Someday I'll be better without you.

Zoey moves to England with her parents.. She has to leave all her friends behind, as well as her Boyfriend, Josh. Well, she isn't sad about leaving Josh. She used to love him, yes she really did. Until he started treating her like shit. She wasn't able to talk to other boys, or even look at them. When she meets Charlie, she finally stops thinking about all the horrible things Josh did to her, and starts to love again.
But what happens when Josh comes to England for a little visit?


8. the talk.

When i woke up the next morning, I thought about skipping school. But then I thought.. no, better not. I have to talk to Charlie, and Sofie. I have to get things sort out. I had to tell Sofie about Louis. And I had to tell Charlie.. something. I needed to think about that. 

I threw one a black skater skirt with a white button up and my old orange converse. I didn't put on  a lot of Make-Up, I just couldn't be bothered. 

I then went downstairs. 

''Yo sissy, what's up?'' 

''Can't talk, got to head to school!'' I screamed over my shoulder. I needed to be there early, I knew Charlie would be, too. I slammed the door shut before my brother could protest. I ran to school as fast as I could. 

When I arrived, I still hadn't thought about what to tell him. Charlie. I sat down on the steps, trying to catch my breath from running, thinking about the talk we would have later. 

I didn't want it to be too dramatic, he told me we could take everything slow, didn't he? Don't Panic, Don't Panic. I kept telling myself to stay calm but there was no use. I was so nervous. And I felt really guilty. I shouldn't be Charlie's girlfriend yet. It has only been a few days. Who the bloody shit falls in love that quick? Did I just use him to, get over my own heartache? 

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. Charlie's voice. 

I looked up, to see him talking to Louis. 

Now or never

I ran over to him, just leaving my bag on the stairs. 

''Charlie! Charlie!'' he turned around.
''Hey lovely!'' he said and kissed my forehead, once I arrived at where he and Louis were standing.

''We need to talk. Alone.'' I said, looking really serious. 

''uhm alright, see ya later bro.'' Louis said and began walking another way..

''Charlie I'll just say it. Okay so.. we need to break up. NO not break up just.. take things a little bit more slowly. I think I love you, I'm almost positive, but we can't be in a serious relationship after three days! I'm so sorry, and you are probably hurt now, but there is no need to be! You told me you'd wait. Just give me a few weeks. Please.'' I finished by looking at him. 

His facial expression changed, he looked sad and kind of disappointed, but after a few seconds he forced himself to smile at me. 

''It's okay, Zoey. I mean... I should have known. I'm sorry, it is my fault. I'm an idiot. I was just overwhelmed by my feelings and I don't blame you. I will wait, you mean the world to me love.'' 

And then we hugged. I couldn't help it, I thought it was awkward..


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