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2. Natalya and Harry (Dirty)

Dirty imagine request for Princess11223, Thanks for your request, sorry if this isn't good!!


Natalya's POV

I'm laying in bed watching a movie when it gets to a sex scene, it makes me feel really wet, its turning me on so much right now. Harry's at an interview so he won't be home till later, I thought. I turned off the movie got up off our shared bed and went to the closet and grabbed a bag I had hidden from Harry in the very back of the closet, I walk back over to the bed with the bag and open the bag to find my various sex toys, I hope to god I don't get caught. I take out my favorite toy, my vibrator, I love this toy with my life, its the greatest toy ever freaking invented. I walk back over to my spot on the bed and start to play with myself, rubbing my breast under my shirt, finally I strip my shirt off and start to take off my bra, I drop my bra to the floor near my shirt and start to flick my nipple with my fingers, I feel the pleasure travel through my whole body and tense at the touch of my own hands, I start massaging, twisting, flicking, and pulling my nipple and breast. I run my hands down towards my stomach and passed my vagina and go towards my thighs, rubbing my middle thighs, I moan teasing myself, feeling the heat radiate between my legs and stomach. After awhile I finally unzip my shorts and pull them down with my thong and throwing them with the rest of my clothes, I turn the vibrator on and start rubbing the head of the vibrator on the slit of my pussy causing me to moan loudly in pleasure. Finally I cant take it anymore and shove the vibrator into myself pumping it in and out at a fast pace, my back arches off the bed and my legs begin to shake and I feel a familiar knot growing in the pit of my stomach, I started to moan and groan as I pumped faster and harder hitting my g-spot right on, and I moan out Harry's name. "Ummmm.... having fun without me?" I hear a thick British familiar voice say from the door way. Oops, busted!!! I quickly open my eyes and look into a pair of beautiful green eyes right above me, I stop pumping and as I am about to pull out, Harry's hand reaches down and stops me,  he looks me up and down while removing my hand from the toy, and leans down "you shouldn't be having this type of fun without me", my only reply was a low moan, that made him chuckle. He stood back up and started stripping away his clothes, the whole time he's staring at the toy still inside me. As soon as he's naked he walks over and sits next to me reaching over to my breast and starts to massage them and knit them together causing me to moan. His head leans down, his pink plump lips wrap around my nipple and start sucking and nipping, causing my chest to arch up into his mouth. After leaving many love bites on my chest, he gets between my legs and starts eating me out, he grabs the toy still vibrating inside of me and starts pumping it with so much more force and power, that I feel I might just explode any minute. "O-o ooh Harry HARRY!!!! D-Don't stop Don't OOOH!! YES YES RIGHT THERE!!" you start screaming at the top of your lungs as Harry pumps the toy in and out hitting your g-spot every time, " You like this baby, huh? You love this, don't you Natalya! Are you gonna cum for me?" "Ooh yes Harry, i-I'm gonna cum, so good, yes, I'm so close!" Finally I can't take no more and cum all over the toy, Harry smirks to himself as he pulls the toy out, turns it off and starts rubbing my again throbbing clit. He starts off slow and soft, then goes harder and faster, making figure eights and circles on my sensitive pussy, I start moaning yet again, realizing I'm turned on again. I shut my eyes enjoying the pleasure when all of a sudden Harry thrust upwards into me, causing me to scream out in a confusing mix of pain and pleasure, arching my back and tightening my walls around his hard throbbing cock, he grabs my legs and lifts them putting them on his shoulders to get in more deeper then before, causing us both my groan at the sudden depth. I start to feel the knot coming back in my stomach and know that I am close to my second organism. "Harry, i-I'm close again!"  "Me too, baby, me too!!" His thrust start to get more powerful and is hitting my g-spot exactly with every thrust, I start to move my hips meeting his half way, his free hands roaming my body, I suddenly feel him rubbing my clit and massaging my breast, all the pleasure hits me and I crumble around him, my legs spasm around him and my back arching up into his hand, sweat dripping off his face, I grip at his back clawing at him, I hear him groan and watch as he squeezes his eyes shut and his thrust start to get sloppy, "On the count of 3, 1...2..3...." and we both release our juices, he rides out our highs and collapses on top of me, while still inside of me, were both panting and sweating like crazy. "I love you Natalya, but please try and not use the toys unless I'm on tour, okay?" "Okay, I promise, I love you too Harry." You both lay there for a while until you remember he's still inside you, then you start to get turned on again, Harry's eyes are shut and his head is laying in the crook of your neck, you start to move your hips riding on his cock, it hardens and he quickly sits up and stares at you wide eyed, until he sees you smirk at him, and you both have round 2, 3, and 4, for the rest of the night, not getting any sleep. The next morning management is upset cause of a very tired looking Harry.



           I hope you enjoyed this Natalya, its my first imagine ever, so if its a little bad, sorry! Thanks


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