messed up

clary is a normal 19 year old girl, she's an only child with a rich family, her best friend is ella, ella loves one direction with a strong passion, But Clary dosent really like one particular person in one direction. witch is Harry Styles, only ella knows why. they used to be best friends, and before he left for the x-factor he told clary he loved her and kissed her, he promised he would come and see her and message her everyday. what happens when ella drags clary to a one direction concert


2. the concert

clarys pov


when we got to the concert it was packed, we found are seats wow they were good seats! after about 15 minutes the music started, and all of them started singing rock me, i was looking down and ella told me to enjoy my self so i looked up, and saw him..

harry, the one that i loved and never told him, but he told me. 

all of a sudden harry looked at me and stared, i felt really awkward.  i swear he looked like he remembered me. 

harrys pov

we were alll excited we were back in England i wonder what clarys doing right now. i miss her. 

when we went out, we started singing rockme. i saw a girl looking down i felt back for herm, her fried told her to look up and then it was her.. clary the girl i loved and love. shes here. i could tell she really didn't want to be here. when we finished we started singing little thing, and i went to t he end of the stange and crunched down and started singing to her, because this song we could do anything we want go to a fan and sing to her, louis was walking over to me and went infront of her friend. we were both singing and clary was just starting at me, then she walked away.  it was the end of the song and this was the time we answer tweets. i said with a lot of courage ''Clary im sorry" she turned around and stared, so i countinuted  'clary im sorry, i never messaged you or called, im sorry i never talked to you after the day i left for the x-factor i ment every word i said before i left, she just looked at me, 


clarys pov 

i let all of that sink in i was towards him, and some guy named paul gave me a mic. i didnt know what to say, so i just came out with it. 'you promised you would message me everyday, i had no friends harry, after you left i was every ones target to get bullied. i never had anyone to talk to, no one harry NO ONE. you were the only person i was happy around, i may have acted so happy when you were for the x-factor, i was so proud, but you didnt notice i was breaking evey second, i finally met ella, she was the only one, i wont ever forgive you harry, you broke me, 

harrys pov.

clary im so sorry, i didn't know that, if i could go bak and change that i would. i'm so sorry clary i love you to the moon and back, your my princess. she gave the mic back to paul and sat down. so i just went to tweets, someones tweet was what happened with you and her harry,  so i told them, she was my best friend, the girl i was in love with, i would always sing for her, and when  i left for the x-factor i promised we would never lose touch and i would message her every day, but i never did, i couldn't it was hard enough to say good bye so i kissed her and left.  so i decided i need to forget about her, but i couldn't she is my other half, and i love her, shes so beautiful.  i love her so much words cant describe, niall, zayn, louis. and liam all started aying clary forgive him come on clary, clary, clary and got the hold crowd doing it and i walked down and when up to her and kissed her, so strongly. 


*louis pov*

clarys friend was gorgeous, i was staring at her when harry was talking to clary. i found out her name was ella, so after the show i would ask for her number, shes flawless. im in love wow. 

*ellas pov*

louis kept looking at me and i kept blushing hes my favorite! all of a sudden i hear the crowd yelling clary, clary, clary, then harry walked down and kissed her all i did was smile, they were so perfect together.  

it was a perfect night


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