There's Anne and there's Harry. When they meet nothing stays the same.
(I'd love any kind of feedback.Please comment, even negatively, 'cause I need opinions. Thanks for reading.


1. Prologue

What is the matter with you? I can't keep up with that. Save the excuses. 

As much as I hate myself for saying it, I love him.  It might be early, I might be young, but I love him.

 You  hurt me. I give you everything and all you do is hurt me. 

I can't find the strength to tell him what all of me wants to shout. It wouldn't work even if I did. I'll just take it in. No, I'm no fool. I'm not weak. I just am patient and forgiving. 

And you are  hurt as well. I see it. I feel it. But right now, I don't care.

I have to pick up my shattered pieces and fake a smile. Force myself out of reality and pretend everything is right.

I need you back to me. 'Cause I love you. You say you do. Show it!

He 'was drunk' , 'unconsious' and 'not thinking'. I am 'right' but I 'need to understand' he's 'trying a lot'. Of course, he is 'sorry'.

Just beware when I decide to leave, no one's going to stop me. I won't forvige forever.

I am changing daily to the better, and I'm only doing it for him. He knows. 

I love you. And I'm truly sorry. I regret  every single step of the path I chose. And you're right. You'll be right if you leave me. Just. Don't please. Or, no, I don't get a say. Know I'd kill to turn back time. I love you Anne.



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