One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


82. You’re A Secretary And He’s Your Boss’ Best Friend

Zayn: “So how did you start working here,” Zayn asked, as he leaned against your desk, after coming out of your boss’ office. You looked up from the stack of papers you were reading, “I just moved into town, and lucked into this amazing job,” you answered quietly, nervous to say anything wrong. You really did enjoy your new job, and did not want to say the wrong thing to your boss’ best friend and get fired. “He says you’ve done a good job so far.” “I hope so,” you respond meekly. Zayn did not reply for a minute, he just sat there in silence before speaking once again. “So um, is it weird if I ask you out?” You glanced up, your eyes growing in size, “What?” “Would you go out with me?” You did not know what to say. You were not use to any guy asking you out, let alone one that looked like Zayn. “Wow, I’d love that.”

Louis: “Don’t do it Louis. I actually enjoy having [Y/N] work here, and I don’t want you to ruin that.” You were walking pass your boss’ office, when you overheard him say that, and stopped right in your tracks. Why was he talking about you to his best friend? “I won’t. I don’t need your okay anyway. I just thought I would tell you. I’m asking her out soon, and I wanted you to know.” Your eyes widened when you heard Louis say that; because never in a million years would you have thought Louis liked you in any way. And yet he had just said he wanted to ask you out. You could not fight the smile that quickly spread over your face. “If you hurt her, she better not quit.”

Liam: “Hello [Y/N],” Liam said casually, as he stepped up to your desk, pointing towards your boss’ office. “Is he in there?” You quickly shook your head, a smile forming on your face, “No, he’s out for the day.” “Great!” Liam smiled as well, before leaning over your desk, and placing a quick kiss on your lips, “Can we go grab lunch?” You nodded, “Sure, let me just finish this. I do have a job here you know?” Liam shrugged, “He’ll never know you left.” “You’re going to get me fired.” “He wouldn’t fire my girlfriend,” Liam stated as if it were a fact. “You enjoy using that against us don’t you? Just like I’m stuck working here forever, because he’s your best friend.” A loud laugh came from the doorway, and you looked up to see your boss, and you panicked. “I didn’t mean I don’t like my job!” “I know, don’t worry. Liam, let [Y/N] do her job. If anything isn’t done, I’m blaming it all on you.”

Niall: You always felt nervous at work. Not because you were bad at your job. No that was pretty easy. You just had to file paperwork and answer calls. The part that made you nervous, was that your boss’ best friend was always there; and he was a pretty big distraction for you. You just sat at your desk, staring at him hopelessly, like any girl who got a glimpse of Niall would do. When Niall finally left the office, you quickly went back to working. Your boss walked over to you with a smirk on his face, “You know [Y/N], staring at Niall everyday is not what I pay you for.” You felt your heart fall, “W-what?” The thought of them noticing, made you want to cry. It was so embarrassing. “Don’t worry, Niall’s oblivious. You should talk to him though. Better than just staring everyday. He’s single, and from what I know about you, I’m pretty sure he’d like you if you two actually spoke.”

Harry: “No, don’t!” Harry argued, when his best friend threatened to fire you for being late to work. “Harry, you don’t even work here. You’re just my friend who doesn’t have anything better to do, but hang around here.” You glanced between Harry and your boss, as Harry replied, “But I know [Y/N] does work hard. I’ve seen her.” “You’re only saying that because you like her. I can’t let that effect who I fire or hire Harry.” Harry glanced over at you, seeing the shock on your face at what his best friend had just said. He hesitated for a moment, before sighing, “Yes, I do like [Y/N]. That doesn’t effect what I’m saying though. Just don’t fire her, okay?” Your boss shrugged, with a small smile forming on his face, “I have no plans to fire her today. Never did. This just got you to finally admit the truth.”

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