One Day (Marcel Fanfic)

The nerd that proved everyone wrong. The nerd that became someone. Once Marcel leaves high school he becomes who he was always meant to be.


3. just another day

I roll over as I hear my alarm clock going off. I hit the off button and rub my eyes of their tiredness. I head towards the bathroom to shower. I wake up everyday at six a.m, I like to be ready ahead of time so I'm not rushing around. I run the water setting it to the right tempature. A mix between hot and cold. Just enough heat so I don't get cold but enough cold to wake me up. Don't ask I'm a little weird if you couldn't tell already. I quickly wash my hair and body once I'm clean I turn the water off and step out of the shower. I wrap a towel around my waist and head back to my bedroom. I pick out a pair of brown boxers to match my brown slacks. I step into my boxer and a pair of brown socks. I'm big on color cordination. I grab the clothes I set out lastnight and make my way to the kitchen. I grab the ironing board from the closet. I iron my slacks first, then my shirt, and lastly my vest. Once I'm finish I get dressed and put the iron board back in it's rightful place. Mom made breakfast which means she must have gotten a call to come into work. I hate when mom is on call I don't get see her that much. I feel alone when she is at work. Besides Kristy my mother is my only friend. I know it's sad but based on my looks not that many people choose to give me the time of day. I watch a bit of t.v, by 7:45 I hear Miss Larsen beeping outfront. I grab my bagback. As I'm heading for the door I almost forget my glasses I turn and run back down the hall. As I slip my glasses on my face I sigh. I hate these things. Maybe once I'm in college I will invest in some contacts. I run back down the hall and out the front door. I wait for Miss Larsen to open the bus door. "Hi Miss Larsen." She doesn't say anything instead she taps on her wrist watch. Telling me how I kept them waiting. I really have to start being on time. I know she's had it up to here with me. I also know she gets in trouble for waiting on me and I don't want to be the reason she loses her job. I make my way to the back of the bus. Again people call me names. It's sad it's the same thing over and over everyday. I'm pretty much numb to it. Before it used to bother me but it's been going on for four years. I learn the best way to look at it is to ignore it they can't argue with themselves. Miss Larsen makes her trips around the neighborhood picking up the local kids. Twenty minutes later we're pulling into the school parking lot. I wait for everyone to file out, I don't want things to be thrown at me. Last time I got off the bus first I had to walk around the rest of the day with vanilla pudding on my slacks. As the last person makes their way off of the bus I grab my bag and make my way towards the exit. As I go to step out Miss Larsen grabs hold of my shirt. "Yes Miss Larsen." "Marcel don't let them kids get to you. I bet half of them are just jealous." She states. "Jealous of me? They have no reason to be." "Of course they do they envy you, you're the one going somwhere in life. Just keep your head up. Now run along before you're late to class." "Thanks Miss Larsen." I say. All though She has good intentions I can't help but not to believe her. Why would they be jealous of me. If anything I'm jealous of them. They have everything they want. They have friends, no one bullies them, they can live a normal life. I bet my life would be normal too, If I didn't wear glasses and dress the way I dress. I make my way inside of the school. I head straight for my locker to put the books I don't need away. I grab my binder and my history book. I close the locker and lock it. I guess I stepped to far back. My back bumps into Derek he shoves me into the lockers. "Watch where you're walking loser. Next time you won't be so lucky." He shouts. "I'm sorry Derek. I didn't realize you were there." I apologize. Derek grabs hold of my shirt. I'm waiting for him to throw a punch at me like he has so many times. Derek is the root of all evil. I believe he's the one that started all this bullying crap. He was the first person to ever put their hands on me. Soon after everyone followed in his footsteps. He was always the popular one and for me, I'm just plain old me. "Don't even think about it Derek." I hear Kristy shout from behind us. Derek releases my shirt and turn towards Kristy. "Anything for you princess." He says. "Eww gross." Kristy gags. Derek has always had a thing for Kristy. He has everyone begging at his feet except for her. She doesn't even look twice at him. I can't even tell you how many time she's saved me from getting my butt kicked from him. I constantly have to thank her. She always tells me not to worry about it. That it's no big deal, but to me it is. Kristy has always been there to help me through the days. I literally don't know what I would do without her. Good thing we have all the same classes, I don't think I would be able to make it through the day without her. It's really sad how much I depend on her. I'm thankful she gave up her scholarship to NYU to stay here in chesire with me. I've been excepted in to harvard but I don't want to leave my home. I don't want to be that far away from my mom. Plus I feel like I don't belong in the states. I'm content just where