Best Song Ever

I was outside my house when i heard my parents fighting. I stepped inside right when my dad threw a vase at me. Then everything went black. Wanna know the whole story then start reading my Crazy Mofos


2. meeting someone new

Sandra's POV.

I walked on the plane. I found my seat and sat next to the girl who was sitting there.''Hi'' i said,'' umm,hi'' she awkwardly answered.I pulled out my phone and blugged my earphones in. I saw that the girl was kind of bored.''What's your name?'',''Marika.Your's?'',''Sandra but you can call me Sassu'' i said smiling.''So, why are you here?'',''My granny gave me a 1D tcket for my B-d'',''Twinsies,well My parents gave me mine but still the same Next thing I know I was asleep. We talked for a while. Next thing I know I was asleep.

Marika's POV.


I was driving home with my parents.''So how did you found out I was at that party?'' I asked madly.''Well your little bestfriend told us you were there and she also told us your little scandals at school'',''That little bitch''I whisbered.

We arrived home and I ran to my room.I was so mad at her. I HATE HER.

1 hour later.

There was a knock on the door. I peeked out of my room. I saw a guy in dark clothes talking to my dad. I looked at the other direction to watch if my mum was somewhere to be seen. I looked back and saw the guy pointing a gun at my dad's head.He ordered him to call my mum.Dad screamed mum's name and she walked in with a scared look on her face.Then four other guys walked in and took my mum and dad with them. I closed the door and walked to my window hiding behind the curtain. I saw them taking my parents to a van. Few seconds after I heard two loud bangs. My hearts broke apart. I knelt down and cryed in my hands.

*end of flashback*

I woke Sassu up ''We're landing'' I said sweetly. She slowly opened her eyes and looked out of the window with a smile on her face.



So what do you think guys?

This is my first time writing so...Yeah..

Bye Crazy Mofos <3

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