It Was Because I Was Different

They took me away. Put me in these conditions. My luxuries. Homes. Life. Gone. All given away to "the pure kind." Why? It was because I was different.


1. Prologue

1943. It was the Fall of Italy. Our Duce had fallen. Our empire had fallen. Our World as we knew it had fallen. I was the top of hierarchy. Number one. And then they came. The Nazis. They entered our Milanese Manision. We were infuriated. The sight of these beings in our territory. They said it was theirs? How ridiculous. Mother was the worst of us all.

"You cannot violate our household like this!" Cried my mother, as Hitler's devils swarmed our nest, taking what ever glistening object they could back to the Reich. Then it was about to change.

"How dare you talk to us like that" the SS soldier said, putting emphasis on the "Us." He waved is blonde hair about, while laying at my mother with his cool blue eyes. An Aryan. That's when I knew things were going to get bad.

"We are Aryans! God's gleaming soldiers. You? Well, you are nothing! Inferior, vermin! Do I need to continue?" His fellow comrades looked at us, chuckling at our 'inferiority' and defencelessness.

I could see my mother. Her dark brown eyes, unable to keep control. Any minute forward, I was betting they would turn red and explode! No. She kept her composure and walked towards the soldier.

"You are not God's soldiers. You are killers. Little demons, ruled by the Great Satan sitting on his throne in the great Hell of Berlin."

I could see the looks on their faces. Mother had just insulted the Reich.

"How...How... Dare you insult the Fuhrer and His Reich! Stay in your place Jew! In Hell!" Bellowed the SS soldier. And that's when I saw it. The pistol.

"NOO!!!" I cried, as I tried to run to my mother, only to be pulled back by my father.

But it was too late. The gun went off. One bullet finished her off. A great thud. A pool of blood.

"That is what happens when a Jew doesn't stay in their place."

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