I Can't Fall For Him!

I hate being the new girl! I wasn't exactly what people would call 'popular'. I wasn't good at fitting in at all! I'd hear laughing when I walked through the halls and to top it all of, my brother was a jock. You know, dating a cheerleader and being mean to everybody especially ones like me. My brother and I changed our last names so nobody knew that we were brother and sister. So your probably wondering who my brother is.....its the one and only Zayn Malik. Him and his friends Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry are the famous seniors. All of them are idiotic jocks. As for me, I'm just a freshman. But what happenes when my first real friend here falls for my my brother? And I start to fall for one of his friends?


3. Crushing or not?

Me and Cass went up to our lockers and opened them. I started putting my stuff in when I felt a hand on my shoulder."Looks like were locker buddies!" I was holding in laughter from the looks on Zayn and Cass's faces. Apparently, my new 'locker buddy' noticed."Why you holding in laughter? You laughing at me?Because if you are, I have my ways of revenge" He said with a huge smirk on his face. I laughed and smirked back" Oh really?So if I was laughing at you what would ya do about it? huh pretty boy?" As soon as I said that a grin apeared on his face"You little girl are going to regret saying that" He laughed and started tickling me. I bursted out laughing. "Stop!!Please stop!! I'm sorry!" He laughed and kept tickling me."Okay fine." He stopped.I glanced over at Zayn and he looked disgusted. I giggle. "Umm so locker buddy, what is your name?" I used air qotations on"locker buddy". He chuckled and replied."My names Louis and these are my friends Liam, Harry, Niall, and Zayn." He said as he pointed to each of them. "Cool well, see you around 'locker buddy'" I heard him chuckle as me and Cass walked to our first class.

"Is Louis your brother?" I asked as we arrived for class 10 minutes early. She sighed " Unfortatuly, yes he is." I rolled my eyes and laughed" I know what its likd to have a jock for a brother" I was going to tell her because she knew how I felt. But Louis seemed so laid back and funny. How could she not like him as a brother? I mean he had dreamy blue eyes and a million dollar smile. Wait! Do I like my brother best friend and my best friends brother?? No, theres no possible way it'd work out. Besides, he's a senior and I'm a freshman. We're 4 years apart, I can't date him. He probably doesn't even like me anyways. I got snapped out of my thoughts by Cass smacking me on the arm. "Whats wrong?" I jumped turning to face Cass. She rolled her eyes at me. "You said you know how I felt having a jock for a brother. So I ask what do you mean?" I took a deep breath and said"Zayn's my older brother.." She looked at me and smiled."The cute bad boy?" I never thought of my brother as a bad boy...weird she would call him that."Yeah I guess...The bad boy?"We both laughed. Soon, class started.

~Lunch Time~

Me and Cass were w

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