My Best Friends' Best Friend

They've been best friends since the day they were born. Both born on the same day, August 29th 1993. They were inseparable. Never seen without one another.

When she was sick, he was right by her side. When he broke a bone, she never left him alone. Nothing was ever awkward with them. They would hold hands walking down the street. And would share milkshakes from Burger King.

They're mothers were best friends growing up. Which is how they knew each other. When she was 10 her family was in a car accident. A very bad accident. She was the only survivor. He never left her side once. They cried together every night for weeks. When she woke up screaming and crying, he would calm her down. She was left in the care of his mother when her family died. Which made them even closer.


5. My Opening Act


I got off of the plane and went down through the terminal. As soon as I stepped out, people were screaming my name and cameras were flashing everywhere. My security people lead me through the airport to get my stuff and go to the house Starr Music got me. We were in Cali so I guess you could say it was pretty big. It had an indoor and outdoor pool, water slide, 12 bedrooms complete with walk in closets and full bathrooms, a kitchen, 3 living rooms, and best of all, the basement. It had everything. Pool tables, air hockey tables...everything.

 It was perfect.

 I went back upstairs after checking everything out to pick out my room. They were all gorgeous. But one stood out. It had a theme of turquoise and black. It all matched.

 Even the stuff in the bathroom! 

It was so cool. The queen size bed was against the right wall across from a tv and the couch in front of it. I loved it. 

So technically the day after is what goes wrong so I shall just enjoy the good parts before I switch to bad... 

The rest of the day went fine. I unpacked my stuff and then crashed on my bed. 

Okay so now I'm gonna skip ahead to the next day. So I woke up at 9:30 since I had to be at 'work' at 12. So I got out of bed and turned on my shower. As the water warmed up, I went to go find the outfit I had planned from last night. 

It was a light green dress that fell above my knee with a brown belt going around the waist. I matched it with some cute high heeled brown sandals and some cute wooden bangles. 

It was cute... In case you hadn't gotten the hints. 

So I hopped into the shower... 

Literally because the floor was so cold... 

And started shampooing my hair with my favorite strawberry shampoo. What can I say?? It just smells really good. Then I conditioned it and yeah I take it you can figure out the rest since MOST of you probably take a shower often. No offense to those of you who don't, but that's just gross. 

Anyways, I got dressed and headed down to eat my breakfast. My naturally curly ginger hair bounced as I went down the stairs. I made myself some eggs and bacon before heading out the door to my brand new mustang GT!!! 

Yeah they provided me with a car. Whoop whoop! 

I was at work in less then 15 minutes. I walked to the secretary and said my name. 

"Isabelle Sparks" I stated with confidence. 

"Go to the top floor" she said sternly giving me a glare as I walked away. 

Guess someone is jealous. 

Anyways. I took the elevator up and got out. It was pitch black. No joke... For once. 

I walked in a little farther and then I was yanked by my hair down to the floor. I had no clue what was going on. 

The light was turned on and a middle aged man was standing in front of me. He gave me a smirk before helping me up. I gave a small smile and took his hand. Bad mistake. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck. 

Uh no thanks. 

"What are you doing?!" I asked worriedly. 

"My job."

He unbuckled his pants and pulled me down to the floor. He took his pants of and then slid his hands up my back to the zipper of my dress. 

I didn't want this. 

This wasn't what I flew to America for. 

I trust you guys to figure out the rest of this.  I was powerless. 

After that first time, he did it every single day for the next two years. Until the most amazing thing happened. My best friend came back to me. 

At the end of those two years, I found out I was going on tour with none other than One Direction. The band my best friend just so happened to be in. I'm not going to tell you his story since you all probably know it already. So...

I was called to work early the day I found out I was touring. I had to meet my opening act. 


I did my usual morning routine,  getting out of bed, showering, you know the deal, and slowly headed out of the door.

 Last night was a bad night, he started doing more than raping me, he beat me. I had bruises and I'm pretty sure I lost some blood... But whatever, as long a I could walk (barely) I thought I'd be fine.  So I got in my car and drove to work. 

When I got there, I realized there were more fans than usual... which I just brushed aside and figured I was just getting more popular.  

I walked into the building and headed towards the fourth floor, since that's where my opening number was assigned. I stepped out of the elevator (bruises and all shown because everyone here knew what happens to me but these assholes do nothing, sorry bout the language) and when I looked up, everyone was staring at me.

 Uhhhhh can I get an awkward?? 

I looked around for a bit and smiled when I realized that five super hot guys were standing in front of me. 

"Hi, we're One Direction" they said in unison. 

Why did that sound so familiar?? 

Aren't they some British singers, like me?? 

Oh well..

"Belles??" One of the boys said. He had longish brown hair that was straightened. 

Why did he look so familiar?? 

And there was only three people who called me that... 

And two of them were dead... 

"Liam??" I said after a minute. And then I ran and jumped on him. 

"Oh my god belles I missed you so much!!" 

I had tears streaming down my face and I couldn't even reply. Every one of the boys kept staring at us like we were deranged monkeys. 

I turned my head so I could whisper in his ear. 

"Li, people are staring but we need to catch up over lunch." 

"Obviously" he said and put me down. 

"So I, uhh, take it you guys know each other..." Said a boy who had brown hair that was swept across his forehead and was wearing some colorful pants and suspenders. 

"This boy here was my best friend when we were growing up", I said. "I'm Bella by the way, and you guys' names are..." 

"I'm Louis", said suspender boy. 

"I'm Zayn", said the boy with the black quiff. 

"I'm Niall" said the super cute boy with amazingly blue eyes. 

"And I'm Harry" said the one with hair as curly as mine and brilliant green eyes. 

"And we're your new opening act" said Liam

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