Best Song Ever

I was outside my house when i heard my parents fighting. I stepped inside right when my dad threw a vase at me. Then everything went black. Wanna know the whole story then start reading my Crazy Mofos


3. Secret boyfriend

Gena's POV

I got bored and called my friends. We decited to just hang out around town. It was now 9PM and I was getting hungry.''Hey, anyone hungry?'' I asked,''Yeah!!''All of them said in union. We decited to go to McDonald's. We we're jut done ordering when I got a text.Everyone else went and sat to a table.
Zayn: ''I miss you babe.I'm coming back soon and I have a suprise for you.<3''
I smiled really wide and went to our table.Everyone looked at me really weird.''what got you so smiley??''Sabrina asked,''Umm,I,got a funny text from my,umm,brother''I said nervously. Then everyone turned back to their own stuff. I sighted, they can't find out that I'm dating Zayn,They'll kill me. Like literally KILL ME. O.O

Zayn's POV

I just texted Gena. I Just can't wait to see her.

*1 month later*

Edith's POV

''C'mon Karola we have to leave or the plane will go without of us'',I said waiting for Karola who has been in the bathroom for like an half  hour.''I'm coming,I'm coming''she screamed running downstairs. ''I fell down,AGAIN''She said seriously, While I fell on the floor laughing. Then she cracked up too and laughed with me.''Oh good, we gotta go''. We left my house and went to the airport. We stepped on the plane and found our seats. There were two other girls sitting next to our seats.''Hi''One of them said.''Hi'' I said politely.''What's your name?''The other one asked,''Edith and this is Karola''I said pointing to her.''What are yours?'',''This is Sandra and I'm Marika''the girl with dark brown hair said.''But you can call me Sassu''The girl named Sandra aka Sassu said. ''Fasten your seatbelds and have a good flight''the flight attendant said.We talked a little and got to know eachother.''So why are you on the plane?'' I asked,''We have backstage passes to a One Direction concert''Sassu said.''WE TOO''Me and Karola said in union.''We actually already flew to London but my family had a tragic accident''Marika said with a sad face ''Then we flew back and here we are again'',''What happened?''I asked ,''My dog died'',''Oh,I'm sorry''Karola said,''It's okay''Marika said smiling. After that we kind of all went to our own stuff.I saw Karola take out her phone and but her earpuds in. She searched for her 1D playlsit and after that she went to her own little world. Marika and Sassu just talked about the concert and I drifted to sleep. I hearded the flight attendant say to fasten your seatbelts because we're going to land.The plane landed and we got off. We said goodbye to Marika and Sassu, then we walked in our seperate ways. 

Sandra's POV
We walked out of the airport and stepped in to a taxi. We arrived at our hotel and went to the receptionist table. ''We have a reservation'' Marika said,''What's your name?'',''Marika Jaas''. She handed our door keys and we went to the elevator. I steeped out of the elevator and bumped into,you 'll never belive who, LOUIS from One direction.


Hope you guys liked this part. I hope I'll can do a longer chapter next time. Let me know what you think and Favourite and like and I'll see you later Crazy Mofos <3 :P

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