The Streets Of London ~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sofia have rented an apartment in London with her bestie, Emilie. They both have to work on each of their career. After packing out they are really tired and want some energy. By coincidence they ended in Starbucks, and that is were they meet Niall and Harry. What happens next? Only time will tell.

(This story is dedicated for my lovely friend Sofia and are based on our hopes and dreams ♥)


1. Description

If you look at the photo, I'm the blonde one and Emilie is the brunette. As you can see on the old photo, me and Emilie have been besties for a really long time. It was back in 2012, the photo was taking.
We are each others soul mates, and we are like sisters.

I’m 19, and it is summer, year 2018.I have just finished high school and are ready to take a year off working on my singing career. Me and Emilie (who by the way spend last year on an acting school) have rented an apartment for two months in London. Both of us will be working on our careers, and if it doesn't work for any of us, we both have to go back to Denmark, as we have promised it to our familys.

See you one day
Love xx


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