The Streets Of London ~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sofia have rented an apartment in London with her bestie, Emilie. They both have to work on each of their career. After packing out they are really tired and want some energy. By coincidence they ended in Starbucks, and that is were they meet Niall and Harry. What happens next? Only time will tell.

(This story is dedicated for my lovely friend Sofia and are based on our hopes and dreams ♥)


6. Curly Guy

The curly guy, Harry, turned around and looked at us with a wondering look, and then he smiled. “Do you already want that cup of coffee?” he said and squeezed his eyes to avoid the sun in his eyes. He had changed his outfit and was now wearing a tight white t-shirt and light blue jeans.

“Harry.. We don’t have time for pictures.” a security man in black said as he went up behind Harry and another stepped closer to Harry. “It’s okay... They are my friends” Harry whispered back.

“How did you find me?” Harry asked us with an unsure look. “We.. Wait.. What?” Emilie said wondering. “We weren’t exactly looking for you..”. Emilie tried to explain. Harry looked confused and disappointed as he asked: “Who were you looking for?”. The security man poked Harry and gave him a look that said: “Hurry up”.

Harry looked back at us waiting for an answer, so I said: “We weren’t looking for anyone.. We were trying to find our way back home. It’s hard and we are exhausted” I looked down. There was no way, I could keep an eye contact with those lovely eyes.

“For how long? You haven’t spend hours trying to come home again. Have you?” he asked carrying and I replied: “Well not quite... To make a long story short: We wanted to see something, and then we got lost, and now we are more lost than ever..” Emilie looked around. Maybe she was looking for Niall or just the rest of One Direction. Or perhaps she was thinking the same as I: “How could we be the only ones to notice the creepy side street?”.

“I can drive you home? I mean we do own you...” He asked and looked at me and then Emilie. It would be nice after all, but it would also cost a lot of trouble. I mean, won’t people be following us?

“Well...” Emilie said unsure and looked at me. “C’mon!” Harry said like he really wanted to.

“HARRREEHHH” a girl screamed behind us and started to run in our direction. A couple of security men started to jog over to the girl. A man close to us pulled Harry away and said: “We have to get back in the car now.” They started to walk really fast, and we just stood there not sure what to do.

“Wait!” Harry burst out and stopped.: “Come with us! We can drive you home. Pleasee?”

“I don’t think that a good idea Harry.” the security man said a interfered. “Yes it yes.” Harry said determined straight into the security man’s face.

I looked back at Emilie and she asked: “Should we?”. Well it was a free ride home soo: “Yees.” “Hurry!” the security man yelled and added “Before even more girls are coming.” There wasn’t just one girl anymore. There were at least 10, who had heard the other girl, and it was getting hard for the security to hold them back. We followed Harry and the man with quick steps. The side street ended so we were now at some old fashioned street. We ran across the road and were at a black car.

“Get in!” the security man said fast. We went inside really fast, but we barely sat down, before he had started the car and drove away.  We drove fast but there weren’t even someone behind us. At least not what I could tell.

Harry sat on the front seat and turned around to look at us: “Sorry.. That it had to go that fast.. But if..” “It’ okay Harry” I interrupted and then smiled. He didn’t had to explain why, we understood it. He smiled so you could see his perfectly white teeth.

“So where do you live?” Harry asked and looked at me, so I wrote down the address on a note I had in my bag and gave it to him..

“Woow..” Harry said surprising “That’s far away.” Emilie sat and looked out of the window, I don’t think, she was paying attention to the conversation at all. Harry gave me the note back and said: “Can you add your number? I still own you coffee babe.” he said and winked so I blushed. I added my number and gave it to Harry. Emilie moved a bit and it looked like she just heard, what Harry said. Emilie turned around and looked at me smiling, while Harry studied my number.

None of us said anything for a long time. I just said and stared out of the window. It was not so shinny any longer. The sun was covered by clouds, and it looked like it could rain any minute. My tummy rumbled, and I realized how hungry I was. Soon Emilie’s tummy rumbled as well and she said: “Do any of you happen to know, if there is a chinese restaurant near our apartment?”

“Hmmmm...” said the security man. “I think...But I am not sure... Can I see the address again?” he asked so Harry showed him the note. “There is one really close to it.. Do you want me to drive to that instead?” he asked us.

“Yees please. I’m dying of hunger back here..” Emilie replied.

It didn’t took that long, before the car stopped and the restaurant was on our left.

“Thanks for the ride!” I said as we got out of the door. “No problem! I’ll text you. K, darling?” Harry yelled from the car. “Sounds great! Bye!” I said.  “Bye!” said Harry and the man right before I slammed the door.


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