I am. "So I was thinking." She says breaking me out of my thoughts once again. "About?" "After school you and I go shopping for prom clothes. Your tie has to match my dress. And I think it's only fair if we choose together." She says. "Okay, yea sure." I tell her. "Just tell Miss Larsen you're driving home with me tonight." "Okay." I really don't want to go dress shopping. Shopping has never been my thing. But then again which guy actually likes to shop. As the school day comes to an end I sigh when I remember I told Kristy I would go shopping with her. I run to the parking lot as soon as the bell rings. I tell Miss Larsen I won't be taking the bus. She nods and tells me she will see me Monday. I bet the mall will be packed considering it's Friday. I wait for Kristy by her car. After waiting five minutes Kristy makes her way outside with Derek walking by her side. She looks disgusted I bet he's making rude comments. I watch as Derek goes his seperate ways. I wish there was some way I could help her like she helps me. I'm just so defendless. "Here you forgot this in your locker." She says as she hands me my bag. "Thanks, What was that about?" I ask referring to Derek. "He asked me to prom. I told him I already had a date. He wouldn't stop asking who so I told him. When I said it was you that's when he got mad and stormed off. I wish you could have seen the look on his face when I said your name, it was great." She laughs. I laugh with her. Her laugh is contagious. That's another thing I love about her no matter what mood I'm in she can always put a smile on my face. Kristy unlocks the doors and we make our way inside. We throw our bags into the back seat. I buckle my seatbelt as she does her's. She throws the car into reverse and backs out of the parking space. She switches into drive and we drive out of the lot. I play with the radio as she continues to drive. She knows I hate her choice in music so she doesn't mind when I listen to what I want. After thirty minutes of being stuck in traffic we finally arrive. Kristy parks the car and shuts the engine off. We make our way out of the car, she clicks the lock button and we make our way inside of the mall. Just like I expected this place is packed. "Don't worry Cel, I'm only going to one store. It will be quick I know how much you hate to shop." She says. I smile at her, It's amazing she knows me so well. I follow her as she leads the way. We make our way inside a store named Winsdor. I see a lot of dresses. I know she won't have a problem finding one here. She can pick any color dress besides yellow, I'm not a big fan of yellow. I watch her as she skims through the racks of dresses. We've been here for ten minutes and she already picked out five dresses and none of them are yellow. Relief washes over me. I follow her to the dressing room. I sit on a bench near by. I wait for her to try them on and show me how they look. The first one she tries on is a simple red dress, it goes down to her ankles. She walks out giving the thumbs down, I laugh. The next one is green and it's hidious. She fake gags and changes. My mouth hangs open as she makes her way out the dressing room for the third time. This dress is baby blue, the back is open. There's a lace trim around the chest area. "Cel can you zip me up?" She asks as she turns her back towards me. My plams are sweaty and my knees feel weak. I've never seen her look this appealing. I mean I always thought she was pretty but she never appealed to me. She's always just been my bestfriend, That's it nothing more. So why is it different now. "Thanks. What do you think?" She questions. "Uhh it's uhh great you should really get this one. Plus blue is a guy color. I like blue ties." I state trying to keep my cool. "Ha okay this one it is. Unzip me." She instructs. I run my finger along the the zipper I watch as her back slowly peaks through the fabric. "Done?" She questions making my eyes darts to the floor. "Yea." I answer. I watch as she disappears back into the changing room. I wait patiently for her to step back out. Once she makes her way out of the fitting room. She pays for the dress and we head to another store to find me a tie. I quickly find a baby blue tie. I don't want to spend anymore time here then what I have to. I already have plenty of suits and shoes so I don't need to buy a new one. I pay for the tie and we make our way out of the store and out of the mall. We head for her car, once inside she turns the heat on. Traffic has died down so it only takes her ten mintues to make it to my house. I grab my bags from the backseat and grab the handle, the door swings open. I make my way out of the car. I bend down so that she can see me. "I'll see you Sunday at work." I tell her. "Okay, yea see ya then." I turn to leave I make it to my frontdoor I watch as she drives away. I wave as she goes. I step inside. Once again the lights are off. I make my way upstairs to see if mom is here or if she is still at work. I open her bedroom door to find her bed neatly made. I close her door and make my way back downstairs. Since mom is still at work I have to make myself something to eat. I settle on a simple sandiwich and some chips. Once I'm done eating I wash my dish and make my way into the frontroom. I watch a little bit of t.v before I fall asleep on the couch.
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