One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


121. You Turn Him On Infront Of The Boys

Zayn: You and Zayn had been out at dinner with the boys, celebrating their awards that they won at the Brits. You had worn a black, tight, short dress in heels that Zayn absolutely loved on you. You had just finished eating and you got up to use the washroom. “I’ll be right back, guys!” You said cheerfully as you leaned over, pecking Zayns cheek as you got up, making your way to the washroom. Zayns eyes were glued to your ass, and the other boys seemed to notice. “Enjoying yourself, Z?” Niall said with a smirk, as the other boys chuckled. You came back from the washroom, as you see a waiter from the other table took your chair, thinking nobody was sitting there. “Oh, fuck.” you mumbled, not wanting to be rude to ask for it back, seeing how there was already else sitting in it. Zayn was finished his meal, so you shrugged and planted yourself on his lap. You immediately heard a low growl erupt from his throat as he snaked his arms around your waist. You were shocked by the outtake this had been making on your boyfriend, and you blushed when you felt his hard-on against your bum. “Zayn.. You’re horny?” you whispered, making sure he would only hear. He nodded slowly as he swallowed hard, holding you close to him. The waiter quickly came back, apologizing for stealing your seat. He put it back beside Zayn as you got up, sitting in your chair. Zayn stood up as he rearranged his trousers, trying to do his best to hide his erection. “Zayn!” Louis said loudly, pointing straight as his crotch. “Someone’s a bit excited.” Harry said, a smirk on the corner of his lips. You buried your face in his hands as Zayn mumbled slowly. “Well come on, look at her.

Harry: It was just a normal day for you and Harry. You two were sitting on your couch, cuddling. The boys had stopped in, before they picked Harry up for rehearsal. You hadn’t really gotten up yet, so you were still in pajamas. You had excused yourself to go get properly dressed, Harrys eyes trailing over your entire body. You had picked out a pale blue tank top and some jean shorts, frayed at the edges. You came back downstairs, not quite realizing how much the shirt fluctuated your chest. You had always been slightly bigger than the rest of the girls in your neighborhood, but it never really bothered you, nor Harry. Harry’s eyes fixated on your chest, as you walked playfully down each stair; your breasts bouncing. Louis and Niall immediately started chuckling as they saw Harry’s erection, whispering and giggling to each other. Harry didn’t pay attention, but you knew something was up. Harry stood up as he walked over to you, turning you around to face upstairs, as he stuttered. “(y/n) your-.. uh, your shirt has a hole. Come on, I’ll help you pick a new one.” He pushed you upstairs as you reached your bedroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. “Where?” you asked, biting your lip. Harry proceeded to push you against the wall and kissed you roughly, as he unbuttoned your shirt. You let him be in complete control. As the moment got more heated, you were both naked within minutes. He was rubbing your clit as you were moaning loud, forgetting the four, rambunctious boys who were awaiting the two of you downstairs. You heard laughing as you widened your eyes, slowly pushing Harry’s hand away. ” Harry! Should we tell Paul you’re going to be late?” Liam shouted, knowing what the two of you were doing. “Yes, please.” Harry shouted back, bringing you over to the bed with a smirk.

Niall: You had tagged along with Niall to his recording session today. He was on a little break and he joined you on the couch. You layed your head on his shoulder as you smiled, biting your lip. “You’re doing good, boo!” You said, smiling at your boyfriend. “Thanks, gorgeous.” He pulled you on his lap as he started tickling your sides. You squealed as you laughed loudly, trying to get away from him, but his grip was too tight. Soon, he stopped, at the two of you were just cuddling. You had been at the studio for a good three hours, and you were slightly tired. You rested your head on his chest as you fell asleep. You found yourself dreaming about Niall; he came home slightly drunk, it turned you on, and you guys were having very, rough sex. You started to moan, clearly unconscious. Niall had refused to move you off his lap, as your moans made him horny. His cock was growing as he swallowed hard, rocking you back and fourth slowly. The boys had come into the room, curious why they were hearing moans. Niall pressed a finger against his mouth to keep them quiet, as you kept moaning. The boys quietly snickered. That woke you up. You sat up and crawled of Nialls lap, as he groaned quietly. He was wearing grey sweats, so his large erection was quite noticeable. “So, (y/n), what’d you dream about?” Zayn asked with a smirk, as the rest of the boys laughed.

Louis: You and Louis had been out for a daily stroll as you saw Niall and Zayn at the park. You had run over to them, your legs in your jeans looking absolutely amazing. Louis had his eyes glued to you as he bit hit lip, starting to imagine the dirty things he could do to you. You all were sitting on a blanket in the park as you decided to play truth or dare. “So, (y/n), truth or dare?” Niall asked, smiling at you. “Uh.. dare!” You said. “I dare you to do the most flexible thing you can.” You raised your eyebrow at this odd request, and Louis did the same. But of course, you weren’t a chicken. You got up and raised your leg, slightly hanging your head back to touch your foot to your head. The Scorpion. Louis widened his eyes as he crossed his legs, slightly palming at his erection as he shook his head. “(y/n).. Come sit.” He said. He waved you over as the boys looked at him, giggling and pointing out his erection. “Hah! Louis!” Niall said, as he looked over at you. Louis hung his head in embarrassment as you giggled, knowing the slightest things you did could turn your boyfriend on.

Liam: You and the boys were out drinking, just for a fun night out. You had a few shots, and to be honest, you were feeling slightly tipsy. You were leaning over the bar, trying to get more shots. Liam saw you, and looked around. He was sort of nervous that your sexy pose would attract that losers trying to get laid a the bar. Liam had come up behind you, and being the goody goody he is, he didn’t drink too much. He was sober, But that didn’t stop him from finding your actions incredibly hot. He pulled you against him, him already being semi hard. You slowly grinded against him as the other boys sat their awkwardly. “Uh.. Liam?” Harry said, trying to break the silence as Liam was already nearing his orgasm. Liam gasped, opening his eyes as he pulled away from you, his erection clearly noticeable through his tight jeans. He swallowed hard as you turned around, kissing him roughly. He eventually ignored the boys, returning the passionate kiss to your lips as he pressed himself against you. You had to admit, you were slightly wet, and you grabbed his hand. He raised an eyebrow as you pulled him into the janitors closet, hoping it had a lock. You both knew the boys wouldn’t shut up about this the next day.

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