Every story has a happy ending

Little sophia-rose has a horrific past and her life is still pretty bad, but things take a real turn for the good when someone new enters her life...


4. 1 year later

sophia's POV

so here i am in the childrens home ugh it's soooooo boring here can't I be adopted already!!!Oh wait!!

"Can I have all 5-10 year olds come down to the adoption room!!!!"

Oh! this is my chance! OMC OMC OMC OMC

who's the adopter person thingy? katie sounded super paniked maybe... they r very important!

I walked down the stairs very quietly before all the other kids so that i get to go sit in my little corner as i no that no one wants me...

"AHHH!!" I scream as i tumble down the stairs! what the.... what the fudge is one direction doing here? why are they coming towards me?

Soon I blacked out!

As i slowly manage to open my eyes I see five older boys sat around me. AH! too bright! wait... th..thats...thatss one direction!? what are they doing here why are they with me? where is katie?


Nialls POV

so we walk through  the door of the childrens home as simon has forced us to adopt a kid. well im okay with it its just the others seem really annoyed about it. so we get through the door and here a loud scream and see a young girl come tumbling down the stairs at a high speed with another older girl laughing her head off at the top of the stairs. I ran to the girl. She looked super dizzy and confused. I was just about to help her when i think she blacked out! I carefully lifted her lifeless body from the floor calling the boys to call an ambulance! I hope this poor little child is okay. I have always had a soft spot for kids so i would be heart broken if i new that i hadent helped the child! soon i heard sirens snapping me out of my thoughts. I zoomed off to go and get her to the paramedics. The boys said that I could go with her.

I sit anxiously watching her sleep when suddenly her eyes start to flutter open by this time the other boys have arrived. Shes looking around the room frantically!?


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