One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


114. You’re Friends And He Touches Your Butt

Harry: You had been invited to a wedding and had asked Harry to be your +1. Since tour was over already and he didn’t went home to Holmes Chapel yet, he gladly accepted and went along with you. After the ceremony you went into big hall, where you ate and watched the newly-weds having there wedding dance. A few other couples shared them and started to dance a bit… crazy to the fast songs, making you and Harry burst into a fit of laughter. It got co-ordinated again, when the slow songs started playing. But you got confused when Harry jumped up as well. “May I have this dance?” he asked, reaching his hand out for you to take. You groaned, shaking your head at him, "Haz, you know I can’t dance." Harry sighed. "Oh, c’mon, [Y/N]! No one would even care!" And without asking another time he took your hand in his and pulled you out of your seat. Sighing, you put your arms around his neck while he rested his hands at the small of your back, pulling your closer. After a few songs of swaying from side to side you had rested your head on Harry’s chest and almost didn’t notice that his hands slowly moved downwards to your bum. You found it quite funny and started to laugh as you pulled back to look at him. "Sorry" he mumbled and returned his hands to your back, blushing a bit. You were still chuckling and slightly pinched his neck. "I didn’t even know you where that type of guy, Harold!”

Niall: ”GO [Y/N]!” , “C’MON YOU CAN DO THAT!” , “JUST HIT THAT GOAL!” your team mates were cheering as you were running in the direction of the opposites team’s goal with the ball rolling infront of your feet. And with one last kick the ball flew through the air. Guess you could say that it was luck when the ball hit the net. Because you and a football pro that scores while Louis Tomlinson is standing in the goal? Probably not. But you were happy that you made another goal for your team and turned around to high five Josh, “That was amazing, [Y/N]!” You chuckled and thanked him as you made your way to side of the field to get your water bottle. But you shrieked when someone suddenly smacked your butt. Spinning around you were faced by a grinning Niall and you gasped. “Niall!” He laughed. “What? We always do that when someone out of our team scores!” . “Well, yeah I know! But I thought you wouldn’t do that to me since, y’know, I’m a girl!” you huffed, crossing your arms in front of your chest. “Well, then you thought wrong” he chuckled as you rolled your eyes and bend down to get your water bottle. But it fell back to the ground when another hand hit your bum. “AND WHAT WAS THAT FOR NOW?!” you hissed, and Niall laughed out loud, shrugging. “Just like your booty.”

Liam: Liam was planning his birthday party and had asked you to help him decorate his flat. The good friend you were, you agreed and met him at his flat. “Well I already cleaned everything, so we only have to hang up these silver garland thingys I bought” he said, handing you some, “Since there are this hooks on the ceiling I thought we could just fix the thingys on them and let the thingys hang down, y’know?” You chuckled at his diction and nodded your head, “Sure thing, sir!” He chuckled as well and went into the living-room, calling, “I’ll start here and you can start in the hallway, yeah?” You told him ‘yes’ and got yourself a chair out of the kitchen, since you were pretty much too short to reach the ceiling. You neatly decorated the living-room and went -when you were finished- into the hallway to help Liam a bit more. “I’m done!” you said and looked up at him, standing on the armrest of the couch. “Me too! …almost.” You both chuckled as he pointed at a free hook and asked, “Can you fix the last one?” “Sure. I’m just gonna get a chair” you replied, but Liam stopped you. “Wait. Lemme help you.” He climbed off of the couch and handed you one of the ‘thingys’, stooping down. He wrapped his arms around your thights and lifted you up, so he was face to face with your stomach. You chuckled and fixed the thingy above you, so he could let you back down again. He slowly let you slip down his body and squeezed your bum in that process, since he had the chance. “I-..” you started to speak up when your feet touched the ground again, but Liam quickly sushed you, “Don’t ruin the moment” and softly pressed his lips to yours.

Louis: "C’mon, [Y/N]! The water is not even cold and we’re having a lot of fun here!" Perrie called from the sea, where everyone -except for you and and Zayn- was having fun in the water. "No, it’s okay! I rather tan and stay with Zayn!" you exclaimed and layed back down, pulling your sunglasses over your eyes. "Y’know" Zayn spoke and propped himself up on his elbows, "You don’t have to stay with me, right?" You turned your head to him and nodded, "Yeah, but first it’s crap when you stay here alone and second I need to get a bit more tanned anyways." Zayn chuckled, "Alright. But I don’t think you have a choice now." You were confused and furrowed your eyebrows at him, about to question him, when suddenly someone grabbed you by your arms and pulled you off of the ground. It was Louis, and he heaved you onto his shoulder to carry you down to the water. "Louis! Put me down!" you squealed, trying to wiggle free. "Nope" he laughed, popping the ‘p’ as he put one of his hands onto your bum for extra support. Your cheeks immediately turned pink and you let your arms dangle down his back, stopping the wiggling. "Louis" you mumbled, brushing some hair out of your face, "That’s a really awkward place for your hand." Louis started to laugh again, "Oh right, sorry" and moved his hand a bit lower, "But I have to admit that you’ve got a really nice bottom there."

Zayn: It was a sunny day and you decided to do some yoga in the back yard of your house before Zayn would come over for they day. You sat crossed-leged on your yoga mat and just relaxed a bit, when you heard something from inside. “[Y/N]?” It was Zayn and you called out that you were in the garden. Your upper body made a 180-twist to look at him. “What are you doing?” he questioned, furrowing his eyebrows. “Just some yoga exercises. — Would you mind if I finish, before we go out?” you asked as you turned back around to strech your body. “Course not” he smiled, “I’ll go get myself a drink then.” He disappeared inside and you did your next exercise; the downward dog, where you would be on all fours, streching your butt in the air. You stayed like that for a few seconds when Zayn suddenly whisteled, “Aye Mami!”, followed by a hard slap on your ass. You squealed and quickly got down on your knees, staring up at him horrified. “Zayn!” you yelled, cheeks turning bright red, “You did not just really do that!” He started laughing at your shocked expression and exclaimed, “Oh, I did! — And I have to say that you have quite a fit arse for a white lady.”

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