One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


53. You Cheat On Him With One Of The Boys Part 1;

Louis: You didn't know how it happened. You went to Niall's apartment to drink a coffee and have a friendly talk like you always did, and suddenly you were sitting on the kitchen table with your legs wrapped around his waist screaming his name as loud as you could. You didn't had feelings for him, It was just the sexual tension. Only physical, but that didn't change the fact that you had to tell Louis what happened, and when you did, he wouldn't be very happy. Liam: You were crying on the park when Louis found you. He sat next to you on the old bench and asked what happened. You told him everything, how you and Liam fighted again and you ran out the apartment. "Don't be sad, you and Liam will get trough this, and if you don't, I will kick his ass for letting go a beautiful girl like you." He said trying to make you laugh. You didn't know why, maybe it was that Liam had been distant and you felt lonely, or maybe was the way that Louis was looking at you, but you wrapped your arms around Louis neck and kissed him. It wasn't the same that when you kissed Liam, Louis lips felt empty. "Y/N..." You pulled away and watched Liam looking at you in unbelief. "Liam I-" You couldn't even finish your sentence as he grabbed Louis by his shirt and punched him on the face. Harry: Liam and you had been friends since you were kids. You always talked about everything and he even introduced you and Harry. So when he confessed you that he loved you, you were in shock. You didn't know what to say. You had never thought about him in that way, but you decided to give him an opportunity. You kissed him, what then leaned into a night of pleasure. When you finished, Liam hugged you from behind and whispered sweet nothings in your ear before he felt asleep. You couldn't help but cry, you didn't only had to break Harry's heart the next morning, you had to break Liam's too. Zayn: You couldn't even remember what happened. One minute you were with the guys and their girlfriends drinking at a club, and the next you woke up on Harry's bed. You were confuse, you couldn't remember anything. Suddenly Harry woke up and looked at you, his eyes widen as he saw you naked next to him. "Oh my-" The sound of your phone ringing cut him off. You grabbed it from the floor and looked at the screen, it was Zayn. "Hello" you said as Harry started to dress himself. "OMG Y/N! I just woke up and you weren't here, I was so worried. Where are you? Are you ok?" a worried Zayn answered. "Actually..." Niall: It was just physical. You loved Niall, with all your heart, but for some reason your body claimed for Zayn. The sexual tension between you two was unbelievable, and you knew he felt it too. "One night" he said, "Just give me one night to get you out of my head. Niall doesn't has to know." And you gave it to him. But then that night became two, and three, and suddenly you lost the count. At the beginning it felt wonderful, all your sexual frustration disappearing as yours and Zayn's moans filled his room. But after three month you felt empty and dirty, and you knew Zayn felt it too. "It's time to say goodbye." he said, "This isn't right. Just give me one more night to say goodbye and we are over." And you gave it to him. Just one more night and it was over. But that night something went different. Niall opened the door and saw you two on Zayn's bed. "I knew it..." he whispered, his eyes filled with tears. "Niall I-" you tried to explain as you got up and started to get dressed. "I thought you loved me..."
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