The Streets Of London ~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sofia have rented an apartment in London with her bestie, Emilie. They both have to work on each of their career. After packing out they are really tired and want some energy. By coincidence they ended in Starbucks, and that is were they meet Niall and Harry. What happens next? Only time will tell.

(This story is dedicated for my lovely friend Sofia and are based on our hopes and dreams ♥)


23. Enjoyment

“Welcome to your room.” said the employer from the hotel as he opened the door for us. I took a step inside the room and let all the amazing impressions hit me. The room was huge. It had a big bed with a white bedspread and red pillows. The bed had two, one in each side. They were small tables made of oak and on top of them stood a white lamp. A bit away from the bed stood a chest of drawers also made in oak and on top of it stood a huge television. Behind of it was the big window with the breathtaking view. In the wonderful bathroom made in white marble was a bathtub. The bathroom had square shaped hole so you could see into the bedroom, but of course there was also a gate. In the living room stood a deep beige couch and matching chairs with a glass table in front of it. Fresh wonderful-smelling red flowers was placed on each table in the room.


“This so amazing.” I told Harry after the employer left.
“I am so glad you like this.” he said. He stood across the room admiring the. He looked at me with a lovely smile on his lips while he walked across the room headed me. He peeked my cheek and walked around me.“Coz it is all for you.” he whispered in my ear and kissed me once again on the cheek while he embraced me. I turned around and looked him deeply in the eyes. I could stare in those eyes for hours and I wouldn’t mind it at all. They were so beautiful and when I looked in the them all I felt was love and safe.
“I love you.” I said and I couldn’t help but smile. “All I want to do right now is relax with you and enjoy everything Hawaii has to offer.”
“So you are kinda tired?” he said with a teasing voice and a wink. I was not for what he meant.. I mean of course you are always a bit tired after a long flight. “Perhaps a little bit.” I said and hold his hands. I looked at Harry’s long curly hair, which was now one big mess after the long flight, but it was actually just really adorable and attractive. “So you are tired and you just need to relax.” Harry concluded. “Yees..” I wasn’t sure where this conversation was headed he seemed very mysterious.

“And that’s great!” he said smiling like an idiot. But he was my idiot. How could being tired be positive? I guess he could read the confusion in my facial expression because before he finally explained:”I thought you might be exhausted, so I booked the spa.” “How sweet of you!” I said and kissed him.

“We have a time in 5 minutes.” he said and kissed me back. Wait a minute. Did he just say we? “Did you just say we? Are you going to the spa with me?” I was a bit confused. Wasn’t the spa normally a girl-thing? Or was it just me who had misunderstood the whole things-to-do-as-a-girl?

“Of course.” he said and laughed, but then continued: “I love the spa. It’s so relaxing and calm and you can get massage..” he now started counting with his fingers.”and hot stones.. and mudbath.. and just a face mask if that’s what you want…” he chuckled and said “You can get everything you want.” My eyebrows were raised and wasn’t sure he was serious.
“No I meant for you honey.” he said and laughed. I was now much more calm.

But what would you do meanwhile?” I asked and added “Won’t you miss?” I said in a teasing way and kissed him on the cheek.
“I will wait for you to get back.” he looked down and smiled like he was embarrassed admitting that.  He bite his lips and looked me deep in the eyes waiting for my response.

“I love you so much.” I whispered in his eyes and embraced him.
“Not as much as I love you”. he whispered back and kissed me in the neck so it tickled. I loosen my grab around Harry and realized I had to go since I had a reservation in the spa.

“I have to go now love.” Harry looked confused at me so I continued: “The spa, remember?” He looked so sad. “Why did I even make a reservation, so I have to let go of you?” He looked like someone just had broken his heart and he was completely torn.

“Because you are an idiot”. I laughed over his sweet heartache and added “But a lovely idiot.”.

I kissed him one last kiss before I was headed the spa.


A little hawaiian young women, who had introduced herself as “Emele” (Why did her name sound familiar?) was in the middle of giving my the most amazing massage ever. I am not sure how she did it, but she just hit the right places and.. wow this was just so relaxing.. I could fall asleep right now with no hesitation at all on this massage couch.

“You are so amazing, Emele.” I said with a lazy voice and half open eyes. I could lay here forever.

“Thank you.” she said and continued massaging with her magic hands. My muscles felt pain, but it was such a wonderful pain and she just kinda loosen my entire body. Was I in heaven or..?

“I am done now. Would you like to come in the mud bath now?” Emele asked and stopped massaging me. Well I could do that, but I just really already missed Harry and a mud bath sounded.. a bit weird?

“I am not sure.” I said as I took the white comfortable kimono back on.
“Do you want to see it and the rest of the spa?” she asked and smiled. I just nodded and followed her into the next room. The entire room looked really cosy with candles and it just smelled amazing. In one end was the mud bath, with no one in it and at one side was a lot of chairs in a with people getting a face mask or face massage.

“Ho'olu komo la kaua!” said an older lady who sat in one of the chairs with several other ladies, who all got a face massage. She looked at me and smiled while she waited for a response, but I have no idea what she just said.

“Sorry?” I yelled back.

“She want you to join them.” said Emele and smiled at me. Wow she was actually really small. I felt like a tower next to her. But I guess I could join them? I mean, it looked, like they were just really relaxed and enjoying their lives to the fullest.

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