One Day (Marcel Fanfic)

The nerd that proved everyone wrong. The nerd that became someone. Once Marcel leaves high school he becomes who he was always meant to be.


4. my chance

Friday and Saturday passed by quickly today is Sunday and I have work in a couple hours. The last two days mom has been at work. I see her when she stops home for a bite to eat or a change of clothes. I have the most boring life a teenager could have. I stay home all day, I either watch t.v or I'm playing video games. One of my favorites is either call of duty or world of warcraft. I feel I can get lost in my video games, I'm behind a screen no one knows who I am so they can never judge me. I'm quite popular on xbox live. I've been playing call of duty for over two hours. I sigh as I have to turn it off, as I have to get back to reality. I go into my room and change out into my usual attire for work, black slacks and a white long sleeve. Even though we don't have homework I grab my back bag and swing it over my shoulder. I always find time to study I like to be ahead of the class. I'm working my way towards being valedictorian. I make my way out of my house I turn around to lock the door behind me. I zip my jacket up as the cold air whips around. Good thing I only have a few blocks to walk. Kristy always offers me a ride but I refuse I like walking, I always have. A few steps later and I'm walking through the door of the bakery. Sundays are never busy, I don't mind being busy but every once and while I like a break. I head to the back like always. I hang my jacket up and slip my apron on. Today it's just Kristy and I working, this is how it is every Sunday. There's no need for the extra help. I walk over to a near by table, I grab my history book out of my bag and write down some notes. I like making my own study guides, they help alot when it comes to testing time. I look up as I here the the bell to the door go off. My heart stop when I see that It's Danny and her friends. Danny comes in every once in awhile to get hot chocolate. I stare at her, she's beyond beautiful the way her curly black hair cascades down her back. The way her blue eye shine so bright. Her legs go on for days. I watch as she makes her way to the counter. Kristy stares at her in disgust. I listen to her order. "Can I help you Danny?" "Yea we'll take four medium hot chocolates." I close my text book and make my way behind the counter to help Kristy make the hot chocolate. "I could have done it myself." She snaps. "Just thought I would help." "Yea, I'm sure." She states. I choose to ignore her comment half of it is true. I really did want to help her. But it mostly so that I could get a better look at Danny. I make two cups while Kristy makes the other two cups. We set the cups in front of the register. "You can ring her up, I''l be in the back." Obviously she's still mad at me. I punch in the items on the register. "That will be six dollars and twenty seven scent please." I state. I watch as Danny goes in her wallet. She hands me a credit card. I swipe it and hand her, her receipt to sign. Her hand brushes mine and my cheeks flush red. "So Marcel I was thinking." She says. "Umm Okay, about what?" I ask. "About how you asked me to prom and how rude I was to you." "Oh it's okay." I say. "I wanna make it up to you. If the offer still stands I would love to go to prom with you." Did The Danny Carsello just say she would go to prom with me. "Uhh yea of course the offer still stands." I say. "Good pick me up at eight. Oh by the way my dress is yellow." "I'll be there." I can't believe this actually just happend. I don't even care that her dress is yellow. She will look great in anything she wears. I'm willing to wear whatever color she wants me to. I feel like I'm on cloud nine right now. I will have to go out and buy a new tie but I'm okay with that. Maybe things will start to look up for me from now on. If everyone see Danny on my arm at prom maybe people will think differently of me. If Danny look passed my imperfections, I'm sure everyone else can too. I grab the broom to sweep away today's mess. I hum as I do so. "Why are you so happy." Kristy asks as she makes her way from the back. "You will never guess what just happend." "So share." She rushes. "Danny asked me to prom." I say. I watch as her face drops. "What?" I question. "I thought we were going together." She whispers. "I totally forgot, but come one it's Danny we are talking about you know how I feel about her." "But I'm your bestfriend we already picked out a a color for my dress and your tie." She says If looks could kill I would be dead right now. "I swear I will make it up to you." I promise. "Don't bother, It's fine. I'll just find someone else. But it's good to know how much you care." I grab hold of her forearm to stop her from walking away from me. She snatches it out of my grip. "Kris I'm." "Don't, have fun with Danny. And have fun walking home tonight." She interupts. She storms out of the bakery leaving me there to clean up the mess. I'm left confused. I thought she would be happy for me. She knows how much I like Danny. I thought if anything Kristy would understand. She can basically go with whom ever she wants. I know she just felt sorry for me that's why she asked me in the first place. I don't want to be a charity case. If Danny wants to take me to prom then, I'm going with Danny. Kristy will get over it. I know she will we had worser fights then this. She will be mad for atleast a day or two then we will be fine again. I finish sweeping up the mess I started before Kristy got mad at me. I wash the cases down and count the register. I put the money in a bag and put it in the safe. I hang up my apron and sing my jacket around my shoulders. I walk over to the table I was at before and collect my things. I put them back and my bag. I take a hot chocolate to go. I still can't believe Danny agreed to go to prom with me. I hum as I make my way home. After walking for a few minutes in the cold I finally arrive on my doorstep. I slip the key into it's hole and I push the door open. The house smells amazing which means mom is home. "Food is is the mircowave." She says as she sees me make my way into the kitchen. "Thanks, it's nice to see ya mom." "You to hunny. How was work?" She questions. "Great you will never guess what happend." "Well go on tell me." She demands. "You know that girl Danny I'm always talking about?" I ask. "Yea." She answers. "Well she asked me to prom." I smile. "I thought you were going with Kristy?" She asks confused. "I was but she understands. She knows how much I like Danny, she's okay with it." I lie. "I hope so. You two are too good of friends for some girl to ruin that." Mom lectures. "I know, I know. Don't worry about it we will be fine." I assure her. "I hope so Marcel." "We will mom." I tell her as I heat up my food. After eating I wash my dish and head to my room. Once inside I check my phone no missed calls or texts. I expected Kristy to text me so we could atleast talk about what happened but she didn't. I brush my teeth and my hair. I change out of my work attire. I make my way into my bed in just my boxers. I take my glasses off and set them on my night stand. My phone dings indicating I got a message. I feel relief wash over me. I hope she still isn't mad. My heart starts to race as I see an unknown number. I click the message it pops open. From Unknown: Can't wait til Friday.....Danny<3 I stare at my screen confused how did she even get my number. I bet I look like a complete idiot the way I'm smiling at my phone. I wonder what it was that made her feel bad. I really don't care you have no idea how long I waited to just have one night with Danny. I text Kristy atleast five times, I get zero replies, maybe she's just sleeping. I hope she's sleeping I would hate it if she ignored me. I know she will find a date before prom so, I'm not worried. I just hope she forgives me soon. I go to sleep that night feeling like a completly different person. Like I finally have a chance in this world. For once I'm finally looking forward to school.
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