My Best Friends' Best Friend

They've been best friends since the day they were born. Both born on the same day, August 29th 1993. They were inseparable. Never seen without one another.

When she was sick, he was right by her side. When he broke a bone, she never left him alone. Nothing was ever awkward with them. They would hold hands walking down the street. And would share milkshakes from Burger King.

They're mothers were best friends growing up. Which is how they knew each other. When she was 10 her family was in a car accident. A very bad accident. She was the only survivor. He never left her side once. They cried together every night for weeks. When she woke up screaming and crying, he would calm her down. She was left in the care of his mother when her family died. Which made them even closer.


4. XFactor


Wow that was emotional. It was worse the day of my life though. So after that accident I went to live with Liam and his family and we became even closer than we were before...if that is even possible. But anyways, my house gets cleaned every once a week. I rarely actually visited until a few years ago though. 

So four years later, I was fourteen and this was when me and Liam decided to try out for the XFactor together. We rehearsed and rehearsed. 

We wanted to enter as a duet. Since we were so close and all. I was the one who originally got him to sing because I absolutely loved his voice. 

Anywaysss, we tried out as our duet. And we got through!! We got all yeses. Even from Simon Cowell! Which was really exciting. 

We went to bootcamp and we did okay. Well obviously since we then made it through to judges houses. But that's where the trouble started. Simon was our judge. And he just didn't think Liam was ready to continue on in the competition. 

Which made me really upset initially. 

He didn't think I was bad or not ready. In fact he told me to continue. 

I couldn't handle it.

 I walked out of the room. No comment. Nothing. I started crying as I rounded the corner towards my room. 

As soon as I closed my door, someone knocked. I knew it was Liam, just by they way he knocked. Not too hard, not too soft. I opened the door and let him in. He pulled me into a hug before I even opened the door all the way. I swear I love this boy. He's the closest thing I had to family anymore.

I cried for what felt like hours. Not once did Liam let go of me. He held me tight and allowed me to drench his shirt in my tears. When I finally stopped, he started the questioning. 

"Belles, why are you crying?? This is fantastic news. You get to follow your dreams." That's how he started. 

I took a while to answer, but when I did I said, "Li my dream was to become a singer, yes, but to do it with you. I can't do this without you. I'm not continuing."

"You have to."

I lost it. "Liam I can't continue. I'm not doing this without you. We entered as a duet. Not as solos. I can't. If you leave, I leave.  I just can't do it alone. I'm not continuing. I'm not doing this without you. You are my best friend. Please Liam. Don't make me do this. I can't" 

"Bella. You are being giving the opportunity of a lifetime. If you don't continue now, you might not ever want to sing again. You motivated me to sing and to be here. Now it's my turn to motivate you to continue in this competition with or without me. Belles, I am not going to allow you to give up on this opportunity. Never. I am not giving up on you. Not now. Not ever." 

"Liam I cannot continue without you. I can't."

"But you have to Bella. Don't do it for yourself. Do it for the people who don't have the courage to do this. Do it for the people who don't believe in themselves. Do it for me. Do it for your family. Please."

"Okay Liam. Okay. I'll do it." I said while giggling. 

"Yayyyyy!!! Belles I will be behind you the entire time." He paused. "We'll not literally behind you. Cause you know...I might be arrested for getting to close to the merchandise."

I laughed. For the first that entire day, I laughed. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and I couldn't breathe. Liam does that to people. He can change their mood with just a blink of his eye. It's one of his best quality. And I love it. 

    Liam stayed in my room the whole night. Just like before, he did not let me go. Not once. It's this weird habit we have. If we fall asleep together, he wraps his arms around me and never let's go. Kind of like a boyfriend. But he's not soooooooo yeah.

I woke up to music blasted in my ears. Liam. That boy never let's me sleep. It wasn't that bad of a song in fact it was my favorite song at the moment. It was called 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore. I doubt that any of you haven't heard it unless you were just born three seconds ago. Macklemore is my favorite rapper. He's one of the only ones who raps about real life issues. WHADDYA MEAN IT ISN'T RELEVANT?? That's information about me. Stuff they should be considered lucky to have. 

Anyways, as I was saying, before I was RUDELY interrupted. I awoke to 'Thrift Shop' blasted in my ear. I groaned. 

"Liammmmmmm I don't want to go to schoooooolll." I wailed. 

He just laughed. "Belles wake up."

I raised my head off of the pillow for about three seconds. And then plopped it back down. 

"No Liam. I'm not getting up." 

"Fine. I guess while everyone else is going home, you get the joy of staying here by yourself."

I was confused. I reached out and slapped his cheek playfully. "Liam what are you talking about??"

"The XFactor." 

Oh right. I forgot about that. 


I got out of bed and surprisingly saw that all of my bags were already packed. Liam. 

We brought our bags downstairs and went to the kitchen for breakfast. I don't even know what I ate. But it was delicious! 

Thirty minutes later, we were on a plane back home. I slept through the whole thing. Typical. 

Okay well the rest of this part is pretty boring so I guess I can skip it. It's the usual you know, you go home, then go back to the competition. Eh. I came in second place overall and got signed by Starr Music Industry. (A/n Made up name). The main building where I was taken was in America. So I packed my bags, said my goodbyes, and a few hours later I was in America. Now here's where the real trouble starts.



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