The final power

There are those in the world who have powers however there are others out there intent on stealing those powers for themselves.


3. Chapter two: three months later

    “Are they near?” Jake asked looking out from their hiding place.

   “I can't tell they keep switching paths” Sam said her head hurting from the mental strain.

   “You have to see through that they are trying to trick you.”

   Sam thought harder it was like looking through muddy water.

   “I think they have moved away towards the church.”

   “Are you sure?”

   “Yes I think so.”

   They sneaked out of the alleyway and headed in the opposite direction. Passing a nightclub Sam froze.

   “They have changed paths they are heading towards us” Sam said her eyes widening with terror.

   “When ?”Jake said.

   “Any moment” Her lips barely shaping the words.

   Jake lead Sam to the entrance of the nightclub. Their pursuers came into view and with no time to get into the nightclub, Jake said “I’m sorry” and kissed Sam.

   Sam struggled against him shocked when she realised what Jake was doing, he was pretending they were a couple. Kissing outside a nightclub doesn't look suspicious. Sam saw faintly through Jake’s glasses his eyes following the shadows.

   Jake froze, his muscles locked into position. Sam turned her head ever so slightly and saw one of them stood there, except this was a different shadow to who they usually ran from. This shadow was smarter and an air of brutality hung around it. It surveyed the scene with its dark eyes. Jake was trembling under her touch. They both held their breaths, time dragged by as they waited.

   They moved on leaving Sam and Jake alone.

   Both breathed out a sigh of relief.

   “I’m sorry about that it was the only thing I could think of there was no time to get into the nightclub they would have saw us.”

   “It’s ok you had to do that” Sam said still shocked by the kiss and it wasn't bad too she thought.

   “Let’s get out of here go back to the room check out if we can.”

   Jake set off at a quick pace Sam ran to catch up.


   They checked out of the room and moved to the next place. Sam tried not to transport them because it made them visible to the shadows.

   Sat in another hotel room Sam wondered what had scared Jake so much, yes he was nervous when the shadows were close but he was terrified this time.

   “Jake what happened between you and them?” Sam asked.

   Jake stiffened. “Nothing” he replied.

   “Jake I have never seen you scared I know it was something to do with that new shadow it’s different, what happened between you and it?”

   Jake sat opposite Sam. He took a deep breath.

   “I had powers when I turned sixteen I was like you I used them for the wrong reasons, I met another person with powers Edward Lance he helped me control my powers and told me of the shadows. I didn’t take it seriously and carried on as normal my powers died down and I was left with the power of seeing the future. One day Edward visited me said I had to leave because the shadows were after me still believing I had all my powers. We were leaving and something went wrong we had to split up. Edward was leading them away. I was ok then I was ambushed by some other shadows including the one we saw tonight.”

   Jake paused shuddering at the memory.

   “I was restrained and I fought against them, the shadow realised I only had one power they were too late. It was angry but it said I was still of some use. The next thing I know I was in agony it felt like parts of my soul were being ripped away and the pain only increased. At some point the pain cut off I woke up in hospital. The doctor said someone brought me in and I had been asleep for three days.”

   Jake put his hands to his sunglasses.

   “That wasn't the worst part I was in shock after losing my power or most of it. I think someone must have been watching the shadows, saw what was happening and stopped them, because from what I have found out is if it had taken all of my power I would have been completely blind.”

Jake removed his glasses revealing his eyes. Sam was shocked by the sight. The skin around his eyes was ashen grey and deeply scarred by livid red gashes, his eyes were a milky white with a black pupil in the centre and a light brown ring around it and red veins criss-crossed at the edges.

   “They did this to you?” Sam said.

   “Yes” Jake said quietly putting the glasses back on.

   “I will make them pay for what they have done Jake” Sam said.

   “How? once a power is gone it can never come back believe me I've tried. You lose a power that‘s it gone.”

   “I will find a way.”

   “Good luck with that.”

   Sam sat beside Jake.

   “I will stopped them” Sam said. Jake turned to her so their eyes met.

   “Maybe” Jake said. He dropped his gaze.

   “Jake” Sam said. Jake looked at her again. “I have never met someone like you powers or not I think I like you more than just a friend.”

   “You don’t it’s only because of today our kiss and your emotions are heightened making you think like that “Jake replied.

   “How about this for heightened emotions.”

   Sam leaned in closer and kissed Jake. He didn't stop her, only pulled her closer. They paused for a moment.

   “I’m a bit rusty at this” Jake whispered against her lips.

   “You are doing well so far” Sam whispered back and they kissed. This time more deeply.


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