One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


75. You Woke Up Next To Him For The First Time

Liam: Liam was so happy to finally be home and have some time to spend with you since he has been on the road for so long. The hours grew later and later as you and Liam sat on your couch in your apartment. Liam was telling endless stories about everything he could and repeating quite a few things that he has excitedly told you before over the phone. Liam's eyes were starting to get heavy and you could tell that he was starting to get tired. You offered to let him stay the night but he politely refused and you insisted. After he had dozed off for a few minutes as you were washing some of the dishes that you two had used earlier for your dinner, he called out the he was going to stay. You smiled to yourself and walked to the closet to get some spare blankets and pillows for him to sleep on the couch since the two of you weren't together, but you were surprised to find Liam already in your bed and asleep. You smiled as you walked over to the giant boy in your bed to pull the blankets over him and give him a kiss on the head. (You two may only be best friends but you two were very protective and loving towards one another.) You were caught off guard when you heard Liam mumble out a goodnight followed by your name and again, you couldn't help but smile as you shut off the light and got into bed next to him. The next morning was a nice surprise. Liam was holding you close to him so that your back was against his chest and you could feel his slow breaths hitting the back of your neck. As you laid there you couldn't help but imagine if this was what it was like to wake up with this teddy bear every morning.

Zayn: You remember spending most of the night on his couch, eating and watching cheesy films as you two cuddled. You were having a bad day and Zayn always knew how to make you feel better. (That was one of the many reasons that you two were dating.) You two have only been seeing each other for a few months and neither of you had stayed over each other's houses yet. But tonight, Zayn could tell that something was really bothering you and he didn't want you to have to be alone so he offered to let you stay. You didn't want to make it seem like you were needy so you refused but Zayn insisted that you stayed. You didn't really answer his question but when you awoke the next morning with Zayn's arms wrapped around you and in a room that you have never seen before, you knew that you feel asleep at Zayn's. You stirred a bit to get comfortable again and your movement awoke Zayn. He didn't open his eyes as he moved his face closer to your's to place a sweet kiss on your cheek and you smiled. "Good morning beautiful." Was all you needed to hear from his sexy morning voice to know that you made the right choice by spending the night. Niall: Thanks to your roommate for having her boyfriend over, you had to find someone to stay with. Your best friend Niall, lent a helping hand by letting you stay over at his house that night. The nervous boy's cheeks quickly turned red as he realized that all the spare blankets were being washed that day and he offered for you to sleep in his bed. You didn't want to make a big deal out of it and you could tell that Niall was trying to keep his cool when you accepted his offer. (let's be honest, sleeping with this boy would not be rainbows and butterflies, it would be filled with snores and farts.) When you awoke the next morning, Niall was still asleep, with his back towards you. You got out of his bed and made your way downstairs to make him some of his favorite tea and some for yourself as well. The sound of the steam boiling in the kettle got the sleepy boy out of his bed and you heard his socked feet slowly making their way into the kitchen while he rub his eyes. He smiled at you and ran his hands through his hair before taking the mug of tea and walking over to the fridge. "Pancakes sound good?" Louis: The night before, Louis had you and a few other friends over to celebrate his birthday. You remember the music being loud and people were every where. You didn't think that he meant that many people when he said that only a few friends were coming over. You remember drinking and there were constantly some type of drinking game going on in what felt like each room. When it started to get light out, people started pacing out and you remember climbing the stairs in Louis' house to get into his bedroom so that you could escape the loud, pounding music. You don't remember Louis walking into his room soon after, or him getting into bed next to you and pulling you close to him. (having cuddlers for best friends is the best!) All you knew was that when you awoke the next morning, you were laying on Louis' chest and you were raising slightly up and down as he breathed. You just admired him as he slept and as the light from the late afternoon sun hit his face. You eventually rested your head back against his chest again, not wanting to move, and a few minutes later, one of his friends yelled by from downstairs. Louis stirred and when he opened his eyes, he saw the top of your head. You were too busy looking out the window to see the smile on Louis' face before he mumbled a hi in his groggy morning voice and he slowly ran his hands up and down your back. You smiled and said a hi back as Louis readjusted the two of you so that you were both lying on your sides with his arms wrapped securely around you. Before you knew it, both of you were sound asleep again. Harry: The night before was filled with so much fun as you and Harry roamed all over London. Going from bar to bar and ending your night at a nightclub. The two of you danced your hearts out and Harry occasionally tripped over himself as you walked him back to your place. (Could you imagine this graceful boy trying to walk home drunk with you? You would practically have to walk behind him the whole walk back so you can keep him from falling over!) Harry stayed over all the time but what surprised you was the fact that Harry didn't want to sleep on the couch tonight. Instead, Harry wanted to sleep in your bed with you. He really didn't ask you this but instead, while you were in the middle of getting changed, Harry walked up your stairs and into your room before falling down onto your bed. He started saying weird things like "How he has always wondered what your bed had felt like and if it smells like you." When you got into your bed next to him, you felt him drape an arm over your waist as he laid on his stomach and he moved his head closer to your ear so that he could say, "This bed is much more comfier with you in it." And you smiled as he feel asleep and you drew random shapes on his arm. You awoke the next morning to a less cramped bed and that was because the graceful boy that you fell asleep next to, was now practically hanging off the side of your bed. You didn't know what to do has you tried to hold in a giggle and you poked him. Harry slowly opened his eyes and he somehow managed to move just right that he ended up falling off your bed. You couldn't hold in your laughter anymore and Harry rub his eyes as he tiredly smiled. "Well I've certainly have never woke up like that before." "There is a first time for everything Styles."
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