One Direction Imagines

Imagines, please comment your name, the boy, your age, description of yourself(looks, personality, hobbies), and the story you want, and type dirty, romantic, horror, clean, anything you wish. Note, you can do more then one boy and more then one type. To request a imagine please submit the information above, and please give feed back on the other imagines, also some of these imagines are not mine, so i will not be taking the credit for them, but the ones that are mine you'll know. *it also doesn't have to be realistic, if you want vampires or werewolf's or something like that just let me know.


8. Taylor and Narry

imagine request for youwouldbesuprised, thanks for your request, i hope you enjoy


        Taylor's POV

Today was your birthday and you were spending it with your friends from One Direction, you were friends with all the boys but you in particular liked Harry, you loved his humor and how cheeky he was, but you also liked Niall for his sweet and sensitive personality, the evening went by fast and by the end of the day it was just you, Harry, and Niall left from the rest of the group, you were a bit upset that you stayed at home all day just playing bored games on your birthday, you were in the middle of playing twister with Harry and Niall, when the power went out and you all saw a flash of light, Lightening, then you heard the loud clap of thunder, you started to look around in the dark for some light or your phone, when a phone glowed up and shined light in the whole room, you looked and saw the boys walking in to the kitchen and realized they were looking for a flash light, then Niall walked back in and over towards you with a bag of candles, you set them out throughout the house and lit them, it actually made the night more fun, Harry and Niall decided to tell scary stories, and you sat right in the middle, Harry was telling the scariest story you had ever heard of, then it got so scary you jumped and landed right on Nialls lap shaking, Niall held you tight and kept telling you it was just a story, and he started rubbing your back, Harry chuckled at your reaction and left to get a drink for all you guys, you looked up at Niall, and found your self getting lost in his Blue sea of eyes. You both stared at each other in a love kinda of way, and you could feel him breathing in your face, you couldn't help but be drawn in by the smell of his minty breath and his blue eyes and blonde hair, the next thing you realized was that you both were leaning in towards each other until your lips both met, and you could feel the sparks and fire works going off, then the power came on, you both pulled away and heard cheering from Harry, as you both realized he was watching the whole thing, you both flushed a bright pink and heard Harry laughing and run towards you guys, he tackled you two in a hug, and you started laughing, then you felt Niall quickly turn you towards him and then he said "Taylor will you be my princess please, and never leave me?" "MY GOD NIALL, YESSSSSSSSS!!" you said dragging out the S. You both shared a passionate kiss, and then heard a click of a button and looked towards Harry who was taking pictures of you two, then got a twitter notification saying, Congrats to Niall and Taylor, you two are so cute, or even Naylor <3.  You and Nialls relationship lasted and got even better, you two got married, had 2 twin boys who looked just like Niall, and moved back to Ireland, and lived happily ever after.


*I hope you enjoyed, Even though I had a bit of trouble with making a story line i got it down after awhile.

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