One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


97. You Dont Like His Girlfriend

Niall- “You’re just jealous back off.” he yelled. “No i’m not, Niall. She’s no good for you. Jealousy has nothing to do with it!” and it was true. You were afraid to lose him. You were afraid that one day you would wake up and see a completely different boy in front of you. And you can see how much he has changed for her. He tries to get bigger, doesn’t laugh as much, or at all. He’s changing when he doesn’t have to. 

Liam- It was pure jealousy. You couldn’t stand that he was dating someone else. You broke up and it was horrible. You were so sure that he wouldn’t get over you that fast, but he did. He already had another girl, a girl completely different from you. "A better girl?" "Why her?". You couldn’t help but think those things.  

Louis- There was just something about her that you can’t stand. Maybe it’s the way she is a different person when Louis isn’t there. Or maybe it’s the way she talks, walks, curses. Really anything about her you don’t like. She’s never done anything to you, so why do you feel this way? Well that’s just it, she took Louis from you; that’s why. 

Zayn- “You don’t like her do you?” he asked. “What are talking about?” you tried your hardest to like her, but you could. “You don’t like my girlfriend.” “I didn’t say that!” you protested. “You don’t have too.” he said. You can tell he was hurt. All he wanted was his close friends to like her and knowing that you don’t. hurts him. 

Harry- “She doesn’t like you harry! Not for you!” you yelled, feed up with all his talk about her. Where did he even find her? “What are you talking about. Why can’t you just be happy for me. For once?” he yelled. You never liked any of his girlfriend and he knew it, but this time was different. You knew she was with him for money and fame, but no matter how many times you tell him; he just ignores you. Thinking it is just the jealousy speaking. 

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