Selkin's Secret

*Second instalment of the Elevea trilogy* It's fifteen years since the fall of the Vanus and the land of Elevea has started to believe in peace. But a force is gathering in the land of Nith, spies are everywhere, and after the death of the young Prince, it is clear that Nith wants Elevea back. But something else is changing in the magic powers deep beneath the public eye and hidden in a frightened girl. No one is safe and very soon, someone will have to start fighting for what they believe to be theirs.


7. Hinnid Palace: Floorplan

Sorry for the poor sketching and picture quality: I hope you can work out what everything is! The top left hand square is effectively the family's private quarters: T represents Tidhlan's room, J Jovhulan, I Ilidh, MM Marda's Mother and M+F Marda and Falnon. The strange dots are doorways and the weird circular things in the cloisters are pillars. The Palace is not meant to be big: it is modest and homely. There is little grandeur or extravagance and is plainly furnished. 

I thought you might like to see what the layout was actually like :)

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