One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


105. "Where's Daddy?"

Zayn: “Daddy? Where are you?” your five year old daughter calls after Zayn. She had looked in your bedroom, the guest bedroom, in the kitchen and bathrooms but she still couldn’t find him. “Mommy?” she asks you scratching her head. “Yeah honey,” you reply kneeling down. “Where’s daddy?” “Check in your toys room,” you whisper in her ear. She quickly went running you then heard a loud screaming indicating she had found him.

Liam: “Mommy where’s daddy?” your little boy asks as he rubs his eyes. He wanted to see Liam as he and the rest of One Direction performed at an award show. Since you were 5 months pregnant you couldn’t go so you decided to watch it on the tv with your son. “They’ll be on soon baby just after the commercials,” you say giggling as he yawned. “Okay,” he says cuddling, resting his head on your swollen belly.

Harry: Your four year old son had woken up from a nightmare and starting yelling for Harry. “Sweetie what’s wrong,” you say entering his bedroom. “Where’s daddy,” he whimpers. “Daddy will be home soon babe now get some sleep, by the time you wake up daddy’s plane will be here okay,” You say tucking him in his small bed. “You promise?” he yawns, rubbing his eyes. “I promise,” you reply kissing him on his forehead.

Louis: “Where’s daddy?” your four year old daughter asked, looking at the football field for Louis. “He’s about to come out baby.” She was getting impatient because she wanted to see her daddy play football. As the players made their way onto the field, she couldn’t find him. “He’s number 17 sweetie,” you say as she stands up on her seat to see him better. “I love you daddy,” she cheers once she sees Louis waving back at her.

Niall: It was your daughter’s wedding and Niall was no where to be found. “Where’s daddy?” your daughter says worrying. You giggle at her because she still called him daddy evem at her age. “He’ll get here sweetheart, he wouldn’t miss this for the world,” you try calming her down. “But he’s still…” she gets cut off as Niall enters her room. “I’m here princess and you look absolutely amazing in that dress,” he says hugging her.

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