Love Story

inspired by the song - love story by taylor swift


1. Prom Night

“Julie!” called my friend, Ally, from behind and was running towards me. We had just finished our class that morning and it was time for recess. I was heading towards the cafeteria when Ally came to me with a delirious face. “Did you hear about the prom night that is going to be held tonight?!” she asked with her eyes wide opened and full of excitement.

            “Of course! The news is already spreading as fast as lightning!” I looked at her and promptly looked away again. Her wide eyes had starting to scare me. It looked like it was going to come out of her face! “And please stop looking at me like that!”

            “Oh…sorry…it is my natural ugly habit.” She looked down to her feet and suddenly I felt sorry for her. But then she got all thrilled again and asked me, “So what are you gonna wear tonight?” and made that scary thing with her eyes again.

            “Well, I don’t wanna stand out in the crowd so probably I’m just gonna wear something simple yet adorable,” I told her with a smile. But honestly I didn’t really quite sure what to wear on that night.

“Okay then! See you tonight, Jule! And I know you’ll look very hot in whatever you wear tonight,” she winked at me and walked away. I just smiled and shook my head. She’s always funny and that’s why I’m glad to be friends with her.


            That night, I went to the prom wearing a long black shimmering dress with a pair of glass high heels. When I was wondering around the hall, I caught my reflection on a long-sized mirror. Well, I admit I looked a bit hot today with that dress fits perfectly on me.

            “There you are!” said Ally, surprising me and made me jumped a little bit. “Wow,” she was looking at me from head to toe, “You look amazing, girl!”

            “Thanks.” I grinned. “You look fabulous too!”

            “Wow, you look awesome!” said a guy with a perfect height and his suit and tie fits perfectly that made him even taller. He wasn’t actually talking to me when I realized he was watching Ally in amazement.

            “Thanks,” said Ally, flirtatiously twirling a strap of hair with her finger.

            “May I have the dance with you?” asked that guy, reaching out his hand towards Ally and gesturing towards the dance floor. I was like invisible for a moment but whatever. I don’t really care.

            “I would love to!” replied Ally, smiling from ear to ear. The guy promptly took her hand and went to the dance floor. She looked back at me over her shoulder and I gave her a good-luck-with-that-guy smile and a thumbs up.

            So, I went outside, walking alone, up to the balcony to take some fresh air in the cold night breeze. From the balcony, I saw the lights filling up the dark in every corner. I watched the people down there, all of the girls were wearing a beautiful ball gown and the guys with their tux, having fun with their partners, laughing and joking. Some even shared a kiss passionately. How I wished someone was there to keep me company. Suddenly, it was like my wish actually came true when I saw someone was making his way through the crowd and was looking straight at me. I gazed around to make sure that he was really looking at me and no one else. When I looked back, he wasn’t there anymore and disappointment rushed through me. Maybe I was just seeing things. 

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