One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


71. You're On Your Period And Leak Through Your Pants

Harry: You were leaving work and he was picking you up. You walked out of the building and into his car and heard laughing from some customers but didn't really think anything of it until one person finally spoke. "Someone's time of the month!" they said under their breath, followed by a bunch of laughter. You closed your eyes in embarrassment and got in the car, biting your lip to keep it from quivering. "What's wrong?" he asked, rubbing your knee. You sighed, "I got my period today and I didn't have any tampons so I put a pad and I bled through my pants." you said, looking down. He shrugged, "Happens to the best of us, babe. If if makes you feel any better, I got diarrhea in class and was wearing khaki pants." You burst out laughing, "Really!?" you laughed, covering your mouth. He shrugged and nodded, "So I kind of know what you're going through!" he said, smiling. "Want to go get a change of pants and get something to eat?" he asked. You nodded, "I'd like that." Liam: You were walking with him to his apartment and it was really late. Your period had just started and you were bleeding really badly. You were wearing your favorite gray sweatpants and one of his shirts and surprisingly there were no fans or paparazzi nearby. You were walking into his apartment when you heard him clear his throat. "(Y/N)?" he asked. You plopped on the couch, "Yeah?" his eyes were wide and his face was a light shade of red, "Babe... Your pants..." he said, scratching the back of his neck. You raised an eyebrow, "My sweatpants...?" you asked, then jumped up. "OH MY GOD." you screamed, running into your bedroom and changing them quickly. "I HATE BEING A GIRL." you yelled, flopping down on the bed. He came in after you and pulled you into his arms, "It's okay, babe. I like you as a girl." he said, kissing your nose. Louis: He was taking you on a walk to Starbucks when suddenly you heard snickering and cameras flashing from fans. You shrugged it off and got inside when he pulled you aside, "Do you have your uh..... period?" he asked, looking into your eyes. You covered your mouth, embarrassed, "Oh my god!" he nodded, "I got it, babe." he kissed your forehead and walked with you into the bathroom and gave you his pants, leaving him in his boxers, and walked out with you hand in hand, getting your coffee and walking outside into town, the paparazzi and fans were too busy taking pictures of him to focus on you anymore. You kissed his cheek and thanked him and he nodded, "Anytime, babe. It happens. I just hope you realize I'll never let you forget this." he laughed and rubbed your shoulder and walked down the street with you, boxers and all. Niall: You were on the way to his parent's house when you got a strange wet feeling in your underwear. You were on your period and was wearing a long skirt. You got out and walked to the front door when he gasped and grabbed you. "Babe!" he yelled, pulling you to the car. "What?!" you yelled, scared. "You bled through the skirt." he whispered. You widened your eyes, "What do I do?!" you looked around frantic. The drive back home was a half hour and his parents probably knew you were outside. He took his jacket off and put it over you, it was long enough to cover half of it and you rolled the skirt up; perfect. You nodded and walked inside with him greeting his parents and finally sneaking upstairs with him, "Thank you for that, baby." you whispered, kissing his cheek. "No problem, babe." he said, smiling, as you walked into the bathroom to adjust your pad. Zayn: You were sitting on his bed in your pajamas and on your period. You were completely relaxed while he was in the kitchen getting you something to drink when you finally got impatient and hopped up and walked into the kitchen. He was flipping pancakes and smiled down at you, "Hello, Ms. Impatient!" he said, chuckling. You rolled your eyes and walked to the couch, "Uh... babe?" he said, tapping your shoulder. "Yeah?" you said, turning to him. He shifted awkwardly and looked towards your butt. There was a huge red stain. Your face got hot and you ran into the bathroom, your face covering your face. You were so embarrassed. About ten minutes later after changing your pants, underwear, and pad, you walked out and he stood in front of the door with a smile and a plate of pancakes, "It's okay, babe. It happened to my sisters all the time. You are going to have to change my bed sheets, though." he said, laughing and kissing your cheek.
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