This Is Me, And This Is Our Secret

Leslie has a secret that no one knows, but Liam, maybe he has something to do with. How does he feel about it? Well, Leslie is a 18 year old girl with a Huge secret.


15. Are You Serious?

~Leslie's P.O.V.

"..Yes, Fine I Did." He Said. "Well, Ok. At Least I'm Not Dating You. No Offense. It Would Be Weird." I Said "Let's Go Down Stairs." He Said "Okay."

Oh. I've Got An Idea. ~They Are Downstairs~    *Talking To The Boys/Girls*

"Why Don't We Get A Piece Of Paper And Write Down A Random Question And Put Them In A  Bowl?" I Said "Yeah, I Like That Idea.." Harry Said "Where Is Louis?" Niall Said "I Think He's In The Kitchen Making Carrot Juice With Orange Juice." Zayn Said "Brb, I LOVE  That Drink (I Do)."

*Drinking Carrot Juice* ~Starting To Play~

"Okay Louis You Go First." I Said

"K" He Said "If You And The Boys Broke Up (NOT REALLY!), What Would Be The Reason Why?" He Said "Ummm, We Won't Be Getting Along And Start Hating Each other.." He Answered.

My Turn. "If You Were To Date One Of The Boys Who Would It Be And Why?" I Said " It's Either Liam Or Zayn. Sorry Niall, Haz, Lou. I DO Love You Guys Too. I Would Date Them, *Mumbled* It Would Be Because They Are So Dammn Hot.." I Said

Liam's Turn. "Would You Prefer Dating A Fan OR A Celebrity?" He Said "Uh, A Celebrity.." He Said.

Did He Seriously Just Say That?! Fuuuuck!

Hazza's Turn. "Do You Love Your Hair, Fans Or Food. You Can Choose Two." He Said "My Hair And My Fans."

Niall's Turn. "Okay, Do You Have A #1 Fan That You Love?" "All But Mostly..."




Tiny A/N:

Competition: Who Wants To Be NIALL'S Loving #1 Fan ?

In The Comments Just Write Down Your Name And WHY You Want To Be His LOVING FAN :) !


       ♀♥. Leslie .♀♥

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