bring it on

Emily harris is a 13 year old living in an orphanage
when suddenly 5 celebrity visitors come in.



Emily's POV-

I woke up to my alarm clock beeping and threw at the wall.I got up and went into the bathroom and had a shower,once finished I wrapped a towel around myself and got out.I went straight to my wardrobe and found a yellow top,flats,sunglasses,pink shorts,scarf and a pink hat.I decided to add pink nail polish to it for a better style,as today I'm going shopping.

I walked downstairs to see 3 girls waiting for me one with rosewood violet hair and blue eyes ,another with ash blonde hair and plus blue eyes and last with brown curly hair and green eyes."Hi"I said akwardly."Oh him I'm Liam's girlfriend Becca"the one with blonde hair told me."My name is Peyton and I'm Harry's"the one with curly hair said."Yeah I'm Lexi and I'm Niall's"one with rosewood hair told me."Well let's go and I assume you know my name"I said walking out the door.

*skip car ride (oh and I live in Ireland so I kind only know Irish stores but I'll try my best)*

Once we got to the mall we all went different directions promising to meet at the entrance by 5pm.I was so glad I had money left from shopping with Eleanor and Perrie.I went into lots of different stores like topshop,primark and H and M but only found 4 outfits I liked.

By the time I was done it was only 4 so I went to Mc Donalds and bought an ice cream and burger.I sat down eating it and playing temple run on my phone.When I was done I went to the exit to see the other girls waiting for me at the car.I think this is one of the best shopping trips ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!

*authors note*

Guys hope you like it and sorry for the boring chappie it was just a fill in 

bye gamegirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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