One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


54. You cheat On Him With One Of The Boys Part 2;

Louis: When you arrived home Louis was on the living room watching TV. You quickly ran to your bedroom hoping that he didn't see you. "Y/N?" you heard him saying, "Are you ok?" He opened the bedroom door and saw you lying on your bed, hiding under a blanket. He lay next to you and cuddle you into his chest comforting you. "Why are you crying love? Something happened on Niall's apartment?" You nodded in his chest. "I don't care if he is my best friend, if he hurt you I'm gonna-" "It's not that." you cut him off, "It wasn't only his fault, it was mine too." You started to cry again. "Y/N what is it? You are starting to scare me" "I had sex with him..." Suddenly Louis wasn't holding you anymore. He sat up and looked straight to the wall. "Louis... Please say something." you begged sitting up behind him. "Louis..." you sobbed hugging him from behind, pressing your head against his back so you could feel him breathing, "I'm so sorry. It was a mistake. I don't feel anything for him, it was only physical. I love you." He turned around and grabbed your chin lifting up your head. "I think we can get through this, or at least we can try." he said with a sad smile, "But you have to promise me that you that you won't ever see Niall again, please." You looked him in the eyes. They were filled with tears and pain. You knew you hurt him, and you knew that maybe it wouldn't be the same between you two again. But, as he said, you could try. You would try. "I swear I won't even speak to him anymore. I love you Louis, I'm sorry." You wrapped your arms around his neck and he did the same around your waist. "I love you too Y/N" he sobbed against your neck. Liam: "Liam no!" you screamed as he punched Louis again. You had never seen him so angry in your entire life. The way he punched one of his best friends over and over again was terrifying. You knew the only thing that was able to calm him down before he killed Louis. You. You jumped on his back and hugged him whispering in his ear, "It's ok Liam, it's ok. Stop, please... Stop." He slowly calmed down and he turned around to hold you in his arms. You saw Louis getting up the floor and you mumbled a "sorry" before he smiled at you and walked away with a broken nose. "I'm sorry." you sobbed against Liam's chest "I kissed him. It's just that I felt so lonely and he was there and-" "Shhh" Liam cut you off, "This is my fault too. The fights, me being distant, everything was my fault. But I'm gonna change. we are gonna change." Harry: "Good morning beautiful." Liam whispered kissing your neck. You opened your eyes and realized what happened. How would you tell Liam that you didn't had feelings for him? And how would you tell Harry that you cheated on him? Liam climbed on top of you and continued attacking your neck. "I love you so much Y/N" he whispered. You couldn't help but cry. "Are you ok? What's wrong?" Liam asked worried looking into your eyes. "I love Harry." you sobbed. "But last night-" "I'm sorry." you cut him off, "It was a mistake. When you confessed me you loved me I was in shock. I thought I loved you too but then... I realized I don't. At least not in that way." Liam dropped himself on the bed next to you and covered his face with his hands. "Wow... I didn't expect that." he sighed. "I'm so sorry Liam, I understand if you hate me... OMG I can't believe what I did to you I-" "It's ok" he cut you off, "I could never hate you, you're my best friend. It's not your fault that you don't love me... I guess I'll have to get over you, or at least try to." "I'm sure one day you'll find the perfect girl for you Liam." "Maybe..." he sighed turning around to face you, "You better get dress and go home. Harry must be worried." His eyes were filled with tears but he was giving you a sincere smile. "Thank you". Zayn: "Actually I'm not. I don't know what happened last night, I can't remember anything and you're gonna hate me when I tell you where I am." you said almost crying. " What happened? Oh God I can't remember anything either. Just tell me where you and I'll go get you." "I'm on Harry's apartment." There was a moment of silence. The only thing you could heard was Zayn's breath trough the line. "Please tell me that doesn't means what I think it means." He finally said. "I'm sorry Zayn..." you sobbed. "I'm gonna kill him. Before you could say anything else, he hanged up. "Is he angry?" Harry asked. "He said he is going to kill you." Harry sighed worry and rubbed his hand through his face. "I'm gonna let you alone so you can... em.. get dress." he awkwardly said, "I'll be in the kitchen if you need something." "Harry wait!" you said before he crossed doorway. "Yeah?" "Do you remember something?" "Nothing." he said before stepping out the room. As soon as you finished getting dress you heard someone knocking the bedroom door angrily. You opened it and saw Zayn and Harry looking at you expressionless. Suddenly, Zayn hugged you tight and buried his face on your neck. "I'm so glad you're ok. I don't know what happened last night and I don't care. I love you so much." he sobbed on your neck. "I love you too Zayn and I promise you I won't ever drink again." He giggle before kissing you passionately. Niall: "I love you Niall, I can explain this." You watched as Niall walked away without saying a word. You quickly finished getting dress and chased him out the apartment. "Niall please wait." you said grabbing his wrist, "I love you. Zayn and I were just saying goodbye, we were about to end whatever we had." "And what was exactly what you two had?" Niall asked now angry. "Just sex. I love you so much and I have never had feelings for Zayn. It was just sex... I'm sorry. I know I am a horrible person but please forgive me. It didn't mean anything." He looked you angrier than before, scaring you a little. "Are you telling me that Zayn is better in bed than me? That's why you have been screwing with him this whole time?" He walked toward you making you back away till your back was pressed against the wall. He kissed you, but this kiss was different from any other kiss you have ever had. It was desperate and rough. Filled with angriness, passion and love. You had never felt like this, not even with Zayn. When you got into your car, Niall made you forget about Zayn in the best way he could.
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