This movella tells the story of a power-hungry millionaire, his devilish plan and a determined butler who must secretly rebel against his master to save the district. Alexander has to decide between his heart and his head - what is his duty? The daunting task of saving the district, or the easy job of serving his master?


1. Prologue

Prologue: The wild look in his eyes reflected the devastating future of the town. Permanent damage to the civilisation... His lips cracked a disturbing smile, showing rows of abnormally white teeth. The beating of his heart rose without end, as his finger trembled towards the button. The pathway to a new start lay upon the simple act of pushing the button. Easy. This was the obvious choice; the only choice.He could not stop now. A terrifing cackle of merciless laughter rang over the district, over the houses, over the smokestacks, over the city. The shaking of a head by somebody in the room could not stop this man's foolish plan. The button was pushed. The deed was done. This was the end...

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