Someday I'll be better without you.

Zoey moves to England with her parents.. She has to leave all her friends behind, as well as her Boyfriend, Josh. Well, she isn't sad about leaving Josh. She used to love him, yes she really did. Until he started treating her like shit. She wasn't able to talk to other boys, or even look at them. When she meets Charlie, she finally stops thinking about all the horrible things Josh did to her, and starts to love again.
But what happens when Josh comes to England for a little visit?


2. Introducing.

''Hello.'' I said and politely smiled and shook his hand. ''How are you Zoey?'' ''I'm alright, thank you.'' 
'Glad to hear that. So, time to choose your lessons! Exciting bit huh?'' I just smiled. He gave me about 30 subjects to choose from. I chose 5. English, history, PE, science and business studies. He showed me my first room, and we did all of this paper stuff. 
I then got send to my science calss. I knocked at the door, and waited. The door opened and a rather old man, probably 64 stood in front of me. ''Yes?'' he asked. ''I'm Zoey, the new student. I only arrived a few days ago.'' ''ah well, Zoey, come in then!'' he shoved me into the room and introduced me. He told me to sit next to a boy who looked a bit like Harry Styles. Yes, I was a Directioner. 
''Hello.'' I said once I sat next to him. ''Hi beautiful.'' it was kind of awkward, cause I didn't even know his name, and he called me beautiful. I blushed madly. I smiled at him. ''Oh shit, I'm sorry, My name is Charlie!'' he said smiling and blushing himself. 

'Nice to meet ya!'' ''So.. you aren't from here right?'' His accent was heavenly. ''No, I'm from Ireland!'' ''Where abouts?'' ''Dublin.'' I said. We continued to talk throughout the lesson. He was a nice boy. And he didn't look too bad either. The bell rang, and I quickly stood up. He did the same. ''Can I walk you to your class?'' he asked me. Gentleman. I nodded and told him my next lesson. PE. ''Ah, I see, I am taking this class as well!'' ''Oh great!'' ''Let's go, we don't want to be late, do we?'' ''nope, we surely don't.'' I said. 
When we arrived at the big, old gym, we separated to get dressed for PE. I walked into a big room, where about 9 girls where already in. ''Hi!'' I said as I looked down. ''Hi love!'' a blond one said. The others were too focused in their own chats to notice me. I talked to blond girl for a bit. I found out that her name was Sofie, she just moved here from London, and she was kind of a geek. I liked her. She seemed decent to talk to. We walked into the gym, where we met up with the teacher, to introduce me. After I talked to the teacher, I saw Charlie waving for me to sit next to him. I asked Sofie, whether she wanted to sit there, too but she said no. I sat next to him and we listened to the teacher. She wanted us to play some football. Great. I played football for like 10 years, so I was pretty good at it. She separated us in two teams. I was in a team with Sofie, Charlie was in the other one. We started playing and everybody was impressed by my skills. My team won. Yeah. After our game of football, Charlie came running over, since I was already on my way to change. ''Wow, you play like a Pro girl!'' ''Thanks'' I said, looking into his perfect brown eyes. '.. um I think we should go change now!'' Sofie said running up to me and Charlie. We went there, and got back to our classroom. Sofie and I had English together. And for the third time , I introduced myself to our Teacher. He was bout 40 years old, and his name was Mr. Flings. English was one of my favourite subjects so it just flew by.I talked to a few people, before heading to lunch with SOfie. We sat down on a table, where about 7 other people, most of them boys, sat. They were really nice. One of them was a bit strange, he wanted to kiss me, because I'm Irish. I didn't see Charlie. Nowhere. 
After lunch, I walked to my next class. Sofie had told me, where to go, so I could find it. I had this class without one of my new friends, if you could call them that already, Sofie and Charlie. I knew a few people there, from previous classes, so it wasn't as bad. But I don't really remember what we were talking about, I was just doodling on my paper. History was not one of my strong points, but i find it interesting sometimes, so I took it. Finally, last period was there, Business studies. I walked into the room, and I saw.. Sofie. Great! She grinned at me before waving me to sit next to her and a tall, dark haired guy. ''That's my boyfriend, Louis!'' She said. Louis smiled at me and said:''Heya, nice to meet you!'' I smiled. ''You, too!'' I said. After 50 minutes, my first school day was over! It wasn't even that bad! Sofie gave me her Cell phone number, as well as Charlies Number, and Louis number. My dad waited outside in the car. I jumped in.

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