What About love?

Angie thought she found love. But what will she do when she finds out it was all a lie? All Austin wanted to do was win a bet but actually ended up falling for Angie.


22. Why cheat?

I walked in the house. The place was filled with people! We squeezed through. "Hello" I said trying to speak over the music to a girl.

"Do you know here my girl Stephanie is?" I asked.

"Yeah" she said and led me to the kitchen. We walked by. "Well look this way" Alex said going the opposite way with Lexi. "Okay" I said.

I walked though. Then I saw Austin talking to this girl. He laughed. They looked like they were having an great time together. Then he kissed her. And it wasn't no peck. It was a long passionate kiss. "Austin" I said. I guess he heard me because he turned around and saw me looking straight at them. But instead of coming up to me and apologizing or welcoming me back. Or begging for forgiveness for what I have seen. But no he just turned back around and continued flirting. My heart broke. I couldn't breathe.


I saw Angie standing there. What was I suppose to say to her? Why was she back? I just turned. I knew I shouldn't have but I did. I turned again. She was gone. "Stephanie...maybe I should go" I said. 

"What! Why!" she complained.

I have to do something! Bye" I said. I walked out and saw Angie getting in her car. "Angie!" I screamed to her.

She turned fast. "Austin" I heard someone say from behind me. It was Alex. I turned. "Why Austin! Why?" he asked. He grabbed Lexis hand an they got in the car. I walked up to Angie.


Austin walked up to me. "Angie" he said again. I didn't even look at him. I couldn't look at him in the eye.

I was broken!

"When you were gone..." he started to say. That's when I built up the courage! Maybe it was because I knew where it was going! That it would be my fault because I left! Or maybe it was because I was holding it I'm and I was tired of that. 

"Shut up..." I said stopping him.

"Ang-" he started to say again.

"save it Austin. I really don't want to hear it! It's my fault huh? Because

I left you can cheat on me! Why didn you just break up with me!" I said!

"I loved you!" he said.

"No you didn't.... Now me I didn't just love you! I was in love with you! And now I feel so stupid." my voice cracked. I was starting to cry.

"Please I just-" he tried to say. 

"And the worse part is I still love you!" I said crying louder.

"EVEN AFTER WHAT I SAW YOU DO IN there" I screamed. Now I could feel the tears falling down my face. It wasn't even teardrops. It was like a fountain. I got in the car. He watched me drive away. I parked at Alex's and cried hard and loud in the car right when it stopped. 

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