going to miss you there's eggs in the microwave- love you mom" aghh how i hatef when she did that now I'm going to miss her more. I decided to take a shower I took all my clothes off I turn the water on and got in. It felt good warm water running through my body. How I missed my friend s. After 26 minutes of showering. I turned the water off. I grabbed my pink towel and put it around my body while grabbing another towel for my hair. I walked toward my closet I had a dress hangin there the only piece of clothing there because I packed all my clothes for college. I grabbed a red bra and underwear "woo I feel pretty while matchin" I goggled. I put my short flower yellow dress and white toms . I went to my bathroom and decided to live my long brown hair down. Put mascara and pink lipstick on. I looked at my self I dint look that bad. I grabbed my bags and and my keys I looked at my room for a last time I walked through the hallway . I grabbed my phone and headed out side I put my bag down and locked my house door. I walked to my greenish Nissan altima I puy my bags in the back seat I started my engine . I grabbed my GPS and enterd jonshon college. Turned my radio on come and get it by selena Gomez was on. As I was driving my phone started ringing. I saw the caller ID it was my cuzin cindy from houston. C - hey cuz are you on your way to college. Me- yes I'm on my way theere is about 2 hours from where I live. C- ohh okay that's cool I'm missed you. Me- awww mee too baby I miss you .c- hey got to go I'm starting college here too bye. Me- bye. It was a long way road I decided to stp on mcdonalds . I i order a biscuit with sum juice. Y pay the lady and headed to the road. " turn right , you have reach your destination" the GPS directed. I wow it was big I decided to park right infront. I turned my engine of I grabbed my keys and phone. I opened the back door and grabbed my bags. "Damm look at you baby let me holla" a tall curly hair guy screamed. I rolled my eyes . And locked my door. I smiled and headed inside I walked to a desk where a young women was. " hi I'm trying to find my room" I said politely. " ahh yes name please" the lady asked. Caroline jones I said. She scanned over the computer. " ahh yes you in room 365 the last room of here" she smiled " ahh okay thank you" I responded. " by the way is a boy girl room if you don't mind all the rooms are like that . Good luck" she said handing me the keys . " thank you" I walked away. I walked to the elevator and pushed floor 6 I waites for 30 second s I walk the through a long hallway and went to the last roo M and heades inside and saw.
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