This Is Me, And This Is Our Secret

Leslie has a secret that no one knows, but Liam, maybe he has something to do with. How does he feel about it? Well, Leslie is a 18 year old girl with a Huge secret.


4. What Happened To Her..?

~Leslie's P.O.V.

    Why Do I Feel Dizzy Or Sick? Did I Eat Anything Bad? No. Am I Going To Fall?

"Leslie, LESLIE!!!" I Heard Someone Yell.. Was It Daisy? " I Hope The Audience Doesn't Hear Us..." I (Think) Daisy Said

Am I Asleep? Who Is Yelling? Oooooooh I Can Still Hear Liam's Voice And Louis', Zayn's, Niall's And Harry's!  But WHAT HAPPENED?? I Feel Like I Fell Or I'm On Something Hard But WHAT IS IT?!?!

~Daisy's P.O.V.

  *The Man That Was Helping Me Got Leslie On A Chair*

"D-D-Daisy?..... Whe-re Are W-We? A-re You H-Hurt?" Leslie Tried To Say. "No I'm Not But You Kind-Of Are." I Said With A Tear Going Down My Face.

I Love Her.., She Is My Best Friend Since 2nd Grade (True Story) ^.^


What's Gonna happen next week?! Idk, I don't see the future (;



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